House On Haunted Hill

Zayn, Destiny, Niall, Bree, Harry, Tori, Liam, Kaylee, Louis and Melanie decide to spend Halloween night at a haunted house on "Haunted Hill". Love stands between death, and death stands between love. Will they make out alive, or will they perish forever. Bloody-Mary,Clowns,Dolls. Who will be the first victim?!?


4. The First Victom



Tori's P.O.V


What did she mean by Bloody-Mary?? 

She just went to the washroom, what could have happened in 2 mins? 

All of a sudden the lights went out. I ran to Harry, so did the other girls to there boyfriends. Bree couldn't stop screaming,i really wanted to smack her in the face and tell her to shut up cuz she was just adding to the tension, but if I wasn't so much in shock I probably would be screaming to!

" AAAHHHHHHHHHH...." I heard another shrieking nose but it wasn't from any of us. Then something unexpected came out from up on the stair case. A girl yelling at the top of her lungs came running down the stairs.

She was coming straight at me!!


Harry P.O.V


A figure came running down the stairs heading straight for Tori!!

I jumped in front of her to protect her, but it didn't work.

She pushed me to the side, and grabbed something behind her. It looked like a knife.

She shot it right trough her heart.....



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