Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


22. Toby



  "Yo Ryan give me back my phone." I bellowed, laughing while trying to grab my phone from his hands, but he just keep moving them considering he's taller than me; I mean really tall and am 5'9. 

"Hello who is this?" He utters through the phone, still moving it away from my grasp. 

"He says his name is Louis..." He covered the speaker phone, and my eyes grew wide. "Who is Louis?" He inquires still covering the phone speaker. I mouthed the word 'Boyfriend' to him and his face turned from confusion to a smirk. 

"Where is Toby?" I heard from the other line. He sounded worried, hopefully he's not getting the wrong impression.

"She's in my bathroom; taking a shower...You know we had a very interesting day." He utters and my eyes grew wide. 

"What the fuck Ryan give me back my phone you idiot..." I growled, finally snatching my phone from his hands. He busted out laughing; earning a nasty glare from me. I recompose myself before speaking into the phone. "Hey babe..." 

"Hey babe? Who was that guy on the phone?" He bellowed, earning me a sigh. I put the phone on speaker, and mouthed to Ryan to tell the truth.

"Louis or whatever your name is, sorry I was only joking; she left her phone on the desk and I thought I should pick it up when it was ringing, but I have no feelings towards your babe, so relax before you go ape on her." He explains, and I slapped his hands and he just laughed.

"Sorry, I just got scared..." I let out a little chuckle. "Are we all good?" Well the question was directed more to Ryan. 

"Yeah man, just treat her right, or else..." Ryan growls, well this is more awkward than ever.

"Or else what?" Lou inquires.

"You're just going to have to find out." That was his last sentence before he walked away. I sigh before talking.

"Sorry about him, he can be a pain in the ass..." I chuckle lightly, and there was a long silence. 

"Am sorry too..." He sighs heavily, and I could hear yelling in the back ground. 

"For?" I inquire creasing my eyebrows.

"For this morning, I didn't mean to that; I was just....Hurt that you didn't say it back, but I talked to the guys and they made me realize I was stupid for doing what I did, I realize we've been through alot and its going to take you a while to say it....Babe do you forgive me for my child like behavior.?" I giggle into the phone.

"I'll forgive you on one condition..." Even though he couldn't see the smirk on my face, I was ready to make him pay.

"And what is that?" I can see it now, the smile pasted upon his face. 

"You have to trust me, you can't start worrying about things without talking to me first." 

"I promise....Now get home already, we've have to make it to dinner soon." Holy shit I almost forgot about that, I need to text the girls to help me get ready. Am finally wearing a dress guys Yay! Not. 

"Okay okay, bye babe Miss you." 

"Miss you too, hurry home, and I'll come pick you up at Perrie's flat alright?" 

"Alright, bye babe." And with that I hung up. 

    I walked back to the photo-shoot; Ryan, McKenzie and I took majority of pictures, before I practically dragged her out to my car. Yeah, Louis insisted that I needed one, and he already got me one before I came here, supposedly he knew I was coming. I drove down the street; take another right, before reaching Perrie's flat. Yeah it may seem like we got here fast, but when you're walking you're going to get tired. Kenzie rushed me out the door and into the her flat. Yeah we happened to have extra keys to her apartment. 

"Girls..." Kenzie squealed; while the rest of them rushed downstairs. "Shall we get down started?" She inquires, while they pushed me on the couch. This is going to be a long night. 

"Don't talk, or move too much, Got it?" Danielle inquires, and I nodded my head. What have I gotten myself into?

                                                                                                            * * *

 "Oh my God, you look amazing..." The girls squeal.

"Open your eyes Toby." Danielle spoke, and I slowly flutter my eyes open. I was standing in-front of the mirror, and a gasp escaped my lips.

     I was wearing a stripe white and black dress that came up to my knee, my hair was braided to side, leaving the rest in loose curls. I was wearing a silver cross chain, with a silver bracelet. My make-up was less, thank God, And to top it all up, I was wearing red heels, and a leather jacket, considering its cold outside. 

   This isn't me, is it? I didn't know my body was going to give it the perfect structure. "My sister is looking amazing..." Stacey sniffles, grabbing me into her embrace. I laughed. "Oh my God, am sorry...Just a little emotional." She fans herself, making me laugh.

"Aw don't cry you're going to ruin your make-up." Perrie says, as she fans herself.

"You guys are making me cry." I sniffle, wiping my tears. We embrace each other in a group hug. 

"Come on lets get downstairs, Lou will be here any min--" She got cut off by the bell ringing. "Make that seconds." She laughed before running downstairs with Danielle, and Perrie. I walk down slowly, hearing their conversation. 

"Where's my Girl-friend?" Louis inquires, after pulling out of a hug. 

"Ladies and...Boys..." Perrie says making me chuckle. "Presenting Mrs.Toby Tomlinson." Wait did she just said what I think she said? 

"That's in the future...Maybe soon." He added,with a wink. Well here's my cue. I walk down the stairs slowly, until I came face with face with a shock Louis. "You Look....Amazing, Gorgeous ..Stunning." I looked down, blushing. I felt a pair of hands under my chin, making me look into his eyes. He smiled before leaning in and Kissing my red plum lips.

"Aww..." The girls cooed; making us smile into the kiss.

"Okay you guys go, before Toby starts to complain." Stacey explains.

"Gladly...." Louis utters making me laugh. He held my hand, and we began to walk. 

"See you back at the boys flat...Have fun, but not too much fun." Danielle utters; making me laugh. She is slowly picking up Liam's trait. I swear. 

                      -Today should be interesting.-

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