We're Famous *Completed*

*The last book in the 'You're Famous, I'm Not' series.* Amber and Emliy have just been asked to marry the loves of their lives; Harry Styles and Niall Horan. If they say yes, their lives will change. What will they say? Also, the fans. They're always there. Will the girls ever get used to the fans?


12. Reception Part Two

Harry sits down on my left and Niall sits down on by Emily on her right. "Hi babe," Harry gives me a kiss. Then he looks at Toby sitting beside me. "Are you Toby Turner?"

"Yes. And you're Harry Styles." They shake hands. Then Toby looks at Niall. "You're Niall?"

"Yeah," Niall says, and then he shakes Toby's hand.

"Amber talks about you all the time. How long are you going to be here? Well, in London, I would guess." Harry asks.

"I will be staying in London. Good guess. And oh, a month or so."

"Really?" I say. "Maybe I could play a video game with you. And Boo and Gryphon can hang out."

"That would be cool."

"Why are you staying so long?" Emily asks.

"Well, I was here once years ago, and stayed for only a week. This time I want to get around. Go shopping. Eat at some cool restaurants."

"Sounds like a fun time. You can Tweet or e-mail me dates that we can get together," I say.

"Okay, I will whenever I get back to my hotel in London."

*A Few Hours Later*

The reception is over. Harry and I are on a plane going someplace he won't tell me. Niall and Emily are also on the plane, but both are asleep. I look up at Harry, "Hazza, can you please tell me where we are going."

"I want it to be a surprise," he looks down at me and smiles.

"Fine. How far away are we?"

"We're almost there."

"Will we have to wake up Niall and Emily?"



We sit in silence until the plane lands a good half an hour or so later. The bumps of the plane wake Emily and Niall up. Once the plane has come to a complete stop, a lady comes out and leads us to the door. All four of us walk down the steps. It's dark, but I can hear the ocean. "Are we near the ocean?" Emily asks.

"Very close," Niall answers.

"We're at the British Virgin Islands," Harry says.

"Really, that's awesome," I say through yawns.

"Let's get to the hotel. We all need a lot of rest. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day."

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