It All Makes Sence to Me: These Litttle Things

The third and final book in the "Bear this in Mind' series, following "Meant to Be" contines on, skipping about 8 years ahead from "MTB".

In the story, Liam and Claire Payne have a big family of their own, and are doing a pretty goof job of figuring out what it's all about. However, not everything is easier with a family, over half of marriages end in divorce, and families can easily be torn apart and destroyed. Will they be able to beat the statistics with all of the crazy things that will be happpening in the future?

I hope you enjoy this book, and feel free to comment ANY suggestions you might have! Xxxx


12. Alone time at last (The letter)


I just got home from a big meeting about my fashion line, and was really stressed.  Liam  greeted me at the door with a kiss, like always.

"We're finally alone for more than a minute", he said winking at me.

"I know, isn't it nice!",  I responded as he took my hand, leading me upstairs.  He started to kiss me over and over again, and I let his hands do whatever they pleased.

We closed the bedroom door forcefully behind us as he up kissed me neck, working on the buttons on my blouse, one at a time until  there weren't any left.

i ripped his shirt off, as he laid himself on top of me.

Then, he reached for my pants zipper, and I struggled to find his, seeing his growing erection.

"You want me, don't you?", I said.

"Fuck yeah, come here baby!", he said unhooking my bra and yanking off my underwear until I was completely naked, and so was he.

We made love over and over for about 2 hours.  We were both completely out of breath.

"Damn, I missed this!". He told me kissing my lips, and smoothing the hair out of my face.

"Me too Liam, and oh shit!!!!", I said.

"What?". He responded.

"Liam, the kids are going to be here in less than,,,5 minutes". I told him.

"Shit!" He said and we both jumped out of bed, throwing on some more comfortable clothes then we had on before, heading downstairs and waiting for the kids to arrive home from school.


~Riley's point of view~

I was in a really bad mood today after I got in to a huge argument with this bitch, Hillary.  I know it shouldn't bother me, but she called me a bitch, a whore, a fat ass, a slut, ugly, and many other things and they were really getting to me.  I'm really self conscious, and those things were really sticking with me all day.

"Riley, hey what's wrong?!", Jake said hugging me from behind.

"Nothing..I'm fine", I told him.

"Domt pull that shit with me baby, you know it doesn't work!", he responded.  I loved when he called me 'baby', but it didn't change my mood right now.

"Ok, fine.  I got into a huge fight with Hillary today..", he started.

"I swear my exes are bitches!", he yelled.

"Don't look at me, your the one who dated them!", I said.

"Every relationship I've been in was a mistake except for ours", Jake added in.

"Ok sorry, now tell me what happened!"

"Well, it was fucking stupid, but basically she told me to stay away from you, and I said she needs to get over it because that was never gonna happen, then she called me a boyfriend stealing whore, and I said at least I'm not a slut like some people, and she said why would Jake want you? You're a fat ass, ugly and a fucking bitch! I told her to go die...", I said almost in tears.

He hugged me tight, and I started to cry.

"Shhh, it's okay!", he assured me hugging me even closer to him, and kissing the top of my head.

"The worst part is most of the things she said about me were true...", I responded still in tears.

This conversation kept playing over and over again in my head that night, I couldn't sleep.

I should've told her everything I've ever wanted to tell her, it kills me inside that she doesn't feel beautiful when she looks in the mirror.  I decide to write her a letter, so I get a pen out of my desk drawer. Grab a notebook and begin writing.

it took me several attempts, but I think I finally got it:


It's Jake, me your boyfriend and I'm writing to you because, first of all I don't know when it happened, but the second I saw you this summer, I fell in love with you.  It's silly to think that it took me 14 years to figure out you're the one for me, but I'm glad I did.

i love everything about you, your laugh, all of your crazy faces, your hair, your eyes, but mostly your personality, how you are sweet, kind, flirty, romantic, smart, yes blonde, and the fact that you are extremely gorgeous, the prettiest girl.  I know you won't believe me when I tell you this, but you should, because you are....I LOVE YOU RILEY DEVONNE PAYNE <3.  Also, trust me I know you're not perfect, more than anyone else does.  I know  that you aren't tall, you can't walk in heels that well, you are scared during big storms, you get really emotional sometimes, and you aren't a size zero.  However, these things only make you more perfect in my eyes, I like to have a girl I can protect, and I don't like stick skinny girls, I like girls who have some curves, you know that! So trust me, look in the mirror this time and see how beautiful you really are, for me, 

ok, so I know we've only been dating for about a month now, but it seems like just yesterday we were kissing looking up at the stars, and forever is a long time but I wouldn't mind spending it by your side.

Love, Jakey


Sounds good, right? I thought so, and I assume she did too, because she kissed me then saying "This is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me, I love you!".  


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