House On Haunted Hill

Zayn, Destiny, Niall, Bree, Harry, Tori, Liam, Kaylee, Louis and Melanie decide to spend Halloween night at a haunted house on "Haunted Hill". Love stands between death, and death stands between love. Will they make out alive, or will they perish forever. Bloody-Mary,Clowns,Dolls. Who will be the first victim?!?


2. How To Spend The Night


Bree's POV


Me and Niall were going out to our favorite cafe. Also known as Starbucks ;). We were sitting down talking about Halloween and what we were going as. I was going as Katy Perry

Niall was going as Superman

Harry was going as Spiderman, Tori was going as a retro Tooth fairy

Liam was going as Batman of course! Kaylee was going as a girl Mad Hatter 

Louis was going as the Joker and Melanie was going as a crazed fan of One Direction


we were gonna have a blast. I was lost in my own thoughts when Niall interrupted me

" Are you listening "

"Yeah of course" " What did I just say" I looked down trying to think if I heard anything he was saying but nothing came to me.

" Sorry, i was thinking about Halloween" I said with an apologetic look   "Its fine, I was just asking if you thought it was a good idea to spend the night on Haunted Hill tomorrow"

My mood swung from happy to excited in a spilt second. Spending Halloween in a haunted house, how fun would that be.

" Sure, sounds like fun... i'll txt the girls you txt the boys"  "already on it"



  2 Hours Later at 3:00 PM

I started to pack up my things for the night.

" Lets see" I whispered to my self " sleeping bag, Pillow, Phone charger, Camera, change of clothes, a flash light just in case and my traveling make-up bag. All check."    This night is gonna be so much fun. Little did I know what lied ahead.  


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