We're Famous *Completed*

*The last book in the 'You're Famous, I'm Not' series.* Amber and Emliy have just been asked to marry the loves of their lives; Harry Styles and Niall Horan. If they say yes, their lives will change. What will they say? Also, the fans. They're always there. Will the girls ever get used to the fans?


6. Interview

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

Emily and I are backstage at the boy's interview. Nothing really interesting is happening. The interviewer is answering questions that Emily and I already know the answers to.

"So guys," the interview lady starts, "do you have anything else to tell us?"

"I do," Louis says. "Eleanor's due date is sometime in mid-January."

"That's great." People start clapping. "Anyone else."

"Niall and I do," Harry says.

"What would that be?"

"Harry and I just got engaged," Niall says. A few girls scream.

"Really? Are they here?"

"Yes. We can go get them," Harry says. Niall and Harry stand up and come backstage to us. Harry grabs my hand; Niall does the same to Emily. Then they pull us out on to the stage. People start clapping.

"Hi girls."

"Hello," Emily and I say.

Harry and Niall sit down on the couch. Then Emily and I sit down on their laps. "So girls, how excited are you?"

"Extremely excited," I answer. "We were just normal girls when we meet the boys. Now we're famous, they're famous, and we're getting married. Life couldn't get any sweeter."

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