We Meet Again

When Jamie's and Justin's friendship ends they don't speak for two years. When they meet again will they continue being friends or become more than that?


8. Going Back

Jamie's POV

"Yes." I said.

"Yes what?" Justin couldn't stop smiling.

"Yes, I'll be your girlfriend." He pumped his fists in the air and started to spin me around. He set me down and kissed my lips very gentle. Pattie, Diane, and Bruce walked in the room and saw what happened and they were giving us the what-just-happened look.

"I asked her out and she said yes!" Justin said kissing me again. They came over and hugged both of us. Brunce took Justin aside while Diane took me aside.

"If Justin ever breaks your heart tell me, you're like my grand daughter and I don't want Justin hurting you, got that?" She chuckled. I nodded and gave her a hug.


Justin's POV

My grandma pulled Jamie away and my grandpa pulled me away.

"Listen Justin, you've liked this girl your whole life. Don't screw things up and make her regret dating you. I know you had feelings for her when you and Selena were dating cause you always talked about her. She's like your grandma's and my granddaughter. So you hurt her and you're going regret it Justin, got it?" I nodded and pulled him a hug. I went over to Jamie who was still talking to my grandma. I grabbed her by the waist and taking her by surprise. I kissed her cheek and my grandpa and grandma both smiled at us.


Jamie's POV

The week passed by really fast and we were on our way back since I had school tomorrow. Boo, I know. Luckily, there was only two weeks left. We were on the plane and some beliebers sat next to us. They started flirting with Justin and I'm the really jealous type, I hate it. I tried to ignore them but Justin kept making them laugh and their laughs were annoying. I put in my earphones and placed my head against the window. I felt an arm around my shoulder and my head place on their shoulder. I looked up and Justin was staring at me. He kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear.

"Go to sleep baby, I'll wake you up when we land." Then I drifted off to sleep.


I woke up and Justin wasn't next to me. I looked around and he wasn't anywhere. He's probably in the bathroom... Then I heard the beliebers laugh behind me. I peeked through the seats and Justin was in between them two. I noticed of one them kept moving their hand up and down his thigh and Justin kept moving her hand away but she still kept doing it.

"Why do you keep moving your hand away." She asked with a sweet voice kissing his lips. Oh hell no bitch, he's mine. I was about to go up to her when I saw Justin pull her away wiping his lips. That's my boy.

"I have a girlfriend who means the world to me and I'm not going to lose her because a girl kissed me." He got up and came back to our row and I pretended I was still asleep. I felt him sit by me and his hand slip with mine. I opened my eyes slightly to seem like I was just waking up.

"Hey." He came over and kissed me.

"Hi." I said kissing back. My ears were starting to hurt since my earphones were plugged in for so long. The fasten seat sign turned on. We finally landed and fans were waiting for Justin.

"Grab my hand and keep close to me and just ignore them." I nodded and locked my fingers with his. We got our bags and luckily Kenny was there to push them all back. We got in the truck and Kenny drove us to Justin's place and let me tell you it's way bigger in person. He helped me with my bags and showed me around. He took me to the backyard where a beautiful pool was.

"Oh my god." Was all that came out of my mouth. Justin laugh and carried me bridal style.

"Ready?" He winked at me.

"Ready for wha-" I felt myself thrown in the water then I decided to pull a prank on him.

"J-justin i-i c-c-can't swim!" I yelled pretending I was drowning. Justin started freaking out and got in the pool after me and pulled me up. I placed my hands on his head and pushed him in.

"Payback is a bitch, isn't it?" I started laughing. He gave me a death glare and came over to me. I started to swim away and got out but Justin grabbed my ankle and pulled me right in.

"It sure is." He kissed me. I remembered I had my phone in my pocket and started panicking.

"Justin I had my phone in here!" I screamed.

"I'll buy you another one." He smirked at me. He then pulled out his and showed me it was totally fine.

"How is it not ruined!?" I asked.

"Lifeproof case babe." He took out his hand for me to grab it. "Let's take a picture underwater." I agreed and we both went down. I felt him get close to me and placed a kiss taking a picture. We got out and he posted it on Instagram and Twitter. I went to shower and put on one of Justin's shirts. It fit me big so there was no points in using shorts. I laid down and Justin came out of the shower moments later.

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked me.

"Sure." He popped in Taken 2 and laid down next to me. I wrapped my arm around his waist and put my head against his chest listening to his heart beat. We were halfway through the movie when darkness came over and knocked out.

Next Day:

I was in school and Claire and Josh came up to me.

"We missed you!" They both yelled at the same time. I smiled and gave them both a hug.

"Where'd you go?" asked Claire leaning against a locker next to mine.

"Canada with Justin." I smiled. She started moving her eyebrows up and down and I laughed.

"So slut I heard you're Bieber's girlfriend now." Mandy came up to me crossing her arms. My day was going so good by waking up next to Justin and seeing my best friends when this bitch had to ruin it.

"Yeah he is and who's your boyfriend? Oh wait I lost count after five hundred." The crowd started laughing and she looked at me with evil eyes.

"You're going to regret this Jamie, just watch." She said annoyed.

"Oh don't worry I'll be on the look out." I answered sarcatically making her furious.

"You think you're all cool just cause you're dating some popstar? You're so pathetic." She got me and banged my head hard against my locker. I fell to the ground and my vision started going blurry as I felt blood running along my face.

"Bitch don't you ever hit my best friend again!!" Claire was about to take a punch but two girls held her back.

"You listened to her, don't you ever touch my girl or else." I heard Justin tell her. The whole crowd got silent and Mandy kissed Justin, then after that I was out.


What happened after Mandy kissed him!?

Until next chapter lovelys! :3

~stay swaggy

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