Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


24. Toby




  "So when are we leaving?" I utter taking a big bite out of my mango. I'm completely in-love with mangoes, normal people would eat apple, but not me. Don't get me wrong I love eating apples, but am more of a mangoes kind of girl, and Louis finds it...Sexy?

"Tomorrow actually, I want us to spend more time with them before my birthday ,and Christmas you know..." He trailed off while shoving things in his suitcase. I laughed shaking my head, before walking towards him and grabbing the clothes from his hand. "What are you doing?" He inquires with eyebrows raise. I laugh quietly to myself, ignoring him.

  When I finish, I look at the suitcase a smile crept to my lips, smiling at the amazing Job I had done. Dam am too good. "There you go..." I simply utter before crashing myself back on the bed. He looked from the suitcase to me, and his smile spread wider.

"Wow, I have never seen my suitcase this neat....Thank you so much babe." He chirps throwing his arms around me. 

"Lou...Y-You're suffocating me." I stuttered, trying to pry him away from me. "Do you want me to die?" I choked out and he finally let go. I coughed a few times before glaring at him. 

"Sorry..." He mumbled. "Okay come on we have to go." He says after a long silence. I raise my eyebrows confused.

"Where are we going now?" I whined throwing my head on the bed. He laughed at me, before crawling on top of me; his breath tingling on my lips.

"We have to say goodbye to the rest of the lads, today is the last day we get to hang out with them before we all go home." I groaned even more moving my head side to side. I was very comfortable where I was, I didn't want to go anywhere else; but If I don't go; Perrie, Kenzie, Niall, Stacey and Danielle will probably rip my head off.

"I don't want to go, I'll rather stay here with you..." He laughed at my childishness; sweepings my hair to the side.

"Trust me I'll love the same, but their our friends and we won't see each other Until like New years."

"Wait where not staying for new years?" I was actually looking forward to spending it with his family, but I guess not.

"Nope..." He utters popping the 'P' "We have a concert that day..." I groaned, I don't want to spend New years at a concert, no offense I'll just rather spend it with him and his family. "Yeah yeah I know, but its part of my job." He pouted, making me chuckle.

"So am spending New years alone, or with the girls?" 

"No no no, you're all are coming to the concert, because we have a surprise and plus I need my New years kiss." He grumbled.

"Oh what is the surprise?" I inquire.

"It won't be a surprise now if i tell you." I pouted like a puppy hoping to get the last biscuit. "Nope that face isn't going to work no matter how cute you look."

"Fine." I pouted, refusing to kiss him. He smiled deviously at me, before attacking my stomach with his hand. I was laughing like crazy. "L-Lou pl-please s-stop it." He kept on going making me squirm and kick. "P-please baby sto-stop." He finally removed his hands away from my body, and I try catching my breathe.

"Now that you learned your lesson, am going to go take a shower...." He pecked my cheeks before beginning to walk away.

"Yeah I'll just be downstairs and make a quick phone call..." I utter before walking out the door. I quickly dialed Stacey's number. 

"Hello..." Followed by a munching sound.

"Are you eating?" I inquire.

"What do you think? I'm pregnant and I have hormones; having another human growing inside of you does this to you." She moaned.

"Could have just said Yes.." I sass; Jeez spending so much time with Lou, has been having an effect on me.

"Yeah...But I didn't...But why are you calling?" 

"Lou..."I breathe, and the sound of crisp being eating stopped. I guess since she didn't say anything, I kept on going. "Remember when I tried to tell you, what happened to both of us and I was acting grumpy? Well it's because he said the words."

"What? I love you? I don't see anything bad about it. You love him and he loves you so why are you hiding it?" 

"I'm not am just...Scared, I mean I do Love him, am in-love with him, but..."

"I get why you're scared...You think Louis is another; whose name shall not be mention...don't you?" I stood quiet; I guess she figured out why! "You know Louis will never do such a thing, come on he's amazing, child-like kinda like you..."

  I quickly hung up the phone when I heard his foot step. He pecked my cheeks before pouring himself a cup of juice. "So who were you talking to on the phone?" He inquires still sipping his orange juice.

"Stacey." I whisper and he nodded slightly.

"What did she want?"

"We were just talking about...err...erm Girl stuff." Idiot Idiot Idiot. He now knows you are lying. 

"You don't seem so sure?" He had one of his eyebrows raised. Who it be weird if I thought he looked sexy? Okay okay down hormones.! 

"I'm sure..."

"Are you okay babe?" He wraps his hands around my waist, his body in between my legs; as I leaned against the counter. 

"Yeah yeah am fine..." He didn't believed any word I said. "Seriously am fine." Please just drop the subject. 

"No your not, why are you lying to me?" His thumb brush my cheeks, and the other under my chin; forcing me to look into his eyes. "Please tell me whats wrong?" He knows am not a patient person and am on the verge of snapping. 

"Am fine, honestly..." I gave him a weak smile.

"No your not; please tell me, no more secrete."

"Louis I am fine..." I finally snapped, moving from his grip. I stood far away from him, and he looked hurt. Ugh! What is wrong with me? 

"Well then...Are you ready to go?" He added quietly, and I nodded my head slowly.

 I don't want to go to his mom's mad at each other, but I just couldn't tell him about my conversation with Stacey, I didn't want to put any ideas in his head. I want to be completely sure that I love him, and it's not because of my past relationship. I was so in-love with him that's what I thought, Until I found him with another girl. Of course I was devasted; yeah I loved Lou at the time, but he also made me forgot about him for a while, but he could never make me feel this good, like Lou even if it's not physically. 

"Yeah..." I whisper, as I turned around and walk out the door. I am very stupid, why Can't I just tell him? Ugh! Ugh! I just wanna smash my head on a wall or something. I made it to his car, and slowly sat myself in the front seat. 

Let me just tell you, the car ride was VERY quiet. Nothing was said, and I don't think it will be said for a while.

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