Give Me A Chance

Samantha is a basketball star at Franklin Middle school. (In this story, One direction is around 12 years old.) Niall is on the boys basketball team. But so is mean old Logan. He is always in Niall's way getting to Sam. What wil he do?


1. Sup

Sup. My name is Sam. I play basketball for Franklin Middle School. I am 12 years old and in 6th grade. My best bud is Taylor, who does track for the school. Um, lets see what else? Boys are to wacked up in my grade to even have a crush on one. I have a mother and a father and a dacshund named Cocoa.No brothers or sisters. Just me. Taylor only has her mom, and a little brother named Tyler (her mom wanted their names to be alike i thought it was cute but she hates it) I love the collage basketball team The Ohio State Buckeyes and so does Taylor. We always watch the games together. My mom got tickets to one of their games thats on January 11. Its next year, but i am still counting on it.

My life has always been with Taylor and basketball. They have always been there for me. Then someone decided to walk in my life. Someone i would never expected.

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