We're Famous *Completed*

*The last book in the 'You're Famous, I'm Not' series.* Amber and Emliy have just been asked to marry the loves of their lives; Harry Styles and Niall Horan. If they say yes, their lives will change. What will they say? Also, the fans. They're always there. Will the girls ever get used to the fans?


9. Emily's Wedding

*February 13*

I'm looking over my wedding dress. I picked out one that goes to my ankles. White with sparkles spread all over it. Sleeves that just cover my shoulders. I sigh, it's so beautiful.

"Hey Amber," says my best friends voice. I turn to face her. She's wearing a beautiful dress. White that goes almost to the floor. Sleeves that go to her elbows. It has a very silky shine to it.

"Hi Emily." I'm wearing my bride maid's dress. It's red and stops a little above my knees.

*Emily's POV*

"You nervous?"

"A little."

"Well, that's okay. So am I." Amber and I are having a double wedding. Me first then her. There will be a ten minute intermission so she can change into my wedding dress.

"Let's go, the wedding starts in a few minutes. You get to walk out first with Liam."

She smiles, "I know." Did I mention our wedding is on a beach?

*Amber's POV*

*Half Hour Or So Later*

I've already walked down the aisle with Liam. It was nice. Now I'm looking towards Emily and Niall. The pastor is saying is something, but I'm not paying attention. I'm thinking. My wedding is up next. I'll have to walk down the aisle. Emily was so calm when she walked down the aisle with her dad. I don't know if I'll be.

I look at the crowd for a second. My sister is holding Harry and I's new dog. It's a Shih Tzu. Her name is Boo. Like the girl from Monster's Inc. and the beginning of Boo Bear. She's adorable. White with light brown and tan spots all over.

*Emily's POV*

"I do," I say.

"You may now kiss the bride," the pastor says.

That just what Niall and I do. It's a couple seconds before we break apart. Each of us smiles at one another. Huge smiles full of love. I can't believe it. I just got married. To the boy I fell in love with so many years ago. It's so hard to comprehend.

I snap back to earth when some guy starts explaining what will happen now. Every bride maid and groom's men walk back to the beach house. We all run around to change. Well, the girls do.

*Amber's POV*

I change into my wedding dress while the bride's maids change into blue dresses that go to mid-leg. Then we go to our positions to walk out. Emily will walk out first with Louis. It's a few minutes later that my dad's arm is hooked with mine and I'm walking down the aisle to Harry. 

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