Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


16. Toby




  "You have to go Toby...We've talked to our manager and theirs a head quarter in London. You're just scared and finding excuses to not go and run into his arms." McKenzie scold me; running her hands through her auburn hair. 

"I'm not using excuses...Am just not sure if it's the right thing to do." I stated confidently.

"In-denial." She utters, and I scold.

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too...And you know it. Now! You're going to call Stacey, Danielle, Perrie, Niall, Harry and Zayn on Skype chat with them about your plan to surprise Louis. They said he's been depress, ever since they started doing gigs again...I know you love him, and you want to be with him; so stop thinking and do it. You also need to fix your problems with the rest of the band, let them see who you are..."

"Fine..." I spatted, shuffling off her bed. "I'm going through this, if you would move their with me, You and Jayden...You're a part of my family, and am not leaving you here alone, to take care of him alone....So what do you say?" I inquire, taking my bottom lip in my mouth, as I waited impatiently for her to reject or accept.  

"Yes...God, I thought I had to beg you for that...I could never loose you guys, you mean so much to me." And here comes the tears! I hugged her tight, before grabbing Jayden.

"Guess what buddy?" I inquire, kissing his cheeks lightly.

"What Aunt Toby?" He was playing with my chain, as he stared in my eyes; sometime to time.

"Were moving to London." Kenzie and I yelled happily and he began to laugh. Hopefully this all goes right. Am doing this for him.

                                                                                                      * * *

    Here I was in the middle of an airport, with Jay and Kenzie as we awaited for our ride to get here. We finally landed in London early this morning, and we've been at the airports for 3 hours. Are you kidding me?

"Are they here yet?" Kenzie inquires tiredly. I shook my head 'No' before calling Stacey's number again. She finally decided to take it.

"Hello." She grumbles; I can hear voices in the background and then a loud crash. Oh dear Lord what are they doing?

"Well hello to you too..."I joked; making gestures with my hands even though she couldn't see me. "Anyways where the hell are you? We've been waiting at the airport for half an hour." I explained; turning my attention to a sleepy Jayden.

"Were inside the airport...trying not to get notice, and it's already hard. People are already staring at us, and were wearing fucking disguise for crying out loud." She whines. I heard more feet shuffling and a voice telling them to run faster. Suddenly the line went dead.

"Oh fucking great..." I trailed off, throwing my hands off in frustration.

"What did she say?" Kenzie inquires, petting Jayden.

"Well...She said that they are---" I was caught off by a tap on my shoulder. I slowly turned around; only to come in contact with a group of people in hoodies and sunglasses. "Wait...Stacey?" I inquire; as they slowly took off their sunglasses.

"Yes you idiot...and we've missed you." She threw her hands around me, practically suffocating me; before moving on to Jayden and McKenzie. Before I had time to react; I felt pairs of hands wrapped around me. 

"Uh...G-Guys I c-can't B-breathe." I croaked out; but they still didn't move. Are they trying to kill me? "Guys." I yelled finally having the strength to yell.

"Sorry we just really miss you." Niall says, throwing his hands around me once again. "Please don't leave us again....Not even Louis either." He added, and I squeeze him tighter.

"I missed you...all." I added quickly looking at Liam, Zayn and Harry with a giant smile plastered on my lip. They returned the gestures.

    A couple of minutes of hugging and smiling went by; before proceeding inside the....Limo! 

"So what's the plan?" Harry inquires, licking his lip; while clasping his hands together. And that's how all the plan to get me and Louis together began.

Just hope it actually works.  

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