Rock with the Devil

A night club opens a gig where the performing bands are given a chance to become famous worldwide. There are ten to perform one song on stage. Aria and her rock band are behind to win that chance. But when she finds a book of dark power, and out of curiosity, tries to summon the devil himself to help her band reach the top. As the devil grants them the ability to play at their best, the band is kicked off to the top faster than they expected. As things run smoothly, even dark power came at a price.


7. His Offer

An audience applaud. And then a spotlight shined into Aria's eyes. She shaded up her hand. The light moved away. And looking down, she saw demons clapping. The band were there on the stage with her. They too, had a demonic transformation holding their instruments. She looked down at the guitar in her hands and then looked up at the audience where fire burned in the back of the cave. The man came and asked, "May you play us a song?" He grinned. Aria looked to the audience unsure. The demons were counting on it. Either way, they had no choice.

The band started. Aria took in a deep breath. As the music grew loud, she began to sing. The demons went wild to the boom of their music. Flames exploded on stage in the back as they hit into the chorus. The band tried hard, breaking a sweat from the heat. And when they were done, the audience of demons cheered. Aria looked out at everyone, with a smile crawl in across her face. They breathed for just a moment. But it wasn't over yet.

The man appeared on stage clapping. By then, the demons settled. Aria looked to him as he said, "You have done well." He grinned; there was something else he wanted. Aria stepped across, "Can we go home now, please?" He stared in thought, and then snapped his fingers; a guitar appeared in flames. He announced, "You can never leave, you signed the contract. Your souls are mine." He showed the contract; a word was missed by her eyes from when she signed it. He rolled it up in his hand and then it disappeared in flames, "The only way you can be free, is to battle me."

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