We're Famous *Completed*

*The last book in the 'You're Famous, I'm Not' series.* Amber and Emliy have just been asked to marry the loves of their lives; Harry Styles and Niall Horan. If they say yes, their lives will change. What will they say? Also, the fans. They're always there. Will the girls ever get used to the fans?


5. Sleeping Together

*Later That Night*

I just put my retainer in and am leaving Harry's room. I'm wearing a silky blue nightgown. "Night Harry."

He's sitting in bed. "Babe, you sure you don't want to sleep with me?"

I stop in the doorframe. "I'm sure. I'll sleep with you soon."

"When will that be?"

"In a week or less."

He nods, "Okay. Goodnight babe."

"Night Haz." Then I walk to my room and plop into my beds. Curling up in a small ball. After a few minutes, I drift off to sleep.

*Meanwhile-Emily's POV*

I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Sitting next to Niall on my bed. "So, I'll just go to the guest room then," Niall says.

"When should we start sleeping together?" I ask.

"Soon. In two weeks or so."

"Sounds good."

Niall stands up, "Sweet dreams princess." Then he walks away. After a few seconds I snuggle up in to my bed, quickly falling asleep.

*Hours Later-Amber's POV*

I open my eyes and they look at the clock. It reads 11:00pm. I sigh. Harry really wants me to sleep with him. Should I? Without thinking I sit up. Then swing my legs over the bed and on to the floor. After that I'm walking to Harry's room. Soon I'm in bed with him, snuggling up to his back. Then I whisper in his ear, "Haz."


"It's Amber."

He flips over towards me. "What are you doing babe?" says a very husky, tired voiced Harry.

I snuggle up into his chest. "Sleeping with you silly."

He sighs a happy sigh, and then we both fall asleep.  

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