A Poet's Gospel

Some new perspectives on the life of Christ. I plan on making a collection of poems similar to this one... I will continue to post them as I complete them. Let me know what you think! Thanks!


1. The Soldier

Blood ran down the nails as they held him that day.

The crowds, engaging in wails or foul play.

The mocking, the jeering, the screams I was hearing

All stopped, for he seemed to have something to say.


"Father! Forgive them! They know not what they do!

Unaware that my pain has been matched within you.

Spare them your anger, your justice, your wrath.

Take me as a sign of the mercy thou hast!"


I look away, for through my eyes,

His anguish I can feel.

Who is this man we've set on high

with but three nails of steel?

Suddenly, I understand, though I can't believe the odds.

Those now immobile hands,

Were the very hands of God.

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