Rock with the Devil

A night club opens a gig where the performing bands are given a chance to become famous worldwide. There are ten to perform one song on stage. Aria and her rock band are behind to win that chance. But when she finds a book of dark power, and out of curiosity, tries to summon the devil himself to help her band reach the top. As the devil grants them the ability to play at their best, the band is kicked off to the top faster than they expected. As things run smoothly, even dark power came at a price.


3. Great Performance

Aria and her band were up next. She felt something shift inside her that it made her stop, 'That night wasn't a dream was a it?' She thought, feeling sense of panic. Eric put a hand on her shoulder seeing her look a little woozy, "You ok?" She put a hand on his and replied, "I'm fine." He nodded and moved his hand back. She closed her eyes for a minute and breathed deeply. It was down to nine bands left to win, and if they didn't reach this, they'd be the next band to be kicked off.

The curtain opened at the man's announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen, Demoness!" The audience applauded. The drums played. Aria's heart thumped feeling nervous all of a sudden. What if this didn't work, was that night with the devil real? Alison and Jake were already playing their guitars expecting her to join in. The music was loud at first and then when it mellowed, Aria breathed and sang. The audience listened. And when the music grew loud again, something shifted inside. Aria's voice sounded clearer and more incredible than it was before. The music even became at it's best, too. The audience got into the beat. The chorus broke in. The feel of the music could almost blow you away. As it mellowed once again to finish, the audience applauded. Aria looked out at everyone and smiled. The curtain closed.

She turned to her band as they were shocked in amazement. Alison jumped, "Oh my god, guys! That was the best performance we ever did!" Jake and Eric looked to Aria, "Yeah, it was. Wasn't it?" Jake asked. Aria looked up at them, "Don't give me that look. If it weren't for me, we would've been..." she looked down at her hands, there was something different about them. Jake continued, "What, losers?" She blinked and her hands looked normal as they were. She looked back at him as he waited for an answer, "Yeah, losers." She pulled the strap of he guitar over her head and carried it out backstage. She put in the case and locked it up and left to their car out the backdoor.

She put the case in the back of the car. A hand held her by the shoulder from behind making her jolt and jerk her head to whoever it was. The shadow turned out to be Eric. She put a hand to her chest relieved, "God, man, you scared me." He chuckled, "Sorry Aria." She hit him playfully, "What am I going to do with you?" She smiled.

He put his cases in as he continued to chuckle. She stood back looking over at the night sky. After closing the back, Eric looked to her as she looked back, "Is Jake mad?" She asked, he shook his head slightly, "Well, he's just... scared, in a way." He shrugged. Aria didn't believe it that she smiled, "Jake, scared?" Eric shrugged again, "Well, you have shocked us all from your little..."-he waved his fingers-"Ritual thing." She sighed, having a enough of this, "Hey, how many times do I have to say, I'm sorry? I was just curious ok? I didn't think it would actually work like that. And in the book it said I had to believe it does. And it got me thinking after all that's happened. What if the things we don't believe in are there, but we don't see it because of that? It happened because I believed it." Eric looked at her confused, "So... it wouldn't have worked if you didn't believe it?" She stroked back her dark hair.

Alison and Jake came hurrying down with their cases, "Sorry we're late." Alison put her case in. Jake put his in after and shut the back of the car and locked it. He turned to Aria who stood there watching them, "Hey, uh... I'm sorry for snapping at you. You did what you could for the band because you care. But you didn't have to summon the devil to make us play better." Aria grunted, "I know. And I'm sorry too. It won't happen again." She sighed, " I need to tell you guy something. I... I use to do this stuff as a teenager. I believed in it. And it worked. I never thought the devil himself could show up and give us something that we desperately needed. I thought he would show as a force that we had to imagine to see to give us the dark energy we needed to be confident and help us play better. But after seeing that, it twisted inside me, the belief of what I use to know about it has changed. This book, is something entirely different." Eric asked, "So this book, is not like any other you've encountered?" She shook her head, "No. It's like whoever wrote this, has seen the devil with their own two eyes and knew how to summon him. I didn't think it would work like this. And what if this book, was written by his hand?" Jake shrugged, "I don't know, I don't get how a book like this can get into a bookstore and sit there untouched by anyone else but you. It could be dangerous, you know?" Aria thought about it, fate pushed her to the book when she first saw it.

What if it appeared there when she was looking around, hoping she'd pick it up. It was like the devil planned this all along. They were lucky to even make it through. And he chose them. Aria was thankful for it. But Jake was right, it could be dangerous.

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