It All Makes Sence to Me: These Litttle Things

The third and final book in the "Bear this in Mind' series, following "Meant to Be" contines on, skipping about 8 years ahead from "MTB".

In the story, Liam and Claire Payne have a big family of their own, and are doing a pretty goof job of figuring out what it's all about. However, not everything is easier with a family, over half of marriages end in divorce, and families can easily be torn apart and destroyed. Will they be able to beat the statistics with all of the crazy things that will be happpening in the future?

I hope you enjoy this book, and feel free to comment ANY suggestions you might have! Xxxx


10. Telling the parents

After my mom picked me and Taylor up in the morning, she asked me "How was the party?".

"Gooood!", I told her. 

"What about  jake?", she asked.

"What about my boyfriend?", I responded.

"Riley!", she said.

"What?",, I replied.

"Im happy for you!", she said awkwardly hugging me at the stop light.

"Um..okay", I said.

"Did you kiss him?", she asked.

"Nevermind that", I responded.

"Riley Devonne Payne, answer my question.

"A little" I finally said, blushing.

"You're going to have to tell your father!", she said.

"And that Is exactly why I don't tell you these things!", I responded.

"Riley, you've had boyfriends before, I think it'll be okay, but I'm just saying I'm not gonna be the one to tell him, and he has to know", She told me making absolutely no sense whatsoever.

When we got home, I found my dad  sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hi, daddy!", I said kissing him.

"Hi baby girl!", he said.

"Dad, I'm 14!", I said.

"You're still my baby girl!", he said.

"Now, what do you want sweetie?", he asked me.

"Don't call me that!", I said.

Then, really fast I said "Mom says I should let you know I have a boyfriend".

"Riley! Who is it? Do I know this boy?". He said.

"Dad, calm down and it's Jake", I responded feeling really embarrassed.

"Riley...but they're like family to us", he said.

"I know dad, but I love him...", I said.

"How do you love him? How long have you been dating for?", he asked me, annoyingly.

"Just since yesterday, I've always loved him and he loves me too", I told him, my face fiery red from embarrassment.

"Im gonna need to have a talk with this boy!", he said.

 "Dad, don't!", I said.  I just wanted to crawl into Jakes arms and hide right now!

"Have you kissed him yet?", he asked me. 

"DAD!", I yelled.

My  came to my rescue.

"Liam, honey you're making her embarrassed! We already talked about this!", she told him.

"I don't want anybody touching my daughter though", he said.

"Babe, your daughter is growing up, and shes in love.  It's not like shes having sex like you were at her age", she said.

"Uggghhh mom!", I said quickly sneaking upstairs.

~Jakes pov~ 

"Hey dad, Riley's my girlfriend now!", I said.

"Im proud of you, and told you it would work!", my dad said giving me a manly hug.

"Yah....I kissed her too...", I said quietly.

"Jake! That's a little too fast!", he told me.

"I know I know, but It was unexpected...", I told him feeling quite embarrassed.

By then, my mom entered the room.

"Leo, you better be up in bed by the time I get there!", she said.

"Um, Jake has a little girlfriend again!", my daddy said.

"Dad, seriously!". I said.

"Who is it, Jacob?", she asked me.

"Um..Riley", I said.

"I've always liked her, she's a good girl treat her right!", my mom told me.  I felt myself relax a little bit more.

"Yes mum I will!", I responded.

"Can I take this call now..?", I responded taking it out of my pocket seeing it was Riley.

"Go ahead", my parents both said.


"Hey Ri", I responded.

"Jakey!", she said.

"Diid you tell your parents?", I asked her,

"Yea", she responded sounding a little nervous.

"How did it go?". I asked.

"um..well my mom was fine but my dads having a bit of a hard time with this", her sweet voice explained on the other line.

"I can understand", I told her.

"Well yah he always goes on and on about how he doesn't want to see any more boys break my heart, and he doesn't like it when boys touch me and shit", she told me.

"Babe, I'm never gonna do anything to hurt you, he's just being overprotective because he loves you",  





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