Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


13. Toby



     "Perrie No, am leaving and that's final." I bellowed, shoving things in my bag. I was panting and sweating; not really paying attention to the pleading coming from Perrie, Niall and Danielle. Yeah I know right, she actually wanted me to stay. Whatever anyways their getting their wishes, they've only been her for a week and a half and drama already arouse. I wiped the tears that were falling from my eyes, I don't want them to see me break; I can't let them see that their getting to me. This is all too much, I just want to get away from here. I grab a handful of my clothes, shoving them in my suitcase.

  "Please don't leave us, forget about them, you don't need them; you have us" She pleads. I stopped to take a look at all their faces, tears was falling from their eyes. It actually hurts seeing them this way, but I can't do it, I can't stay in this hell of an hole, I need to just relax and clear my mind. What's the whole point anyways, if I forgive them; their just going to leave again. She suddenly grabbed a hold of my hand, tears rolling down her face-causing me to start crying. I pulled her into a hug, as we both cry. Even though I've know them for about a week, i felt closer to them, like I've know them my whole life. I pulled away shaking my head vigorously.

   "Am sorry I just can't..." I faced back to my suitcase. Closing it with all my force. They all let a gasp 'What'. "I just need time to clear my head, I hope you understand and what's the use anyways you're all going to go back to your perfect life and forget about me anyways, so its better if we get the Good-Byes now right?" I shrugged, trying to smile but it came out as a whimper.

  "That's not true, we will Never ever forget you, we've grown to like you in just a week, which is a miracle, seeing how stubborn you are---" I let out a little laugh as he continue to speak, I wiped my tears every now and then. "But you're like the big sister I never had, and to loose a relationship with you, would be the stupidest thing ever, so please stay.?" Niall's hands cupped my cheeks; tears forming in his already wet eyes.

   "Guys I have to do this- I need to clear my mind of him, and all that have been going on. I promise to text you and when you guys are going back home, I promise to come to the airport and say good-bye, but right now I just need to really clear my mind, Please understand..." Again I bust into tears. "I love you guys- Wow it's been a while since I said that." We all let out a chuckled. "Group hug?" I stretched my hands out, engulfing them in my arms. "Come Danielle, you too." I smiled at the brown haired girl, who was currently standing there, tears formed in her eyes. She smiled before wrapping her arms around us. "I'm really going to miss you guys." They all nodded and we stood their hugging.


    I walked down stairs, all eyes fell on us. Zayn looks at Perrie, who just ignored his gaze. I sigh. I didn't want to be the reason why she isn't talking to him. He seems like a really nice dude, just copying other peoples ways. Stacey and Harry eyes fell on me, and they looked almost sorry and worried...Well...err...Awkward. Eleanor on the other hand looked amused by the situation and I just wanted to slap her, but she's not worth it. Liam looked sorry as well, I wasn't surprised by that anyways cause he doesn't seem like a jerk, he just chose to believe what Eleanor had said about me. And finally Louis he was just starring, its like he was trying to read me, I scrunched my nose; tilting my head lightly.

  "So you're actually leaving?" Stacey spoke, making me broke my gaze with Louis. I slowly look towards her. Nodding my head, she sigh annoyingly. "So you're just going to leave me?" I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to read what she's trying to say, but nothing comes to mind. "You're going to walk away, cause of some stupid girl?" She raised her voice higher as she spoke. 

"Funny how you're now realizing this now, you don't need me anymore. You barely talk to me or anything; you don't stand up for me like I would do for you, so why start now?" 

"Did you think I did this on purpose...I was protecting you Toby, I didn't want you gone like the rest of our family...They all left us and were left alone to take care of each other."

"W-What are you T-Talking about Staci?" She opened her mouth to speak, but she was rudely cut off.

"Why don't we go in the kitchen Staci, there's something I would like for you to-"

"No! I don't care anymore if you tell or not, she's my life and the only thing I've got and am not going to let any threat stop me..." Am pretty sure am not the only one giving the two girls confused looks. She slowly sat back down on the couch next to Louis.

"Seriously Staci what is going?" My arms were crossed, my face was scrunched and my heart is beating so fast. We waited a while before she started to speak again.

"When Eleanor came back, after that whole catastrophic, she found me crying in the bathroom; and even though I try lying about why I was crying she somehow manage to get it out of me...After telling her, she..."

"Staci..." Eleanor screamed, trying to grab a hold of her hand. Louis grabbed a hold of her, which surprised me. Staci was full on crying and Harry had his arms around her, encouraging her to go on. 

"She found out I was...Pregnant---" Preg-What ? "I didn't want to tell Harry, cause I didn't want him to hate me or anything, I told her not to tell anyone and she promised...But on one condition....I was to act like I don't like you anymore, cause it was part of her plan..." She air quoted. "I told her she was crazy, but she said if I didn't do it, she'll have something bad happen to you and she'll tell Harry about the pregnancy....I'm so sorry I acted like a bitch, it killed me to always like that towards you, especially the person who practically raised you. I'm so sorry Toby..." She cried. I pulled her in for a hug, as we both cried. I can't believe she'll do this for me, and to think I was being paranoid  I can't believe that Bitch would do something like that, I have officially hated her. 

    Every eyes fell on Eleanor, all of them had that disgusted look in their eyes. Louis moved away slowly from her, shaking his head. "What kind of sick human are you?" Liam growled, surprising all of us. "And to think that I actually felt sorry for you after telling me stories of what happen in your life and what supposedly Toby did to you. How could you?" She let out a laugh, making a weird noise with her teeth. 

"You guys are really that blinded, it was so easy to fool you all; you know that right? I knew how easy it was to turn all of them against you. Well except for Louis, I never really got to him, cause all he talks about is you and its disgusting; but boy was it fun, but I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you..." She growled.

"You are one cruel bitch..." I began moving away from Staci and pushing her to Harry lightly. 

"Oh really? I haven't notice." She smirked.

"The joy of slapping that smirk of your face---You know what? you're not worth it, I don't know what I ever done to you, to make you hate me, but am sorry. You don't faze me, your just another side thrash waiting for someone to love you. I don't care anymore, you want my life, you have it, but just know your not getting away with it." I stated, grabbing my suitcase in one hand.

"T are you seriously leaving after knowing the truth?" Louis voice broke. Oh so now he decides to talk. 

"The truth isn't going to stop me, I know why you all did it, but am sorry I just need to clear my mind that's all..." I turn  to Harry now. "Take care of her as much as you can, and don't even leave her. Even though I still don't like you, you're perfect together." His face broke into a small smile, and I returned it. "I'll be back soon, probably before you'll go back home." I added. They were leaving early, since they their boss wanted them to start recording new songs.

"Good-Bye." I utter looking at all of them, and Louis a little longer before walking out. And that's how it all began. 

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