It All Makes Sence to Me: These Litttle Things

The third and final book in the "Bear this in Mind' series, following "Meant to Be" contines on, skipping about 8 years ahead from "MTB".

In the story, Liam and Claire Payne have a big family of their own, and are doing a pretty goof job of figuring out what it's all about. However, not everything is easier with a family, over half of marriages end in divorce, and families can easily be torn apart and destroyed. Will they be able to beat the statistics with all of the crazy things that will be happpening in the future?

I hope you enjoy this book, and feel free to comment ANY suggestions you might have! Xxxx


11. The "Project"

Since I returned back to school, everyone knows were official.  It's  all over the magazines and everything, plus I'm getting tons of fan shit on twitter saying things like "But Riley ily more were supposed to b together forever". 

But, no I'm meant to be with my Jake, nobody else.

"You look beautiful today!", he told me as we walked the halls.

"Awe thanks! You look great today too!", I said.

"Hey, Riley before you go, would you like to...hang out after school?", he asked me.

"Yeah I'd love to!". I said.

"Okay, see you at lunch?", he said and we went our separate ways. 

Then,it was the end of the day.

"How was your day?", he asked me as I was packing up my backpack.

"it was ok, I missed you", I said hugging him tightly then.

"I miss you all the time Riley", he said and I laughed.

"Well, I'm right here and I'm not really going anywhere right now", I told him.

"Good", he said.  We finished packing up our stuff, and headed over to his house soon after.

 "I've got a plan- we tell them were working on a school project so we can go talk and kiss in my room?", he said.  I blushed. 

"Okay!", I said agreeing with him.

"Hi mom", he said entering the room.

"Hello Mrs. Tomlinson", I said.

"Oh, hello Riley, and hello Jake", she said waving from the kitchen.

"Were going to work on a project is that's okay", Jake said.

"Bullshit, they're probably going to go make out upstairs or something worse", Susan said.

Susan! Language, Lily's right in the other room, and as long as you are just doing a project, that's fine", his mom said.  

We headed up the stairs, and he opened the door, closing it behind us.

"So what project are we doing?", I teased.

"umm I don't know you tell me", he said sitting down on the floor of his room next to me.

"If it involves kissing I'm good", I told him,

"Me too!", he said planting his lips against mine.

"I love you, but I think we should wait a little while to make out, because we've  only been dating for a week", I told him.

"Okay, and I love you more", he said.

We kissed a little longer, and then his mom came in with snacks.

"How's the project coming along?". She asked curiously.

"Great actually, were doing it war 2", Jake lied.

"Wow, well get back to work then", she said leaving us alone then.






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