Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


11. Toby




         I can't believe she just did that, that stupid inconsiderate Bitch! Ugh! why can't life be simpler? My life was totally fine, until he came around; how in the hell am I suppose to keep this a secrete from the rest of them. Oh God! They still hate me. 'Well its not like you made a good impression in the first place'  For once conscience will you side with me? Where the hell am I running too? Oh yeah the old park we use to play at. Why am I going there again? Who cares just keep going. I kept running until I made it to the swing-set, I let my body collapse on the swing. The warm wind breeze blowing my hair, as I swing slowly. How can she do that to me? 'Well she didn't really know you were secretly dating so.' Seriously Conscience will you let me have my moments please? And you don't know she might have know, she is manipulating Bitch. 'True. And whats with the swearing lately, someone is on their period.' Oh my goodness! I can't believe am arguing with you right now? Ugh! The fact that Stacey saw me crying, and she didn't even bother to ask me whats wrong, she took one look at me; before turning to her precious Boy-friend. They've turn her against me, no-one else is going to protect me now, am slowly breaking and I don't see it. I care about him alot; and to see someone kiss your err...Secrete boyfriend, it still hurts.

  "Hey." A voice made me jump, snapping me out of my thoughts. 

"What the hell man, you scare the living shit out of me." I screamed frustrated that someone would do such a thing. Unfortunately instead of helping me, the person kept laughing. I got off the floor, dusting my ass, before sitting back up. I look to where the person was, hoping it was Louis; but unfortunately for me, It wasn't. I frowned.

"Expecting someone else?" He ask, sitting in the swing next to me. I sigh before nodding my head. There was a long pause as we both stare at the sun going down. "If you don't mind me asking, what happen?" He ask cautiously. I turn to look at him, before focusing back to the sunset.

"Its complicated." I utter, and he nodded his head slightly.

"How so?" He won't give up would he? 'Nope'

"I really don't want to talk about it---" I say bluntly. "It's not anything against you." I added quickly and he grin.

"I understand---" I smile at his concern. "But can I tell you something?" I furrowed my eyebrows, tilting my head slightly, Since I didn't say anything he began to speak again. "Whoever this guy that let you go, was very stupid." I busted out laughing; soon enough he joined me. It was nice to have him here, though I do wonder what he was doing here in the first place. Our laughter died down, and I smile at him, for making me feel a little better.

"Thank you, Ryan." He embrace me into his arms, and I close my eyes feeling the warmth of his body. This was the boy I use to like, well technically I was only liking him to get rid of my feelings for Louis, but when we both went on a date, of course without letting Shawn know, we decided to just be friends. We acted more of a brother and Sister than Boyfriend and Girlfriend. I don't long we were standing like this, but the sound of a very familiar  voice broke us up.

"Toby." I broke away from Ryan's hug, and turned around, to be faced with a angry Lou. Oh Gosh, why couldn't you bring him at a better situation, rather this? 

"Lou its not what it looks like." I rant. He stood there letting out dry chuckles. I bit my lower lip, this was not my day.

"Oh really? Then what does it look like Toby? I stood up for you and drove all around to come find you, only to find you in another guys arms?" He spatted, and I kept shaking my head.

"Seriously Lou, its not what-"

"Save it, am leaving." 'At-least he didn't break up with you'   Do they hire new conscience, cause am about to fire your ass. 'No need to be so bossy.'  I watched as he turned around, ignoring me calling his name. He got in the car taking one look at me, crying hysterically; before driving away. Right there I collapse on the floor, crying my eyes out. Why didn't he believe me? Ugh! This is so frustrating and hard-work, maybe this is a sign that were not mean't to be together. 'Don't think like that, all relationships come with alot of baggage, but if you have each other, you'll always get through it together.'   Okay conscience, you have redeem yourself. 'Scored'  I felt Ryan pair of arms wrapped around me, as I cry into his chest. 

"Come on, I'll drive you home." He helped me up, as I wiped my tears with my jacket slip. I got in the passenger seat, buckled my seat belt. He started the car, and I gaze out the window; letting the tears pour down, Just like the rain that began to pour. I knew Ryan wanted to say something, but he knew when am Mad, I don't answer; so its good he kept his mouth shut, or else this car ride will be alot chaotic, than usually was.

     "Were here." He announce. I stared at the house; letting out a heavy sigh, before un-buckling my seat belt. "Are you sure you don't want me to come in with you?" He inquires, and I nod 'No'. I opened the car door, the rain hitting my body already.

"Thanks again." He bowed his head slightly, before I began to walk towards the door. Times like this I wished I had an Umbrella. I knocked on the door. Yeah! I forgot my keys. No one came out, I knocked and Knocked again, but no one; well up until I saw a paper that's already getting wet, hanged on the door.

x Toby, we've gone out to the club, we'll be back later. There's some casorel left in the fridge. Have fun I guess.x -Stacey

    Wow, they all went without me? And am stuck out here all by myself? What the hell? I would call someone, but my phone is inside. Like I said today is a very bad day for me. I intend to get bad luck sometimes. Might as well sleep through this rain, next morning am going to be sick, Just watch. I sigh before eventually closing my eyes. Tonight has been one interesting night.


                                                                                                           * * *

    I reluctantly got out of bed. Hold up, something is not right. How the hell did I get up here in my room and without my wet clothes? 'Must have been because they carried and change you, when you fell asleep on the porch.' And were back to square 1. Well thank you to them, I guess. I walked into my bathroom, taking all of my clothes off before taking a quick shower. I would have taken a bath, but its basically me sitting in my own body dirt. I quickly rummage through my clothes, finally deciding on a dark ripped short jeans, with a see through white croptee with the words 'Paris' on it, a black combat boot, some Alex and Annie bracelet, with fedora hat. I took one more glance at myself in the mirror. Perfect! I've been told not to wear make-up, cause am a natural beauty; so make-up wasn't my thing. I only wear it on special occasions. Believe it or not, I use to do pageants when I was little.

          I remember how my mom would always tell me, when she had me, she had always wanted me to be in pageants; and the moment she heard there was near where we live, she signed me up. I did pageant for about Five years and I won alot of those, but I stored them all of my trophies somewhere in this house. I applied a little lip gloss, before walking down stairs. First person my eyes laid on was Louis. We looked at each other for a while, before he broke the gaze, I sigh once more; before looking for my phone and glasses. Not those kind of glasses, but those cute nerdy glasses. What's the point of wearing clothes like that, without taking a picture. I walk in the Kitchen, to find the bitch Eleanor, Perrie, Stacey, Dani and Niall. I swear that kid hangs out with the girls too much. As soon as they all saw me, they all stop laughing. Well okay then! I smile at Perrie and Niall, only for them to ignore me. What the fuck? I grabbed a nestle from the fridge, before grabbing my phone from behind Niall. I looked at his eyes and he look sad and concerned. This is just getting awkward and awkward by the minute. My phone began to blaring out 'Troublemaker'. I looked at it, and a smile crept my face.

"Can you come open the door, Jayden and I are almost at your place." McKenzie utter. Before I could say anything else, she had hung up the phone. I walked up to the door, ignoring the glares I was getting from the boys. "Thank God!" she chirps and I let out a little laugh. 

"Hello to you too---" I utter, hugging her. After inviting her in, I picked up Jay. "Hello there buddy, did you just wake up?" He was looking a little dozy and plus their were sleeping marks across his cheeks.

"Yes Aunty Toby, but am fine now." Aww! He called me Aunty. I kissed his cheeks. 

"Did you bring his swim trunk ?" I inquire Kenzie, as she finds a place to set Jayden's bags down. 

"Yeah, all here." She utters holding up a little blue  spongebob trunk. I laughed. "So what's with them?" She whisper in my ear, as she points to the rest of the boys, Ignoring the fact that both Jayden and McKenzie are here. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I woke up this morning and well, none of them spoke to me." 

"Not even Stacey?" She ask in disbelief. I nodded my head. "Come on Jay lets get you change, and we go to the pool in the backyard okay?" She grabbed a hold of the little boys hand, before she left i grabbed her wrist. 

"First we need a picture of all three of us, before we take more pictures of us in the pool." I grinned like a little kid. Gosh am so weird, and its not even funny. 

"Who is going to take the picture." Didn't even think of that. "Maybe I should ask one of them?" Before I could stop her, she was already in-front of them. Oh goodness, why? why? why? Harry stood up, and we handed our cellphones to him awkwardly.

"Say cheese." He said bluntly. We did what he said, and he jabbed our phones toward us. Grumpy much? We look at the picture and it was actually really good. Instagram, twitter and Tumblr baby. 

                       "Look Aunty Toby." Jayden yelled from the water. He was running around it, splashing water while laughing like maniac. I grabbed my phone out, quickly taking a picture of him. Lets just say we've taken alot of pictures and all the website we posted it too, I've gotten alot of likes, especially twitter. I do have my own followers, who love my modeling career for a skating company. Though our company isn't that big, but some people know us from different countries which is a good thing. Kenzie and I were currently spread out, shades up, with those big sun hats on our head. Kenzie and I talked, about different things, well things about why their ignoring me and why their like that, before she spilled the details of her and Niall. She told me they've been flirting over text messages, and even Skype  That little bastard didn't even tell me, but now since he's ignoring me now; she decided not to text him back. Apparently he knew she was coming here, that's why we kept seeing him, every-time we turn around. After hours and hours of playing and having fun, we decided to get dry and go watch a movie or something, but the idiots were all crouched on the sofa watching one of my favorite movie. Oh no no no, this won't do. I walked up to the DVD player, I press pause, and then open before retreating my shit back.

"Hey." They all yelled in unison  but i kept walking away, I took a glance at Lou, whose arms were wrapped around her. Wow! Cannot even process that I just seen that. "What the hell was that for?"   Big man Harry decide to step forward.

"My Movie, my house." I say plainly.

"You are such a bitch." He spatted.

"Like I care, now if you don't mind; I want to go watch this--" I pointed to the CD "With Kenzie and Jayden in my room, good-day." He was still blocking my view, as he try to catch the CD. I began to jump, Kenzie, Jayden and I laughing at the scene. "Give up your too short." He scowled at me, but he still attempting to grab the CD. I was getting tired of this, so I just pushed him, making him land on the floor. "Bye Bye bitches." I utter, a laugh escaping my lips. I ran up the stairs, Kenzie and Jay right behind.

If they were going to act like a bitch to me for no apparent reason, why not do it back? Lets fight fire with fire. 

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