Forever And Always Yours

Dominican Caucasian Cyrus Mitchell and African American Amelia Ellington have been best friends since the day he moved onto her street when they were kids. With the years progressing Amelia's feeling slowly but surely changed from friendship to love. The only thing is Cyrus doesn't know. And since the discovery of his new found talent of singing he's been on the fast track of being the next teen sensation, seeming as his father is a talent agent to an internationally known record label. Will Amelia finally confess her feeling before it's too late or will she just be a forgotten memory?


1. I Hate Mornings So.

First off I'd like to thank you guys for spending your time, reading this probably suckish book. Enjoy I guess...Any comments would be appreciated.




"Lia, come on it's 7:45!" My best friend, Cyrus, yelled from downstairs. " We're gonna be late..Once again!" I bet when I go down the stairs he'll be there at the bottom with a blank look on his face and probably a hand on his hip.


This has been a routine. Me taking forever and a day to get ready and him having a nipple fit about it. He's the type of person where you have to be ready when you say you are and I'm the type that hates to be woken up early.


" I swear if this child keeps on telling me this, I'm gonna take my foot and shove it down his throat." I muttered angrily, grabbing my messenger bag off my unmade bed.


"Anytime now....."He yelled sarcastically.


One day I will kick him in the shin.


So I made my way down the stairs and as I said he was standing at the bottom with his usual outfit. A blue flannel shirt with a Sleeping With Sirens shirt underneath, black skinny jeans, beat up Converse and his loved Fedora. He accompained that with blank look plastered on his face.


" Took yah long enough." He teased but gave me a slight glare.


I took the liberty of flipping him the bird.


"Classy Amelia.Classy." Cyrus said flicking my forehead.


"Oww prick!" I hissed rubbing the spot where he had hit me, while narrowing my eyes at him.


Cyrus and I had been friends since the day he moved into the house next door. The day they moved in, my mom had invited he and his mom over for dinner (it's a welcoming thing). At first I thought he was just some white boy with nice hair and pretty eyes, when I was 8 I was pretty blunt about things. After we finished dinner our moms started talking, so we went outside and sat on the steps and talked until he left.


From then on, we became best friends.


"Come on." He murmured running a hand through his hair, while looking at his Iphone. "Let's go Lee."


"Alright Mr.Bossman" I rolled my eyes, walking towards the front door.


" Aren't you gonna get a snack or somethin'?" He asked, gesturing towards the kitchen table with a raised eyebrow.


"Oh!" I snorted, slapping my hand to my cheek." I almost forgot!"


When I didn't eat anything in the morning,I would be a bitchy cranky mess. Anyone who came in contact with me would feel the wrath of Ms.Bitchola (Cy made it up...It's so creative isn't it.). I would complain so much that every one of my friends would say " Shut up" at one point or another.


" I know..." Cyrus stated with a small smirk playing on his lips." I just reminded you."


"Hush up, I didn't ask for your input." I said while walking over the kitchen table and getting an apple.


"After you milady" Cyrus smiled opening the front door with a bow.


"Why thank you good sir." I laughed, curtsying .


Going outside it was a usual day in the hidden suburb of Lancaster Fields, sunny yet a pinch of chill. Even though it was in New York, the population was only 2, 900. I guess people don't want to live in a town where everyone knows each others business and spreads it around like swine flu.


Getting into Cy's car, I couldn't help but take a deep breath. He had my dream car, the car that has been in all my fantasies. A black 1967 Chevy Impala. The same car Sam and Dean drove through out the whole seasons of Supernatural. That car is mind blowingly SEXY!


Cyrus's dad got it for him on his 16th birthday. I know, nothing sounds wrong with that, but his dad is gone most of the time because of his job. At the party everyone thought it was such a kind and loving gesture, everyone except me and Cyrus.


"Doing your morning rituals I see " He taunted, bringing the car to life.


"Yup." I smiled switching the radio station until I heard something I liked.


" This is my song!" I shrieked when I heard "I Found You" by:The Wanted playing


I found you in my darkest hour

I found you in my darkest hour

I found you in the pourin' rain

I found you when I was on my knees

And your light brought me back again


Found you in a river of pure emotion

I found you my only truth

I found you and the music playing

I was lost, till I found you, you, you

I found you, you, you


Stopping to catch my breath, was when I heard someone singing too.




My mouth just hung open and my eyes were wide like saucers. He could sing........Well!! He hit all the notes with no problem in the world. He even had a small smirk on his face.


"You can sing!" I gawped turning in the car seat to point a finger at him." You. Can.Sing!"


I know just because he's my friend doesn't mean he has to tell me EVERYTHING, but if he can sing I need to know!


Y'know for birthday stuff.


"Yeah, I know." He said nonchalantly, parking on the side of the street near the school.


"And you didn't tell me!" I accused slapping his arm, making him cry out like a little girl.


"It wasn't any of your business."


"Ookay." I stated raising my hands in defeat. " Oookay."



"Lia don't be like that." He sighed running a hand through his already disheveled dark brown hair.



"No, no it's fine." I reassured him, opening the car door and walking out after I grabbed my messenger bag.



 Slamming the car door, I began walking towards the front of the school. Zipping up my slim fitting fleece jacket , I could faintly hear Cyrus calling my name.



I know I just did the dramatic exit schtick, maybe it wasn't called for but it made the whole situation a lot more intense. I just love me some drama!



As I reached the front doors of the school, he grabbed me by the arm and turned me around so I faced him.



His cheeks a light shade of pink, his lips still pink ,plush  and oh so kissable.... I did not just think that... I did not just think that!!



Stop thinking like that Amelia! Stop it, he's your best friend and only think of him as such!



"What the hell was that?" He asked slightly breathing hard." This isn't Gossip Girl okay."



I think he'd been running after me.



" You watch Gossip Girl?" I  asked with a small smirk.



" No."He said a little too quickly. " Why would I watch that?"



" I don't know .... You tell me." I retorted staring at him intently.


Whenever I stared at him for too long, it made him crack just like any mirror within 50 feet of Joan Rivers. He always got self conscious when it came to his face.



" Fine fine!" He said covering his face." Candace had Nutella and I wanted some, she said the only way I would get some was if I watched 5 episodes with her."



That boy does love him some Nutella.



"It was so horrible." He dramatically said with a deep sigh.



" Get over it Honey Boo Boo child." I laughed loudly.



" Don't say that ugghh!" He groaned walking past me and into the school.



He hates that show with a passion! Every single time he's over my house and I watch it , he goes on and on about  how America is embracing obesity and how we're making fun of her ( We're not) and blah blah blah activism blah blah blah leave her alone and etc.


Sometimes he's such an activist.


"Come on stop being such a little baby." I teased with a smile following him.


"Lalalalalalalla." He exclaimed covering his ears and closing his eyes.


Sometimes he can be so goofy and stupid!...I guess that's one of the things I like in him. I mean as in FRIENDLY ways..


" I can't hear you!" He said loudly. " Lalalalalalalala!"


"Stop being such a little kid." I laughed,taking his arm and turning him around so he faced me." And I know you  can hear me!'


Taking his other hand of his eyes, he looked at me with, just then he bottom lip started poking out a little bit.


No...No! He knows that face is my weakness!! 


Looking into his deep Hershey brown eyes, I said with a slight smile " Im sowwie I said 'Honey Boo Boo Child."


His pout turned into a full on grin, his pearly whites clearly present.


" Thanks for the apology love." He smiled.


He just played me............He did NOT just play me!!


"See yah in lunch!' He yelled after running up the short amount of stairs behind us.


I'm definelty gonna get him back.





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