Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


26. Toby




    What is wrong with me? I keep ruining everything, I lost him once; he came back. I lost him again, and now here we are, I don't want to loose him again. I admitted that I love him, but I wanted to say it on his birthday, but I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Every Fucking time I stare into his crystal blue eyes, am automatically drawn in; he has this effect on me, that I can't even explain it. 

  Were at his mum's house, who by the way I haven't see for quite a while, and things are still awkward. I overheard his conversation with his little sisters; and it brought a smile to my face. You might know that sometimes when your boyfriends family doesn't like you, you feel sometimes like a piece of shit; so I was glad that they Love me, not only because I make their brother/son happy; but for me. 

  His mom and I are currently in the kitchen, as I help her get dinner ready. It reminded me of when my mother and I; when were cooking were always having fun, belting out random songs, while shuffling around the kitchen to get ingredients. Just like right now. 

  The door suddenly bust open, Lottie and Fizzy came in; making me and Johannah stop whatever we were doing. Talk about awkward. We look from each other, back to the girls; who apparently found our situation rather funny. They were laughing their butts off, and soon enough we joined them.

"That was too funny, shit I should have taken a video..." Lottie breathes, trying to catch her breathe. As soon as the word 'shit' came out of her mouth, Johannah quickly snapped her head back up. "Uh...sorry mum." She stuttered and I couldn't help but chuckle. She was too adorable. 

"Anyways...Since you won't let us go to the mall without an adult..."

"I didn't say you couldn't go without an adult, it's just when the fans notice you, I don't want you girls getting hurt..." 

"Well okay, since Toby is here can her and Lou take us....Please mum?" The two girls gave the cutest puppy dog eyes. Seriously If i was in Jo's place I would have given in a long time ago. Sadly she didn't.

"I don't know girls; they just got here and..." Jo began rambling, and the girls turned to look at me, pleading with their eyes. Ugh! I couldn't deny that and plus I wanted to hangout with these kids anyways. I've missed them to death. 

"It's okay Jo, we can take them..." I smile. "It's really no problem..." I walk up to two girls; wrapping my arms around both of them. "And plus I miss spending time with this little girls, Gosh they've grown so much..." I utter, wiping my fake tears. They laugh at me before hugging my sides. 

"We've miss you too." They cooed; hugging me tighter. We then turn our attention to Jo, giving her our puppy dog face

"Oh alright, you can all stop killing me with those cute faces...Just make sure the twins don't run anywhere, alright?" The girls nodded vigorously; before running out the kitchen, probably to tell Lou and the twins. 

"Thank you..." Jo utters as soon as they left. I smile hugging her. "You are really the perfect child, and I'm glad you make Lou happy; though I've notice right now, you guys aren't smiling, or even talking to each other...Is their anything wrong?" I knew that question was going to be asked soon. I sigh, sitting on the stool.

"It's just because he told me he loves me....And I wasn't ready to say it back, and it caused a problem, and then he apologized cause he knew why, but I'm in love with him..Seriously he makes me happy; made me forget the mistakes I've made since my parents died, I was..." Tears began to fall from my eyes. She quickly came behind my back; rubbing my back, as I cry into her shoulders. 

"Honey you don't have to continue if you don't want to, I understand..."

"No I want too, you're the closet thing to a mother figure, than I could ever have, and Plus this is about your son; I want you to know how I feel about him..."

"Sweetie I already knew how you felt about him, since you were like thirteen, he use to talk non-stop about you, I knew one day, you guys was going to end up together, even maybe more...But then again I would like for you to tell me, how you felt, would really like to hear it from your side." She chuckles; stroking my hair.

"He's just...Everything I look for, to others he might not be perfect, but to me he is; his eyes I could easily get distracted by them, and when we kiss I can feel the sparks, like a firework booming on fourth of July; he makes my heart raise, when his hands touch mine. I don't the see Liam Tomlinson, the famous boy band... I see the Louis I first fell in-love with when I was like thirteen. I know I know you can't be in-love at that age, but everything I feel now, I use to felt it back then...And staying mad at him, it's rarely impossible, I mean I've tried too, but somehow am always pulled towards him...." There was a loud bang, but when I tried turning my head, Johannah's hands, quickly pull me into her embrace.

   " The fight we had in the car was about the same situation, I finally told him that I love him, I was actually planning on telling him on his birthday; but I just couldn't wait anymore. I didn't tell him at first cause I was scared of getting hurt again, when he left; I did things that got me in-trouble; until I met my cousin Stacey, her mom was my aunt, she changed me; we had nothing but each other...After a while my aunt got sick, she died of Lung cancer, and I wanted to set an example for Stacey, that if you work hard, you can achieve the greatest, which we both did, but I had a talk with her, she made me realize that I just didn't want a repeated of my last relationship. I'm completely and In-love with Louis, but he will never really know how I actually feel." I cried, hugging her tighter.

There was a long silence, before she spoke again. "What if I told you, he already knows how you felt." My head snapped up to see her smiling, while I had my eyebrows raised. 

"What do you mean? I tried telling him, but I didn't want to ruin our time here, but that didn't go too well did it?" She laughed at me; While I pouted.

"Sweetie turn around..." She utters still laughing. With my eyebrows still raised, I slowly turned around, only to find Louis standing there; tears streaming down his face.

"Louis..." I gasp, shocked that he had heard all of that. He walk up towards me, grabbing my face between his large hands; before smashing his lips right with mine. In a matter of seconds, I found myself kissing back, with the same force. My hands roam to his hair, as his grasp my waist. 

  If I could only imagine how his mother felt seeing me kiss her son like this.... He slowly pulled away, while I flutter my eyes open as well. We stared at each other, before a slow smile crept on his face. 

"You love me?" He whispers; his forehead press with mine. I smile widely, pecking his lips quickly.

"Yes I love you; I have been for so long, I was just too stubborn to admit it." I pouted, while squealing; when I felt him lift me up, spinning me around. I was giggling like crazy, and their was whistling and cheering; but I was focusing more on Lou, than anything else. 

"I love you too..." He smiles again, pulling my lips to his. Gosh I love kissing him. 

   I don't know how long we were kissing, but the loud cough made us jumped. "Okay okay were really happy for you two, but can we get to the mall now, before mum changes her mind?" Fizzy utters, in a dull tone. I laughed nodding my head, as Lou took my hands in his. "Okay bye mum, see you soon." 

"Don't be late for dinner, and Dan says he can wait to see you again Toby." She yelled, as we make our way outside. 

"I can't wait either." I yelled back, smiling like a maniac while at it. She smiled back before shutting the door. I turn my attention back to Louis who was looking at me with the biggest grin plastered on his face. I blush looking down. "What?" 

"I love you." He utters, grasping my face in his once more. 

Love sick puppy.

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