It All Makes Sence to Me: These Litttle Things

The third and final book in the "Bear this in Mind' series, following "Meant to Be" contines on, skipping about 8 years ahead from "MTB".

In the story, Liam and Claire Payne have a big family of their own, and are doing a pretty goof job of figuring out what it's all about. However, not everything is easier with a family, over half of marriages end in divorce, and families can easily be torn apart and destroyed. Will they be able to beat the statistics with all of the crazy things that will be happpening in the future?

I hope you enjoy this book, and feel free to comment ANY suggestions you might have! Xxxx


8. The new school

Lets just say it was going to be really hard to not get in any trouble.

First of all, they have uniforms! Uniforms! I'm not even kidding you right now but uniforms are absolutely tacky and just horrible! 

Lets not forget plain hideous!!!!!

"Mom, I'm not going here! You can't make me!", I said before I got out of the car.

"Riley, my mind is made up, you are going and that's final", my mom said .

"I hate you", I said, then exiting the car door, slamming it behind me as I walked into a building, possibly ten times worse than Alcatraz? At least they had a nice view there, unlike here!

As I went to first hour, I was stopped by six over preppy girls I wanted to beat the shit out of! 

But, I made it through first hour by faking a smile and keeping my comments to myself, taking note of them though to vent to Jake about them later.

"Hi. I'm Mallory", one girl said extending her arm.

"I've been wanting to break out of this school since the day I was forced to go here, im on your side", she wished and I shook her hand, smiling at her.

"Im pretty sure you know me, but I'm Riley, it's nice to meet you, and I want to break out of this prison, since I stepped foot in here which was about an hour ago...", I explained. 

"I'm with you!", she responded as we sat down in our seats.

Thankfully, I made it through the rest of the day, and the next 3 months of hell as well. 

However, at that school I dated two boys, none of them anywhere near as amazing as Jake. Jake! I missed him so much it hurt, because since I've been going to that school, I haven't seen him much.  Luckily, he was coming over today and just me and him were catching a movie.

"Mom, I'm sorry for everything I did, I never want to go back there", I said as I was waiting for Jake downstairs. 

"It's okay Riley, and we won't make you, but Jake will be here soon...don't wanna be late for your date",she said.




"it's not a date, mom.  We don't even like each other", I told her, secretly hoping what she just said was true. 

"Lies!", she said.

"They're here! Go have fun", my mom said and I headed into their car, hugging Jake tightly the whole drive.

"I missed you soo much, it wasn't even funny", I told him as we were heading into the movie.

"No, you're right it wasn't funny it was hilarious!", Jake said making me laugh. 

"Sure if we're talking about your face....", I responded.

 "Well, two girls liked it while you were gone!",he said.


"No no no, Riley! I'm saving that for someone special", Jake assured me.

"I had two girlfriends though", he added in.

"I had two boyfriends, how ironic!", I said and he gave me a really weird look.

The movie started, and the only thing I could think about the whole time was what if he grabbed my and, kissed me and told me how much he loved me?  That didn't happen, but I wanted it to.  



I was in my room, playing my guitar and singing "Catching Feelings" by Justin Bieber when my dad walked in.

"Hi Jake...something's bothering you I can tell", he said.

"Don't tell mom, though", I said.

"I won't, but what is it?",  he asked me.

"it's Riley....Dad I love her, and I can't stop thinking about her....", I told him.  My heart was beating so fast I could barely breath. 

"Well, Jacob you need to tell her there's a good chance she might feel the same", My dad told me.

"that's the problem, I don't think she does", I told him.

"Well, I don't know for sure but Claire was telling me how whenever someone mentions you, she blushes, and that whenever she's around you, she purposely doesn't wear a sweatshirt because she wants to wear yours. I'd say it's worth a shot son! You should tell her...tomorrow night at the party?", he suggested.

"you're right, thanks dad,  I'll tell her tomorrow", I said hugging him.

"Anytime I'm always here for you", he said before exiting my room.



I was sitting in my room, thinking about Jake too much, it's not healthy how many times he crossed my mind in the last few days, when my mom came in my room.

"what's the matter sweetie?", she asked me sitting on the foot of my bed.

"What do you mean?", I asked her.

"Something's bothering you, I can tell", she told me.

"Ok, its Jake, I keep thinking about him, I think I'm in love with him, mom", I said starting to cry.  She hugged me, holding me for awhile like she used to do when I was scared or upset and crying when I was small.

"Riley, I think you need to just tell him how you feel", she directed me.





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