We Meet Again

When Jamie's and Justin's friendship ends they don't speak for two years. When they meet again will they continue being friends or become more than that?


7. The Answer Is..

Jamie's POV

I woke up with a sleepy Justin next to me with his arms wrapped around my waist. I tried to get out but he gripped on me stronger then relaxed. I removed his arm and went to the restroom. I brushed my hair and did my business. When I got out Justin was sitting on the bed looking right at me.

"Where'd you go?" He asked rubbing his eyes.

"I went to the restroom." There was a knock on the door and Pattie walked in.

"Dinner is ready guys." She smiled and walked out the door. I looked over to Justin who was putting on a shirt. I walked out and went downstairs. They were getting their plates and their cups so I went over to help them out. Justin came down a few minutes later. We were passing around the bowls of food to serve ourselves.

"So Jamie it's been a while since I last saw you." Diane spoke up placing food in her mouth. "How did you see Justin?"

"Well my best friend is a huge fan of Justin and she got floor tickets for a cheap price because someone in my school were selling them, then she kept begging me to go with her so I gave in and we went. The day of Justin's concert she woke me up super early so we could one of the first ones in line, then the concert was about to start so they started letting us in. We were  jamming out throughout the whole concert then Justin started singing Beauty and a Beat, we heard him stop and when I looked up I saw him staring at me. Then the song was almost over and Kenny comes up to me and tells me that Justin wanted me to be the one less lonely girl and my friend told me to go so I did, then after that we started talking." I looked over to Justin who was blushing like crazy.

"Awe, how adorable." Diane said smiling at Justin. Brunce looked at me and winked. I let out a chuckle and we started finishing our dinner. After we all finished we all went into the living room and put in a movie. I sat in front of Justin's leg while he sat on the sofa. He kept playing with my hair. We put in a scary movie making me close my eyes like every second.

"It's just a movie." I heard Justin whisper in my ear sending chills all over my body. I nodded and looked up at the tv again. It was getting pretty late and Justin noticed I was falling asleep came I kept moving back then foward. I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier and soon enough i fell asleep.


I woke up on Justin's bed alone. I looked around and didn't find him so I went downstairs and saw him cooking.

"Hey." I said getting glass and pouring myself orange juice. I went over to the table and sat down and stared at his ass.

"Justin you have a big ass for a guy."

"Checking my ass out or what?" He winked then laughed.

"You can't miss it when it's the size of Jupiter." We both started laughing. I noticed Pattie, Diane or Bruce where nowhere to be seen.

"Where is everyone?" I asked. Justin got out two plates and served us food then took a seat across from me.

"They went shopping for groceries." I picked up my head as saying 'oh'. I felt Justin staring at me so I looked up and he was staring right at my eyes.

"What?" I asked looking away as I felt my cheeks get red.

"You're so cute when you blush." Justin said poking my cheek.I laughed and up.

"Gee, thanks." I rolled my eyes. I went to the living room and felt Justin following behind.

"I gotta ask you something." He said. I turned around and faced him.

"Sure, anything." I smiled. He took both my hands and stared into my eyes making me a little nervous about the question.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Those seven words kept repeating in my head. I thought about it and my answer is...


Sorry for the short chapter! I'll update tomorrow!

What do you think her response is?

Sorry for the cliff hanger I just want you guys to have you guessing :b

Bye! <3

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