Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


18. Toby



  Nerves. That's what I was feeling when the word 'Hello Louis' left my mouth. His face slowly turned from anger to confusion. I was standing behind the door; looking down awkwardly. I didn't know what to do, or say. It's been almost half a month since we spoke; and right now am shaking like a chiwawa. 

   He slowly walked towards me; he hesitated before his large palms came contact with my skin. I close my eyes briefly feeling his warmth. "T...I-Is...Your here." He stuttered, confused. Silence over fell us; as we both stare at each other's eyes. "Your here...With me." He utters excitedly crashing his arms around me. I fell back at his embrace, causing him to go down with me. We both busted into laughter; before turning to look at each other again. I'm finally going to admit it. I get lost in his eyes; it's like I can see our future. Too creepy?

   "Lou am so sorry...Sorry for making you wait, for letting you go and..." His lips suddenly came contact with mine, cutting my ramble short. I can feel his lips curve into a smile; making me smile as well.

"Stop apologizing..." He utters seriously. "Yeah sure I was depressed, sad, angry and lonely; but now that you're here it feels like I was never that grumpy old guy seating on his bed just thinking about you and what we have." He explains, his thumb brushing my cheek back and forth. 

"Am still sorry for making you wait..." I leaned in kissing his lips briefly. "I've missed you." I whisper; snuggling into his arms. 

"Likewise babe...But everything is going to be alright now that we have each other okay" He tucks a strand of hair off my face, kissing my cheeks.

"I guess but Lou?"

"Mhmp" He grunts; as we both faced each other on our sides. And yes we were still on the floor, If you was wondering. 

"Where do we stand? I know we secretly date; but I don't think I can keep being a secret anymore...It hurts to see you with another girl." I explained; playing with our now entwined fingers.

A laugh escapes his lips; which only confused me even more. "How did you think the boy knew why I was depressed?" Now I was even more confused. "Apparently they've seen the way we've been acting with each back in L.A; Liam heard when Niall and Perrie were talking about how we kept 'Us' a secrete; so they put two and two together, and I guess that's how you're here right?" He looked down at me, and I just gave him a slight nod, and a smile. 

  He suddenly jerked his body up; grabbing me with him. "Toby what would you say If I ask you to be my Real Girl-friend right now?" I almost choked on my own spit; causing him to chuckle.

"I would say what about your contract with Eleanor?" I inquire and his face fell.

"It's been over for almost a month now, am a free man..." He yells, throwing his hands up in exasperation. "So what would you say?" He inquires seriously.

"I would say....What took you so long." I smile widely grabbing the back of his neck, I smashed my lips with his. We were basically tonguing each other now, well up until we heard clicks and flashes behind us.

"Aww you guys are too cute." McKenzie cooed, while Jayden his covering his eyes with his little hand. I let go of Lou, and Grabbed the little boy from him. "So are you guys okay now?" She whisper while some of the other boys were patting and talking to Lou. 

"Yeah..." I smile kissing Jay's cheeks. "Hey buddy, you hungry." 

"Nope, Uncle Liam and Uncle Zayn gave me McDonald." He utters pointing towards the cheeky guys. Wow! Am impressed he's already calling them Uncles, I didn't mind; but that's a bit too fast.

"Did you say Thank you to Uncle Liam and Zayn?" Everyone was still busy in their conversation, besides the four of us.

"Thank you Uncle Zayn and Liam." He says; wiggling out of my hands to give them a hug. Aww too cute! 

"Am so happy for you two." Danielle, Perrie and Stacey gush at the same time. Weird! 

"Thank you, and Gosh I've missed you all." I sigh grabbing them in a group hug. They all chorused a 'We missed you too' 

"Hey what about me; don't I get love?" Niall gush with a mouthful of food in his mouth. Everyone was laughing at the sight, I did the dramatic movie thing. Running to his arms slowly, before he twirled me around. We were full on laughing as soon as he set me down. "Don't ever leave us." He cried, and I nodded vigorously, giving him a kiss on the cheek. 

 I felt a hand wrapped around my waist. I didn't even need to turn around to know it was Louis. I giggled as he kept kissing my neck, which is ticklish for me. "Louis." I dragged his name, I miss when we use to be like that, but we can make for it right. Flashes kept coming our way, and Louis and I felt our phone vibrate. 

'@Harry_Styles: Aww Look at the two love birds; wishing you the best. We love you @Louis_Tomlinson & @RealToby_Gray' 

  Down their was a picture of me and Louis on the floor kissing and the one he was kissing my neck. Aww it was adorable; but he better run.

"Harold Edward Styles you better fucking run." I growled, depriving myself away from Louis; and taking after the curly haired boy. 

Life is too sweet

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