Still Into You (Larry One Shot)

Louis and Harry were a couple in their last two years of high school, but ended it when they had to go off to college. They meet again when they’re older, and realize they still have feelings for each other.


1. Still Into You

Louis and Harry were voted as the cutest couple in their senior year of high school. They always went on dates together, held hands in the hallways, basically they were like one of those cliche couples that you see in movies. Except they were different. No, not because they were both guys. Nobody knew what made them so different, you could just see how much they loved each other by the way they got so much happier when they approached one another. Their faces lit up, and they got the biggest smiles on their face.

They went to university hours away from each other, and they tried so hard to make it work, but they just couldn’t. They both missed the other dearly, they were torn; but eventually moved on. They would pass by each other in stores sometimes, but wouldn’t say how have you been? or even hello.

Although, one day, about 10 years after they graduated, there was a high school reunion. They had their group of friends from high school, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis, and they talked to nobody else during their high school years, so they all hung out together that day.

Louis had stayed close friends with Niall and Liam, whereas Harry had stayed close friends with Zayn. Harry and Zayn approached Louis, Niall and Liam, and they greeted the rest of the boys.

Everyone else looked older, Louis thought. And it made Harry look hotter than he was before. Louis got butterflies in his stomach, when he and Harry made eye contact. Harry smiled slightly at him, that adorable smile he always made at Louis when he was happy to be with one. His teeth were showing a little bit, and his dimples were poking out. Louis returned the smile, not sure of why Harry smiled at him like that.

The day went on, yet Harry and Louis still didn’t have a direct conversation. About halfway through the day, Harry asked how Louis’ been.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve been fine. I’m seeing someone right now, but things aren’t very serious. I don’t like him much.” Louis told him. Louis didn’t like him much anymore- he realized he still liked Harry.

When Louis said that, Harry’s facial expression changed. It was something weird that nobody could usually tell what it meant, but Louis knew him so well, that he knew it meant that he was glad Louis didn’t like the guy he was seeing, but still didn’t like the fact that he was seeing someone that wasn’t Harry. To get rid of the tension, Louis asked how he was in return. Harry responded saying that he was fine, and the awkward tension stayed between them all day. At the end of the day, Liam and Niall brought Zayn back to their flat, and Harry offered Louis to go to him and Zayn’s flat.

Harry and Louis made small conversation in the car, and Harry turned the radio on. Soon after, they arrived at the flat, and Harry invited him in. Louis was standing there awkwardly, and Harry told him to sit on the couch. Harry left for a minute to get them drinks, and Louis heard his phone buzz.

Louis looked at the text, from Zayn, saying ‘Do whatever you want, but don’t get cum stains anywhere that’s not your bed! ;)’ Louis quickly put Harry’s phone down, and Harry came in, saw the text and blushed.

“You didn’t see this, did you?” he asked embarrassedly.

“No,” Louis lied, smiling to reassure him that he didn’t.

“Alright. I got you pepsi, is that okay?” Harry asked, and Louis agreed. Harry wanted to watch a movie, and Louis didn’t know what to say other than to agree to watch the movie, so they did. They decided on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, although they’d both already seen it, they saw it together, around the time they started dating.

“Do you remember that day we saw this? When we went with Niall and his date?” Harry asked him.

“Yeah, I do,” Louis said, and looked down, reminiscing on their high school years. All the fun they had. How much he suddenly realized he missed Harry. He smiled at the thought that they were watching the same movie as they did on one of their first dates, except they were alone this time. He looked up at Harry, who was looking at him and smiling. They both turned their heads to watch the movie, still smiling.

Some time passed, and Louis remembered he had a date that night. He pulled out his phone, and texted him, ‘Sorry I can’t go out tonight, something important came up’ and after that, he leaned into Harry’s side. Harry wrapped his arm around Louis’ shoulder, and kissed his temple. Louis blushed slightly and smiled, but didn’t look up, he kept watching the movie, but his mind was on Harry. 

They kept watching the movie, with Louis commenting on about half the things that happened in it. When Louis shut up for a while, Harry muttered something out. “I’vemissedyousincewebrokeup.”

“What’d ya say?” Louis asked him.

Harry’s face flushed and he said, “I- um, I’ve missed you ever since we broke up.”

Louis smiled and kissed Harry softly on the lips.

“I guess you missed me too?” Harry asked him.

“Of course. I mean, I got over you, but now hanging out with you again, I’m realizing I still miss you.”

Harry pulled him closer and kissed him. Louis kissed him back, and ran his fingers through his hair. Harry pushed him down on the couch, pinning him down. They kissed like this for a bit, and Harry pulled away and brought Louis to his bedroom.

Harry pushed Louis down on the bed, and started kissing him again. Louis pulled away, and breathed out, “I want you, Harry.”

Louis’ eyes were full of lust, and Harry unzipped Louis’ pants. Louis’ dick was risen, and Harry pulled down his boxers and jeans at once. Harry started to move his hand up and down Louis’ cock slowly, and Louis telling him to go faster, which he did. Harry took the tip of Louis’ dick in his mouth, teasing him.

“Harry, please,” Louis moaned, tangling his fingers in Harry’s hair. Harry took it in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. Louis let out a moan occasionally. Louis’ cum slid down Harry’s throat, and Harry came up and kissed Louis. Louis pulled down Harry’s jeans and palmed him through his boxers. Harry moaned slightly, and pulled off his shirt. Louis checked him out, and traced the lines that defined his muscles. Louis pulled his shirt off, and Harry pulled his boxers off. Harry grabbed lube, and applied it.

Harry slowly filled Louis with himself, slowly. He gradually got faster and faster, causing Louis to moan louder and louder each time. Harry had his hands on Louis’ hips, and Louis was gripping the sheets with tightly clenched fists.

“Harry, y-you feel great,” Louis panted out, when they heard someone knock on the door.

“Shit,” Harry muttered, removing himself from Louis, out of breath. “Hold on a minute!” he shouted, and slid on his boxers. Louis did the same, and Harry looked in the mirror and tried to fix his hair.

He opened the door, to see a terrified Zayn standing there. “Oh, my God Zayn, I-I’m so sorry,” Harry stuttered out to him.

“No big deal, I’d just rather you had let me know before I came home to this.” Zayn replied.

“Alright, cool,” Harry said, and Zayn left the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Well, that kinda killed the mood,” Louis said, and Harry climbed in bed beside him.

“Yeah, it did,” Harry said, “but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a sleepover.”


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