Tea with Tom

A/N: Sorry for not posting anything in a while. As I’m sure some of you are aware ive been busy making the Why We Love Tom Hiddleston Fanbook for Tom so haven’t had time to write. Here’s a one shot based on the book, the Empire Awards and him tweeting me, aswell as what I would like but know wont happen if Luke replies a yes (hardly likely) to my email of me handing him the book to Tom personally on the 11th April. For those who wish to view the PDF of the book you can do so here: http://issuu.com/search?q=emily%20pontin Hope you enjoy. Emily <3 PS: For those who are reading Moving House and Love Rekindled the next chapters will be with you soon. For now, enjoy, Tea with Tom. <3


1. Tea with Tom

Tea with Tom: A Tom Hiddleston One Shot


She had been a fan of his since going to see Midnight in Paris at the cinema one sunny July Thursday morning. She had sat in that one screen cinema in her local town completely amazed by the film that was playing out on the screen infront of her. Paris in the 20s. Her favourite era. She was enjoying the film immensely before he even came on screen. Once he did however, she knew she had to stay to the end to find out his name.


Once she saw that film her life was changed. She went home and watched all of his films and interviews and joined all the pages dedicated to him on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. She had made so many new friends through being a fan of his that at the end of July she came up with the idea to create a Fanbook for him, so he knew how much he meant to her and all of his fans.


Creating a post about it on Tumblr to get the general idea out started it off. People started sending in messages and drawings immediately. It started from there and evolved into this huge project that she couldn’t believe she was responsible for. Project Why We Love Tom Hiddleston it was called.


This continued all the way through till March 10th when the deadline was. She saw him at the BAFTAs in February and knew even more that she wanted to do this. Seeing him gave her the inspiration to not give up and `Prove the cynics wrong` as he put it.


The Hiddlestoners put their hearts and souls into their messages and everything else that was added, just like she put her heart and soul into creating the book for her idol and inspiration. She didn’t realise how much of an inspiration he would be to her or how many friends she would make because of him.


The deadline came and went. She then began putting everything together in a word document, ready to convert to a PDF to be put up online so all the other fans could see all her hard work and their messages before printing it all out and putting it in a book ,ready to present to him at the 2013 Jameson Empire Awards.


This was a big deal to her. She didn’t want to let anyone down, least of all herself. The late nights were catching up on her. She was so tired yet she persevered until she was happy with it and put it up online.


She received some lovely comments about how amazing it was, how proud they were of her and how much he would love it.


It was the Friday night before the awards on the Sunday. When this project and idea first started she emailed Luke Windsor, Tom’s Publicist in hope of him replying to see if handing the book to him at the awards would be ideal. Luke replied saying that events like the Empire Awards were the worst kind of events to hand people gifts and instead suggested she send it to his agency, Hamilton Hodell.


Some Hiddlestoners had donated money in order for her to buy ink and print it off but when she started it only managed to print thirty pages before it ran out and it would have cost her over £200 to print the rest of it off.


She was so annoyed and upset she didn’t know what to do. The next morning she woke up to a text confirming that he was definitely going which made her even more upset. She cried. Her mum suggested she write a letter instead explaining the idea and situation and hand it to him.


She did exactly that and at 5am the next morning with the letter tucked safely in her bag she made her way to London. Waiting in the cold for eight hours, she couldn’t feel her feet but just to get a glimpse of him and hand over her letter it would all be worth it.


The celebrities began to arrive at around 4. Tom was one of the first. She knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere near him by the amount of people that were behind the barrier. She wanted to give up. She almost did. Then she realised she was near where the celebrities would be interviewed on the carpet.


Tom continued to sign autographs and pictures before being lead into the red carpet area. She called his name. He didn’t hear her. Instead she saw Luke not too far away from Tom and thought it was worth a shot to call him instead. She did. He turned round a few minutes later and saw her. He then whispered to someone to come over and collect the letter. She did and now her mission was complete. One of Tom’s team had her letter and would hopefully hand it to him. She continued to snap some gorgeous pictures of Tom and enjoy the rest of the evening. She boarded the coach that evening tired but content. Now, she waited.


* * * * *


The next morning she woke up on a low. The project she had been working on for the past eight months was over and she didn’t think Tom would receive her letter. Now what to do. She uploaded her pictures from the previous day and caught up on all the interviews of him that she had missed.


Around 5 o clock she returned home from picking up a prescription from the chemist. She checked her phone to find she had 6 new messages. Brittany, Hannah, Laura. Two from Twitter. She checked the ones from her friends first.


Brittany: Be prepared to die at your Twitter.




Laura: Have you died with happiness? The phone literally went off in my hand. That’s what makes a Monday spectacular. I`m over the moon for you poppet. You deserve it.


Her iPod began to go crazy too. She still didn’t realise what was going on. She then checked the Twitter texts and couldn’t breathe. The Twitter texts were from Tom. Tom Hiddleston had tweeted her. Her!!!


She had to go on Twitter to make sure it wasn’t a joke. Once she got through all the `congratulations` and `so happy for you` mentions she scrolled down and there it was. His icon and twitter main in her mentions. Tom Hiddleston had tweeted her. Twice!


@twhiddleston @PontinEmily: Hi Emily, I just read your letter dated 23rd March 2013. What you wrote was so generous and very kind. With love, Tx


@twhiddleston @PontinEmily: Can’t wait to see the book!



* * * * * * *


He was on the tube, dressed in a white dress shirt, black trousers and his favourite red tie, his black jacket over the top, on his way to the theatre when he read her letter. Luke had handed it to him that afternoon once he received an email from her to thank him for turning around.


Tom had a general idea that a book was being created for him as Luke had received an email at the beginning of July letting him know about the idea and asking when the best time to hand it to him was. Luke of course let Tom know about it.


Luke replied letting her know what a great idea he thought it was and that he knew Tom would appreciate it. He then continued to tell her that he couldn’t let her know of any of the events that Tom would be attending until the day of the event. He told her she had plenty of time before the press for Only Lovers Left Alive and indeed Thor 2 which would give her plenty of time to gather submissions.


Tom still couldn’t believe he had fans, let alone fans that would make him gifts to show how much he loved him. He was absolutely mind blown last year by the response he received from the MTV After Hours Skit he did and that people made a book for him with fans supporting their `Wendy’s`. Brilliant!


The Hiddlestoners were always kind and generous and on his birthday managed to trend #Happy BirthdayHiddles to wish him a lovely day. He also received a lovely birthday book with birthday wishes and fanarts. He loved receiving books and he couldn’t wait to receive hers.


What she wrote was so lovely and thoughtful. The letter was written on bright yellow paper in a neat hand. The letter explained that she had been working on the book for eight months since she saw Midnight in Paris at the cinema last July. He was surprised at this.


Most of his fans recognised him when he first starred in Thor. It was refreshing to know that someone became a fan of his from a different role other than Loki. He had great fun playing Loki, he did, truly, but for someone to love his portrayal of Fitzgerald enough to inspire them to read The Great Gatsby, Tom felt honoured.


He had great fun filming in Paris for three weeks. Walking round the beautiful city of Paris, studying it, listening to the works of Fitzgerald, trying to get the accent exactly right.


Working with Woody Allen was a dream come true. He could still remember receiving those three pages of script with a note attached, written to him personally from Woody Allen.




I’d love to have you play the role of Scott. Read these pages and let me know what you think. If you like them then please join me in Paris in three weeks to begin shooting.


Woody Allen


Tom couldn’t believe his luck. Never in his life had he received a personal letter from a director asking him to work with them. Woody’s note was now hung proudly on the wall, in a frame in his living room.


He continued reading her letter. It carried on explaining everything about the book and that she planned on handing it to him at the Empire Awards but the ink situation had stopped her. There was then a link which she explained was a link to the PDF version of the Fanbook. Her letter was so very sweet and kind.


She may not have been able to hand it him in person but since she had put her Twitter name in the letter, he thought the next best thing would be to tweet her to let her know he received it and how kind and generous it was.


Luckily he had his Apple Mac with him on the tube. He seemed to carry it with him a lot recently. He logged on and clicked on the search bar and typed in her Twitter name. @PontinEmily. He smiled to himself when he saw a picture of himself as her icon. He then looked at her bio.





Emily Pontin, 18, Aspiring Journalist/Author

Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy, Downton Abbey

Pixie Lott, Fearne Cotton

Dover, Kent


An aspiring journalist and author. Film by the looks of her header. A picture of a girl with brown hair, dressed in a purple coat, smiling at the camera with journalist Alex Zane next to her. She looked happy.


He typed out a tweet to her, checked his mentions, realised he hadn’t let her know how excited he was to see the book, sent her another tweet and logged off. His stop would be soon. He was looking forward to an evening at the theatre, especially seeing his good friend and co star of War Horse, Benedict Cumberbatch.


* * * *


Emily sat there for a few minutes trying to think of a good enough reply. She would never get over the fact that he tweeted her twice and put `with love, T` and a kiss at the end.


She replied simply with:


@PontinEmily: @twhiddleston: Thankyou so much for reading my letter. It was so lovely to see you yesterday. The physical copy should be with you soon.


She cursed the 140 twitter character limit before typing him another tweet.


@PontinEmily: @twhiddleston: If you want a sneak peek here’s the link: issuu.com/search?q=emily…Thankyou again, truly it means so much :)


Her life continued as normal. But in the back of her mind she would never get over the fact her idol had tweeted her, neither would any of the other hiddlestoners it would seem. They were all so supportive of her.


She ordered the physical copy of the Fanbook the next day. She was so proud of it; she had never worked harder or had more fun working on anything in what seemed like ages. She was excited for it to arrive.


A few days later she had a thought. She was going for Afternoon Tea at The Ritz on the 11th April for her mum’s birthday with her nan and aunt. They had booked a table for 5:30.


It may be a long shot but it was worth a try. Before she even knew what she was doing she emailed Luke letting him know that she would be in London on the 11th April having afternoon tea at The Ritz and asked if it would be possible for Tom to come and meet her, either at The Ritz or at his agency so she could hand him the book personally.


She never expected a reply but a part of her couldn’t help but imagine the scenario if he did say yes. Her heart stopped for a few seconds everytime she got an email. They were never the email she wanted. Even if it was a no she would like to have known then should could go about making arrangements when and were to send it to his agency.


She kept track of his tweets just incase he tweeted anymore. She was in town when he tweeted next.


@twhiddleston: Flights booked to LA for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 14. Tremendously exciting.


A little part of her wondered whether he would come and meet her on the Thursday before he went to LA on Sunday but she knew that it would never happen.


* * * *


Tom was always one to makes his fans happy. He liked to see them smile as much as they liked to see him smile. Luke had told him that Emily had asked if it would be possible for her to meet him and hand him the book in person and that she would be at The Ritz for Afternoon Tea on the 11th.


Luke wasn’t sure. He didn’t like the thought of Tom meeting fans on there own in public places, even if he would be there. Lots of fans had tried things like this before, Luke didn’t see why this was any different.


Since Tom had gotten back from his UNICEF trip his attitude to things had changed. He had always been grateful but since his trip her realised what mattered and how important his fans were to him. He wanted to do this one thing for her, especially as she seemed to have worked so hard on it.


He asked Luke to reply to her letting her know that it would be a pleasure to come and meet her so she can hand him the book personally. In truth Tom really wanted to get to know her and nothing sounded better than getting to know someone over a pot of Earl Grey and cakes at The Ritz. Especially as the day he met her he would have finished living Below the Line for UNICEF.


* * * * *


She was at her aunties when she received the email she so wanted. Her iPod dinged alerting her of a new email. She was expecting it to be one of those silly emails, an email to let her know of a sale in one of her favourite shops, an email from Ticketmaster letting her know of the latest concerts going on in London. She was surprised when she saw that the email was from Luke. She took a deep breath psyching herself up for the no. She knew he was a very busy man and wouldn’t have time to come and pick up a book made by one of his fans let alone have tea with her.


She took a deep breath and clicked on the email.


Hi Emily,


I would originally have to have said that Tom coming to meet you to hand him the book in person wouldn’t be allowed due to safety reason and his schedule.


Once I handed Tom your letter however,  and told him about you asking to meet him personally and hand him the book he asked me to let you know that it would be an honour to meet you, especially as you have worked so hard on it and Tom is so grateful.


Tom and myself will join you and your family for Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Hotel on Thursday April 11th at 5:30.


For security reasons and to keep Tom’s whereabouts private I would really appreciate it if you could keep this between us and not post it on any social networking sites or let anyone else know.


Thank you.


Looking forward to meeting you.


Best Wishes,




She never thought she would get a reply, let alone a yes! She was going to meet her idol, Tom Hiddleston, the man she had admired for almost a year, in four days! Four days! She couldn’t wait to get home the next day and get everything ready.


The book had arrived by the time she got home. It was beautiful, just the way she imagined and expected it to be. Better. She couldn’t wait to hand it him and see his reaction.


Thursday soon came. Everything was ready to go. The book, DVD, CDs and snacks she had planned on sending were placed in a silver gift bag and ready to pick up on her way out the door.


She dressed in a black and white patterned dress which she paired with a black cardigan and black wedges.


Emily and her mum headed out the door to the train station about 12 arriving in London at 1 to meet her nan and aunt. They spent the afternoon shopping along Oxford Street and in Harrods before making their way to The Ritz for their Afternoon Tea.


She was excited and nervous at the same time. She was excited to spend time with her family in a posh hotel but she was nervous about meeting Tom. What if he didn’t like the book? What if he wasn’t very nice? Don’t be silly, she scolded herself, you know he’s one of the nicest human beings to walk this planet.


Walking into The Ritz was truly breathtaking. It was like something out of a Jane Austen novel. The beautiful high ceilings, the chandeliers, the butlers in their tails. She felt like she’d died and gone to heaven.


They were seated on a table in the middle of the room allowing them to admire the beautiful scenery. She felt a little out of place but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially getting to meet your idol at the same time. She only hoped she didn’t make a complete fool of herself. She wanted so badly to have a proper conversation with him. The last thing she wanted was to come across as a complete fangirl. Yes, she was a fangirl but she wanted to keep it to a minimum.


Luke asked her to keep it quite as he didn’t want any other fans finding his whereabouts. That was so hard, especially as the hiddlestoners had seen the email she had sent to Luke.


When she found out she just simply tweeted:


@PontinEmily: Oh my god!


Now, the moment had arrived. She was now sitting in The Ritz hotel with her family about to enjoy Afternoon Tea with her idol, Thomas William Hiddleston.


* * *


Tom spent Thursday morning catching up with Benedict over coffee. He then attended a meeting about his trip to LA on Sunday which included his schedule and a suit fitting before meeting Luke to go and have tea with Emily at The Ritz.


He sat in the car dressed in a three piece suit and blue and black striped tie. Tom was excited and nervous to meet Emily. He had never met a fan on such an intimate level. Yes, Luke would be with him and so would her family but there was something about it that made him nervous. It wasn’t as though she expected much from him, all she wanted to do was hand him the book and possibly have a conversation, get a photo and a few autographs.


He’d been to The Ritz a few times before. He had come here with his mum and sister, Emma to celebrate birthdays, he’d been interviewed her a few times too, but this, this was different, or so it felt. It felt like a date, especially as her family were going to be there. It’s not a date. It’s a meeting with a fan. Maybe Luke was right. He was having doubts, second thoughts. He was just meeting a fan, he met them all the time, it was no different.


If it doesn’t go to plan you can always excuse yourself and leave. It’s not like she’s expecting much. You only have to stay for a few minutes. He took a deep breath as the car pulled up at The Ritz.


He got out of the car and walked into the hotel, Luke following behind. The lady at reception recognised him and smiled as he walked over to the desk.


“Ah, Mr Hiddleston so lovely for you to come back and visit us. What can I do for you?” Tom looked at the woman’s name badge. Helen. Tom smiled his million dollar smile at her before letting her know why he was here.



She smiled before leading Tom and Luke over to where a young girl of nineteen who he assumed was Emily was sat with three other women who she assumed to be her Mum, Nan and Aunt.


Two more chairs had been sat out at their party for both Tom and Luke to sit down, one next to Emily and another one next to that.


* * * * *


As soon as she got in the hotel she was eagerly scanning the room for any sign of him. Everytime the door opened she turned her heading hoping she would see her idol walk through the door.


She was so engrossed in conversation with her Mum, Nan and Aunt that she didn’t even realise he had arrived until the receptionist came over and let her know with Tom and Luke following behind.


Helen, the receptionist left them to it as Tom stepped toward the table and cleared his throat. As soon as she looked up at him her breathe caught in her throat. Inside she was screaming Oh my god Tom Hiddleston is standing right infront of me!! She couldn’t believe Tom had taken time out of his schedule, to come here and meet her personally. She was so grateful.


Tom introduced himself to the table, going round in turn and shaking each of her family’s hands.

“Tom Hiddleston, pleasure to meet you” he told her aunt shaking her hand. She shook his in return.

“Hello, I’m Tom” she said to her Nan.

“It’s so lovely to meet you” replied her Nan. “I loved you in Return to Cranford”

“Oh bless you for saying that, that’s very kind of you” Tom replied before walking round to Emily’s mum and introducing himself. Tom Hiddleston. I believe Happy Birthday is in order”. Her mum smiled shaking his hand.

“Thankyou for coming. It means so much to Emily that you came. She talks non stop about you.”

“It’s my pleasure. It’s the least I can do”.


She wanted to kick her mother under the table to tell her to stop embarrassing her. She refrained. Tom didn’t need to know that she talked about him all the time.


Tom finally made his way round the table taking a seat next to her. Luke took a seat next to Tom.


“You must be the famous Emily Pontin” he asked her. Famous? I’m hardly famous Tom. Form coherent sentences. Speak.

“Urgh...er. I am, although I don’t think I’m famous. It means so much that you came and met me so I could give you this is person.” She produced the silver bag from under the table placing on the table top infront of Tom.


Just as Tom was about to reply the barrister came round dressed in his tails to take their tea orders. He reminded her of Carson, the butler from Downton Abbey.


Once the tea was ordered her family went back to their conversation leaving Emily to talk to Tom about the book.


* * * * *


Tom couldn’t believe how big the gift bag was infront of him on the table, or how heavy it was. Peaking inside he saw lots of snacks tied separately in green ribbon. Hob nobs, tomato soup, earl grey tea, Fereero Roche. He laughed his Ehehehe pulling out a card in a blue envelope.


He opened the envelope to be presented with a card with `I heart moustache` on the front. He laughed again before opening it. The following was written in her neat hand:




Just a few things that remind us hiddlestoners of you which we thought you might like as we know you’re a lover of all these snacks due to your interviews and tweets.


Tomato Soup-From your interview from the 2011 BAFTAs and your interview with Chris Hewitt. Hob Nobs- Your Oscar tweet Fereero Roche-Eating chocolate in an interview Earl Grey Tea-Empire Interview


Hope you enjoy them. Especially now you have finished your Below the line challenge.


Lots of Loki Love


Emily and your Hiddlestoners


x x x


The next thing Tom pulled out was two sets of four cds. The Loki and Tom Playlists. He carefully untied the ribbon on both, a huge smile appearing on his face.


“From your Songs of the Day we know your love of music so I asked the hiddlestoners to send in some songs that remind them of both you and Loki and these are the chosen tracks.”


“Bless you, darling. Truly, I can see the amount of work you’ve put into this gift and I am truly thankful.”


“You haven’t seen the book yet. That’s the main gift.” she told him. He took hold of her hand giving it a squeeze. She squeezed back.


Next he pulled out the DVD of fan videos. Tom ran his hands over the cover. Inside he found a list of videos and a piece of paper letting him know that it can be played on windows media player.


“The DVD and cd cases were made by the amazing Mav, who is one of the many friends I’ve met because of you. She sent it me from America. I panicked when I couldn’t play it on the DVD player but then she tweeted me and let me know that it could be played on Windows.”


“It seems appropriate as I’m always carrying my Mac around with me recently. I look forward to watching it when I get home with some of these lovely snacks.”


The tea and cakes were placed on the table just as Tom was about to pull the book out of the bag. Instead he put it back in the bag along with the DVD and CDs.


* * * * *


We all tucked into the tea and cakes letting small talk fill the table. Cups were clinked in celebration. Tom asked how the day had been and what mum had planned for her birthday aswell as telling her nan about his time on Return to Cranford. William was also one of her favourite characters so she enjoyed listening to the story. Tom also told her about the filming of Midnight in Paris as he could tell by her letter how much she loved it.


She sat there in awe. How is this amazing and inspirational human being sat her infront of her telling her and her family stories of filming? She was truly in heaven.


The time soon flew by and the cakes were soon eaten and the tea drunk. He was even more amazing in person.


Once the table was clear Tom continued to go through his bag of gifts. The final present he pulled out was the Fanbook. The smile that grazed his beautiful face was a picture. His eyebrows raised in shock. He was like a child at Christmas. In that moment she truly couldn’t believe that she was responsible for that smile on his face. She too smiled, she was so grateful to him for coming to meet her that she couldn’t help the tear that rolled down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away before he could see. She didn’t want to be the silly teenager that cried at meeting her idol.


Tom flicked through the book every so carefully. She could tell how much he appreciated it by the way he kept looking at her and thanking her and saying how amazing it all was.


* * * * *


He could tell how much time and effort had gone into making all of the gifts he received but especially this book. So much thought had gone into it and he literally had no words for how he felt.


He was so grateful to have fans who supported him and put such amazing things together like this. She was truly an amazing, kind and creative person.


The time was flying too quickly. The afternoon tea was almost over. He didn’t want to leave. She was truly lovely company and he wanted to find out more about her hopes and dreams of becoming a journalist and author, especially about why he had inspired her to write again.


He unfortunately didn’t have time to read and look through all of the book and messages but he looked forward to looking through it properly when he got home.


“Would you be able to sign a few of these for a few of my friends as I said that if I ever got to meet you I’d get them your autograph?” she asked him kindly.


He smiled before replying: “Emily, my dear, after all the hard work you’ve put into this book, it would be my pleasure, who am I signing them too?”


“Erm..Mav, April, Laura and Jess if possible?”


“Ofcourse, love”


Once he signed those she kindly asked him to sign one of the photos of him she took of him at the Empire Awards. He remarked on what a great photo it was before writing the following:


Emily, Darling


Thankyou so much for all your hard work and for making a man feel truly great. I will be forever grateful to have fans like you. The Fanbook is truly beautiful and is something I will treasure forever.


Lots of love


Tom Hiddleston.


X x x


He also insisted on paying for their afternoon tea especially as he intruded on their afternoon. Her and her family tried to convince him otherwise but he insisted as a Happy Birthday to her mum and for her being such lovely company.


Tom could have spent all evening there with her but he knew that the afternoon had to come to an end when the barrister came and told them that there afternoon tea ended a few moments ago. He let them know that the party could retire to the bar if they wished to continue their celebrations but by the looks of things they all wanted to get home much to Tom’s and Emily’s disappointment.


* * * * *


She never thought Tom would pay for the afternoon tea. It was the least she inspected. She didn’t even expect him to come let alone stay, have tea with her and pay for it. He truly was a gentleman and she loved and admired him even more. She didn’t want today to end. To have afternoon tea at The Ritz Hotel with her idol! That’s certainly not something that happened everyday. It’s truly a dream come true.


The barristers clear the last of the table as her mum, aunt and nan began to put on their coats. She sat there in a daze looking at Tom. He looked back at her with equal happiness. She could have stayed there looking into his baby blues the rest of the evening but her mum and Luke seemed to be getting impatient.


She finally pulled herself away from his eyes to put on her scarf. Tom stood to help her put on her coat. She smiled. They all made there way to reception to pay before retiring outside.


She asked if she could have a photo outside of the hotel to remember the day by, not that this would be a day she would regret any day soon. He agreed and got Luke to take a few on her camera, aswell as on Tom’s Iphone.


Tom hugged her like he was hugging an old friend. A tight hug that made her feel all warm and safe in his arms. She had wanted a `Hiddles Hug` for ages and now she finally got one. Everyone who had got one was certainly right; Hiddles Hugs are the best hugs. He smelt of Armani aftershave. She didn’t want to let go, she wanted to stay in his embrace and treasure this day forever.


They say you should never meet your idols but how wrong they were, especially if your idol is Thomas William Hiddleston. The nicest and kindest and most humble human on this earth.


They finally parted ways. He into the awaiting car and she, with her family to the nearest tube station to take her back to Dover and her normal life. Today had certainly been one of the best days of her life.


* * * * *


For him, today had been one of those days when he couldn’t believe how lucky and grateful he was to have fans like Emily. It was fans like her and reasons like today why he became an actor in the first place.


As soon as he arrived home he took a picture of him with the book and typed out the following tweet:


@twhiddleston: Looking forward to looking through this amazing Fanbook filled with beautiful messages whilst drinking a cup of Earl Grey. Courtesy of the truly amazing @PontinEmily.


He smiled at the pictures Luke took of them both before sitting on the sofa with a cup of Earl Grey and some of the Hob Nobs she had given him. Today had been truly a great day. He needed to find a way to see her again; he needed to help her make her dream come true.


* * * * *


One of her dreams had come true. She had met Tom Hiddleston. Correction, not only met but had tea with him, had a hug off of him and got a photo and an autograph. Nothing would beat today. She needed to see him again.


She checked her Twitter on the way home to find her mentions being bombarded with tweets demanding to know what happened and if she met Tom. She also saw that his icon appeared in her mentions again thanking her for the gift and that he had followed her.


@PontinEmily: One of the best days of my life and it’s all thanks to one @twhiddleston. Truly, Tom. Thankyou really isn’t enough.


She replied to a few tweets and tweeted Mav, April, Laura and Jess to let them know that she got them his autograph before turning on her iPod and staring at the picture of her and Tom.


When she arrived home she had a DM from Tom.


@twhiddleston: @PontinEmily: Saying Thankyou for such a thoughtful gift really isn’t enough, darling. It’s because of fans like you that I act in the first place.


@PontinEmily: @twhiddleston: Really, Tom I don’t think Thankyou is enough for you having inspired me to create the book in the first place. As I said in my letter to you, it’s really thanks to your portrayal of Fitzgerald. You’ve inspired me in more ways than one.


@twhiddleston: @PontinEmily: I’d really like to know how else I’ve inspired you, darling. I know this is a bit forward and I wouldn’t usually say this to a fan, especially one of your age but I would love to keep in contact with you and see you again.


@PontinEmily: @twhiddleston: I would like that very much, Tom. I had a great day today. Thankyou for making one of my dreams come true.


@twhiddleston: @PontinEmily: You’re most welcome, love. As I said Thankyou isn’t enough. I shall be in contact once I’m back from LA. Sweet dreams. T X


@PontinEmily: @twhiddleston: Thankyou will never be a big enough word for all that you’ve done for me. I look forward to hearing from you. Have fun in LA and Good Luck with Best Villain. Go Kick It! Lots of love X


She went to bed that night the happiest girl alive. This was certainly one of the best, if not the best day of her life thus far. She couldn’t wait to see what the future bought, whether Tom kept in contact with her or not. No matter what happened they would always have The Ritz.

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