Rock with the Devil

A night club opens a gig where the performing bands are given a chance to become famous worldwide. There are ten to perform one song on stage. Aria and her rock band are behind to win that chance. But when she finds a book of dark power, and out of curiosity, tries to summon the devil himself to help her band reach the top. As the devil grants them the ability to play at their best, the band is kicked off to the top faster than they expected. As things run smoothly, even dark power came at a price.


5. Rising

Aria's band came on stage. The audience waited for them to start. As they were great last time, they were half-way there, half-way to the top. Aria closed her eyes and breathed, was this even right to continue? The guitars began to play. The drumming followed along to the riff. She sang aggressively. The music grew loud along with her voice. The audience swayed along feeling the strong wave of their music pushing them to get up and rock out. As it was again, another amazing performance to blow anyone away, they were already rising to the top quicker than ever! And a few more bands were kicked off to go home. Demoness became the number one band on the list.

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