Rock with the Devil

A night club opens a gig where the performing bands are given a chance to become famous worldwide. There are ten to perform one song on stage. Aria and her rock band are behind to win that chance. But when she finds a book of dark power, and out of curiosity, tries to summon the devil himself to help her band reach the top. As the devil grants them the ability to play at their best, the band is kicked off to the top faster than they expected. As things run smoothly, even dark power came at a price.


4. Book from Hell

Aria stared down at the book as she sat near the fireplace thinking. She flipped through the pages looking for answers. What she didn't see was the chapter, 'Warning' underlined. She stopped there and scanned through it. Her heart thumped, fearing what the warnings were. She saw the words, 'price' and, 'soul'. Her heart thumped more she could almost feel it through her chest. There was a price they had to pay. Why didn't she see this before she performed the ritual? Feeling how stupid this was, she closed the book shut and got up to throw it. The book hit the ground but didn't slide. She stood there with her arms crossed and started pacing in thought. She felt so angry at herself for not knowing any of this that it boiled up inside. The book opened and the pages flipped. She stopped and looked over at what the book was doing. She muttered, "No." And stomped her way to pick it up, and as the pages stopped, she looked down at the chapter. The page was blank. Black ink ran down revealing words in large font, 'Your soul is mine'. Her heart thumped again in fear and then she tossed the book in the fire. The flames burned around it. She watched it to be sure it caught fire. The book remained untouched, impossible! The fire didn't burn it at all. It shocked her. This was a book from Hell.

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