We're Famous *Completed*

*The last book in the 'You're Famous, I'm Not' series.* Amber and Emliy have just been asked to marry the loves of their lives; Harry Styles and Niall Horan. If they say yes, their lives will change. What will they say? Also, the fans. They're always there. Will the girls ever get used to the fans?


1. Back To The Big Question

*Author's POV*

When we left off, Harry and Niall took Amber and Emily to a park. The girls did not know that the boys were going to propose so soon. Plus, at a park. On a supposed date. The boys have been planning for weeks and even called their dads. After long phone calls, they finally gave them permission to propose. Now all the girls have to do is say one word: Yes.

*Harry's POV*

I'm done on one knee. A small black box in my hand with a ring in it. The ring has a blue diamond in the middle with two red diamonds on the side. I've just proposed to Amber. A smile on my face. She's looking at me; I'm looking at her. I can tell she's thinking. All I want to hear is one word: Yes.

*Niall's POV*

A smile is across my face. I just proposed to Emily. I'm on one knee holding out a small black box. Inside the box is a ring. The ring has a white diamond in the middle with two green diamonds on the side. Her eyes are looking right into mine. Is she going to say what I want to hear?

*Emily's POV*

Did Niall just propose to me? If he did, should I say want I feel I should? I do love him with all my heart, but I'm only 17. I'm looking right into his eyes. He wants me to say 'Yes'. I know he'll treat me like a princess. Like he has this whole relationship. It's a big commitment. But I think I know what to say.

*Amber (My) POV*

Harry just proposed to me. I can't believe it. He loves me and I love him. I really want to say 'Yes'. But I'm a little young for marriage. We have been together for a while now. I can't think of any other person I would want to be with. His green eyes are looking right into my soul. Should I say yes? I think I should.

I take a breath as Emily takes one. Then both of us say...

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