It All Makes Sence to Me: These Litttle Things

The third and final book in the "Bear this in Mind' series, following "Meant to Be" contines on, skipping about 8 years ahead from "MTB".

In the story, Liam and Claire Payne have a big family of their own, and are doing a pretty goof job of figuring out what it's all about. However, not everything is easier with a family, over half of marriages end in divorce, and families can easily be torn apart and destroyed. Will they be able to beat the statistics with all of the crazy things that will be happpening in the future?

I hope you enjoy this book, and feel free to comment ANY suggestions you might have! Xxxx


16. The movie

The day rolled on, and finally I heard that last bell. I rushed to my locker to find Jake up against it. 

"Hey!", I said hugging and quickly kissing him. 

The only homework I had was English, so Jake opened my locker for me and I grabbed my English stuff, shoving it in my bag and away we went.  

He took my hand as we exited the school. 

"How was your day?", he asked me. I laughed a little. 

"Long babe", I responded. 

When we finally arrived at the movie theatre, we had to sign a few autographs like usual...then bought our tickets and headed over to the concessions counter to get some snacks and a soda to share.  

We took our seats, way in the back of the movie theatre where nobody else would go. 

He grabbed my hand, and kissed my cheek. 

After about an hour of the movie, we were both reallly bored! So, Jake gracefully leaned into kiss me and I kinda went along with it.  Before I knew it, we were totally making out and lost track of time.  I was the one who eventually pulled away because I had a feeling he was never going to, but i didn't really want to either.   

When the movie finally ended, we got up and waited for my mom to pick us up.

Jake hugged me. "Hey, look at me, everything's gonna be just fine. I love you!", he said and then kissed me on the top of my head.

"ok", I almost whispered, pulling away because my moms car just pulled up.



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