We Meet Again

When Jamie's and Justin's friendship ends they don't speak for two years. When they meet again will they continue being friends or become more than that?


4. Hotel

I fell asleep because we never got to the place Justin was taking me and I was really tired from school. When I woke up I panicked a little since I didn't see Justin next to me. I looked around and saw we were at a gas station. Justin was putting in the gas and talking on the phone at the same time. A minute later he sat on the driver's side and noticed I was awake. "Hey." He leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Where are we going that we've been on the road for three hours?" I said looking at the time. I get out at school at 4 and it was already 7. "I told you I'm taking you somewhere special." He smiled at me. "Tell meeeee." I begged him. "No can do baby girl." He looked back to see if any cars were behind him so he can reverse. I turned around also helping him out and noticed suit cases were in the back of the car. "Why are our bags in the back seat?" Now I'm curious where he's taking me. "Let's just say we're not coming back for a week." He took a right turn and took the road over the expressway. Wait, what did he just say? "A week!?" What the hell. "Justin I have to go to school! I can't miss the whole week." I sounded like some geek who loves going to school and wants to go back. "Don't worry I already talked to your principal about that." He said. "Wow Bieber." I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. "What?" He chuckled. "You're unbelievable." I opened the window to throw my gum out that I fell asleep with. Gross. "How'd you even get me to take a break for a week?" I asked. "I'm Justin Bieber I can do anything." He said in a cocky voice. "Wow, cocky much?" I teased. "Hush." He punched my arm playfully. I laughed. We were on the road for another 3 hours when we stopped at a hotel. "Justin what are we doing here?" I asked. "It's getting pretty late and I'm tired of driving so I thought we could stay at a hotel and leave early in the morning." He smiled. "Umm, okay?" I unbuckled my seat belt and we both got out the car. We entered the hotel and it was really elegant in the inside. "Stay." Justin told me as he went to go get a room. "Woof." I replied as he was treating me like a dog and I guess he heard me since I heard him laugh. I took a seat and started looking at the magazines that were placed in the coffee table in front of me. I was about to read the cover when Justin called me over. "Let's go get our bags." He told me taking my hand in his. Outside was getting cold. I could even see my breath and all I was wearing was a tank top and my jeans from school. "God you're freezing." Justin placed his jacket over my shoulders and pulled me into a tight hug to keep me warm. "I still can't believe I got to see you again." He whispered in my ear. "Well believe it, I'm here with you now,don't ruin it." I felt his arms wrap tighter and then he let go and opened the back door to get our luggage out. He passed me my stuff and we got inside. "So what room did you get?" I asked struggling to get my suitcase up the stairs. What the heck is in here? It feels like I'm staying somewhere for months. Justin saw me struggling and he helped me with it. "Presidental suite." He picked my suitcase like nothing and had no trouble getting up the stairs. "Woah... anyways.. why are we taking the stairs there's elevators you know that right?" I was getting really sweaty and gross. "Yeah I know I just wanted us to get a workout." He laughed at me. "Asshole, I'm tired already." I pouted my face. Justin couldn't stop laughing at me, I was breathing like a dog. "We would've already got there if we took the damn elevator!" I noticed I raised my voice and told myself to calm down. I got my bags and went to go look for one. "Where you gooooing?" asked Justin holding in his laugh. "Looking for an elevator." I said walking away. "Suit yourself." I had to go back down to get to the elevator. I was so exhausted and sat down while I felt the elevator go up. Finally I reached the floor and went looking for the room. I tried to hear inside if Justin had gotten there already but heard nothing. "Loser." I rolled my eyes. "What was that?" Justin came up behind me. "Shit you scared me." My heart was beating so fast. "That's what happens when you call me a loser." He winked. "Yeah yeah whatever, open the door I'm tired." He put the room card in the slot and opened the door. It was pitch black in there and I bumped into something. "Ouch!" I said rubbing my arm. "Don't hurt yourself." He told me. "No promises." I found the switch light and saw everything around me. There was a little living room with a flat screen TV with a little kitchen and one bedroom. I went over to the fridge and it was filled with snacks and drinks. This is amazing. I took out a bottle of water and chuged the half thing. "So umm... We're sleeping in the same bed?" I took little sips. "Yeah if you don't mind." He scratched the back of his neck and look down at the feet. "Of course not." He looked up at me confused and it looked like he relaxed a little bit. I smiled a bit "Alright then." He took out some clothes and went to shower. I went in the room and looked in my suitcase what he brought me. Great, he did bring everything. I heard humming from the bathroom so I went over and listened to him sing So Sick by Neyo. I still remember when he posted that song on YouTube. I went over to bed and decided to shower in the morning since I was too tired to do anthing. Justin came out 10 minutes later and laid beside me. He came over to my side and he wrapped his arm around me. I tensed up but relaxed right after. I turned around to face him and surely enough he was asleep already. "Goodnight Justin." I kissed his cheek and turned back to my old position. I was falling asleep when I heard him mumble something. "Goodnight Princess." A/N Sorry I haven't updated! I've been sooo busy with school I haven't had the chance to post anything. It's almost summer so I'll be posting chapters everyday, k? :*
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