House On Haunted Hill

Zayn, Destiny, Niall, Bree, Harry, Tori, Liam, Kaylee, Louis and Melanie decide to spend Halloween night at a haunted house on "Haunted Hill". Love stands between death, and death stands between love. Will they make out alive, or will they perish forever. Bloody-Mary,Clowns,Dolls. Who will be the first victim?!?


5. See Ya Later


Zayn P.O.V

us were crying

" OH MY GOD " Destiny and the rest of us started to tun to were Tori was but the girl

grabbed her knife and started swinging it around like it was a toy!


Before we knew it she had cut Tori in the face.

" Tori " Harry yelled.  The figure went back to were it came from.

" HELP ME PLEASEE!!" Tori pleaded      "You'll be fine, your alright " melanie said crying her heart out, actually all of us

were crying a lot....... but NO ONE compared to the state harry was in.


" Harry " Tori whispered. You could tell she was running out of air

" Tori, I-I'm so s-sorr y, i should h-have gotten back up t-to help y-you, I'm your b-boyfriend I-I

"Harry" "yes"

" I'm fine" " NO YOUR NOT!" Your dying, and its all my fault! " H-Harry.... I love you.


She sounded like she was in so much fine!

" I love you to"  " good bye Harry " 

" I don't like good byes, it makes it sound like you'll never see that person again."  Harry had stopped crying a bit,

but I could tell that on the inside I could tell he was shattered.


" Then see ya later"  "see ya later"

They sounded so sweet! Harry never let go of her hand until she started closing her eyes ...

" Tori "   " Harr-"      she was starting to choke on her blood

' TORI DON'T LEAVE " Harry screamed

"DON'T GO TORI!!" kaylee pleaded


" see ya later"  were her last words....


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