A Poet's Gospel

Some new perspectives on the life of Christ. I plan on making a collection of poems similar to this one... I will continue to post them as I complete them. Let me know what you think! Thanks!


2. The Seas obey him?

What will we do?!

Our fate has been set!

How will we pass through this storm we have met?


The thunder cracks,

The rain, it pours.

If only we had stayed at shore!

Why would he have led us to die?

Are we to be killed while, in there, he lies?


That's it! If he were awake

Then maybe he'd know that our lives are at stake.

"Master! Master! You must not now sleep!

For the sea, it screams that our lives, it will keep!"


"My dear ones, My dear ones,

Why are you afraid?

Must you again see God's power displayed?

He rose to the edge of our boat, now half-filled.

He spoke to the waters, and with that, they were stilled.


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