House On Haunted Hill

Zayn, Destiny, Niall, Bree, Harry, Tori, Liam, Kaylee, Louis and Melanie decide to spend Halloween night at a haunted house on "Haunted Hill". Love stands between death, and death stands between love. Will they make out alive, or will they perish forever. Bloody-Mary,Clowns,Dolls. Who will be the first victim?!?


3. The First Encounter


........Halloween Night........

Destiny's POV

Today was so much fun! We went to a huge party at the boys house. 

We even played 7 minutes in heaven, now were on our way to Haunted Hill. I'm a bit scared since I'm a big wimp!! Zayn said it wouldn't be scary, cuz i'd have him to protect me. Either way i'm sure we'll have fun! 


Bree's  POV


We finally got there, and the house looked way scarier at night then it did in the day. There was cob webs everywhere the windows in the house were tinted and shattered, and I could have sworn i say someone looking through the window on the top floor, but i just shook it off and started to unload my bags from the car.

When we got inside it looked like any other ordinary home there was a kitchen 2 bathrooms 4 bedrooms a living room etc. we were all sleeping in the living room so I started to lay down my sleeping bag and pillow when Niall butted in

"Let me help you babe"

" Thank You " " So are you scared yet" Niall asked " A bit" I said, but to be honest i was a lot scared. People have always said that this house was haunted on Halloween night and that a long long time ago a group friends who were stupid enough to come in here and the next day no one ever saw them again! I just don't want to be that stupid group.


" I'm gonna go to change in to my pajamas"  " K i'll finish up here"

"K" I headed up stairs to the bathroom. Just before I started to change everything went dark. I didn't pass out. Then a flash of light went across the room and hit the mirror, a figure appeared. I thought the girls were just playing a prank on me " Quit it guys, I know your out there."  No one answered " Guys"  I said way slower this time knowing i wasn't gonna hear an answer. I looked back at the mirror. " Bloody Mary" was all i could get out. Then the lady started to sing very slowly " I'm gonna get ya, Not another peep" I tilted my head to the side slightly and heard a Shrieking nose " AHHHHHH......" she screamed " AHHHH" I opened the door and booked it down stairs still screaming. " Bree what happened!" Liam asked , again all I could get out was " B-BLOODY MARY! 

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