We Meet Again

When Jamie's and Justin's friendship ends they don't speak for two years. When they meet again will they continue being friends or become more than that?


3. Being Careful

I woke up from the worst dream ever. I turned to check my phone and saw it was 2 in the afternoon and i had a ton of messages. 

20 new messages. 
I opened them up and half of them were from Justin, the others were from my parents and one from Josh. 
"Finally you woke up." said Claire walking in the room. 
"Shut up." I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I took a shower and went downstairs hearing Claire and Justin talk. 
"Since when have you guys known eachother?" asked Claire. 
"Since we were pretty much born." responded Justin.
"Why did she never tell me this?" I could tell through Claire's voice she was annoyed that I hadn't told her anything and that's cause I've known her since I was a kid. She continued to ask him questions. 
"Why did you guys drift apart." I peaked out a little to see Justin's face who had a blank expression. 
"She left me cause I liked Selena." He added. 
"Be honest with me, do you still like Selena?" I wanted to cover my ears but somehow something kept telling me to listen. 
"Not anymore, I like Jamie." My heart started beating fast and I got all these kind of feelings in my stomach. Did I like him back? 
"Y'all would be the perfect couple." She gave him a warm smile and headed towards my way. I ran upstairs so she wouldn't know that I was listening. I went in my room and started 'reading' a magazine like if I was the whole time. 
"Justin's here." Claire said coming in the room. 
"Really?" I asked like I didn't already know that. 
"Yeah." She went out first as I followed behind her. Justin was sitting on the couch watching some movie that was on FX. He turned around looking at me as I came down the stairs. 
"Hey." He called out. 
"I'm gonna go shower, be down in a bit." said Claire walking upstairs. 
"What are you watching?" I asked sitting next to Justin. 
"I don't know, I turned on the TV and it was already on this channel." He laughed. He turned down the volume and turned to face me. 
"Can I asked you something?" I was looking at my messages so I just nodded in response. 
"Do you love me Jamie?" He asked. 
"What do you mean?" I asked back leaving me in surprise.
"You know what I mean." He replied. 
"Justin I just saw you yesterday at your concert after two years of not speaking to each other, you know why I left you those two years ago I don't wanna fall for you again and end up getting hurt." He looked at me with hurt eyes. 
"You're not gonna get hurt." He took my hand but I pulled it back. 
"We don't know that, what if you find another girl and you leave me again after I had fallen for you for the second time?" He took a second before he responded. 
"Jamie listen to me, I love you and I'm not going to leave you for another girl." His hazel eyes were staring into my eyes making me head over heels for him. 
"I don't know Justin I have to be careful this time." There was a silent pause and he stood up kind of angry. 
"I have to go." He said. 
"Justin please underst-" He slammed the door on the way out. By the time I went outside to stop him he sped off.
Claire came back down a few minutes later, she kept looking around. I guess she was looking for Justin. 
"Where's Justin?" My guess was correct. 
"He had to leave." I faked a smile. 
"What happened now?" She said. 
"What do you mean?" 
"I know something's up, I've known you for the longest time Jamie I know when you fake a smile." She looked at me serious. "What's wrong?" She hesitated asking again. 
"We kind of got into an argument." I bit my bottom lip. 
"Kind of?" She raised her eyebrow. 
"Fine, we got into an argument." I rolled my eyes. 
"Why?" She sat next to me and pulled me close to her. She could tell I was gonna break down any time soon. 
"I love him Claire but I have to pretend I don't, I need to hide my feelings before I get hurt again." The tears slowly went down my cheeks and found their way to the floor. 
"I'm so sorry." She gave me a tight hug and rubbed my back gently. 


On Monday at school a ton of people came up to me asking how was it being the OLLG. I answered the same thing to all of them. 
"It was fun and exciting." I didn't feel like explaining so I just gave them that. I went to my locker with Josh and Claire trailing behind. 
"Someone got popular." said Josh giving me my books to put them in. 
"I don't feel popular." I shrugged. I didn't like how people were trying to become my friend all of a sudden to use me to meet Justin. 
"Hey slut." I turned around finding the bitchest girl in school right in front of my eyes, Mandy. Her other two Barbie friends, Destiny and Abigail,  were behind her standing there giving us death glares. 
"What do you want, bitch?" Claire took a step getting closer to her. 
"I wasn't talking to you I was talking to the other slut." She pointed at me and the whole school gathered around us. 
"So I heard you were the one less lonely girl at Justin Bieber's concert on Saturday." She gave me a smirk and crossed her arms taking little steps towards me making noises with her heels.
"Yeah, so?" I gave her attitude which made her furious. It's one of her let peeves when people give her attitude. 
"Oh nothing he probably just felt sorry for you cause you're so fucking ugly and he chose you." She laughed along with the kids around us. 
"He didn't 'choose' me he wanted me." Everyone in the crowd made "ooh" and "ahh" noises. Damn Jamie when did you get so good at this? I turned to Claire who was laughing besides me. When I turned to face Natalie her hand connected with my cheek leaving a red mark and me in pain. Claire started to push her and the whole thing went into chaos. Me and Josh pulled her back to stop. Natalie and her other divas left with frightened looks on their faces. 

After school I went outside finding Justin with his black sunglasses, a white plain t-shirt, jeans, and supras on leaning against his white ferrari. Girls kept trying to get to him but the security was pushing them back. He saw me walking towards him and he smiled at me licking his lips. Everyone's eyes were on me and they got quiet. Paps were everywhere taking pictures making me get a headache from their little clicks and flashes. 
"Don't hate me but I told Justin what Mandy did to you and that's why he came." said Claire. My eyes popped open at what she just said. 
"You did what?!" I questioned her. 
We had approached Justin before Claire said anything back to me. 
"Hey baby." Justin grabbed my waist  and pulled me closer to him giving me a passionate kiss on the lips. He took my hand opened the door for me and helped me in. I looked around at everyone who had their jaws dropped even Mandy and her bitch ass best friends. 
Justin got in the car and turned to me. 
"I'm taking you someplace special." He kissed my cheek and drove off.  

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