Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


33. Zayn



   "Harry you're stepping on my legs." I complained, as we all tried to get and hear the conversation that Toby and Louis were saying.

"Get your face out of my butt, you idiot." Kenzie complained, swatting someone's hands away.

"OW! Watch it."

"Stand still would you?" Liam complained, placing his hands on Niall, preventing him from moving.

"My eyes, what the was that for?" And that's how the madness still continued.

"Okay enough...Stacey and I are going to leave, so we can get closer look at them, without killing each other." I suggested.

"Hey, why does she have to go?" Jason whined, making them bust into quiet laughter.

"Because she's pregnant and she needs air, and that's her sister."

"Good Point." They all mumbled, whilst I help Stacey out the bush, to the tall tree near them. Hopefully we don't get caught.

   "Uh, what are you doing here?" Toby's Voice ranged, using her left leg to support her weight. Louis stood face-to-face with her, with alot of facial expression, that I can't even named them all.

"I came here to support you, and..."

"And what Louis?" The brown haired requires, looking into his eyes.

"So who is Jason?" Oh Lou, why should you bring this up? I look at Stacey who Look like she was about to slap Louis. I chuckle quietly, turning my head back to them. "Is he your boyfriend or what?" This is not going good...

  Toby sighed in frustration. "God Lou, why would you assume such things?" She snapped, standing up straighter.

Louis slowly looked down, before speaking. "I don't Know...Maybe because; you guys look cozy together on set and off set."

"Seriously Louis? Why would you assume that? I told you we were on a break, not 'Breaking Up', why would you think I moved on?"

"Maybe because you did." That's all it took, for Toby to land a hard slap on his cheeks, before beginning to walk away. Stacey and I quickly shuffle behind the tree. "Toby wait." Louis yelled, grabbing her hand. "I'm sorry I thought that..You know, it's just I miss you."

"And you think I don't? The only time I go out is when I have filming or any photo-shoot. Other than that I spent it eating Ice-cream and crying over you. When I said were taking a break, I didn't mean breaking up you idiot. I love you, I still love you. And for crying out loud, Jason is fucking Gay, he was there for me throughout the whole thing--" And that's when the heated make-out started, I can hear little sobs behind me, which I assume were from Stacey. I quickly wrapped my arms around her, letting her cry.

  Two minutes of them basically tonguing each other, they pulled out, whilst a smile slowly pasted on their face. "Am sorry I acted like an idiot, it's just I've missed you so much, without you I wasn't the same, and when you wasn't with me I felt like my whole world has fallen down, you were my world, the number one girl important in my life, well beside my mother; anyways I just want you to know I never stopped loving you either, and Never will I." Louis utters, brushing her cheeks with his thumbs. Cheekily little bastard.

   And here comes the snogging. Soon enough Stacey and I turn our heads to see our friends, chanting and clapping, I guess it's time to crash this party. Louis and Toby broke away; with huge smiles on their faces. "What are you guys doing here?" Toby inquires excitedly, giving all of us hugs and kisses. To think, when we first met her, we use to not like her, and now we are so happy to have her as part of our team. Before anyone of us could protest. "You guys planned this didn't you.?" When no-one spoke, she slapped Niall and Jason in the chest. "You two planned this didn't you?"

"Maybe..." They both chorused, making her burst into laughter. "Actually we had helped." Jason utters pointing his fingers at all of us all. And then we were attacked with hugs.

"Thank you so much." Louis utters, wrapping his arms around Toby from the back, before placing a kiss on her cheeks.

"No worries mate, we did it cause we wanted the old Louis and Toby back. Seriously you guys were so depressing, it wasn't funny." Their faces were flushed with embarrassment. "Aww it's okay, you're back together and that's what matters." We all cheered.


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