Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


9. Toby





     "They don't know about the things we do

They don't know about the I love you's

But I bet you if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us." 

  He sang to me; his voice was pure perfection. First time hearing his voice in a long time; and I'm completely in-love. Currently we are spread out on the couch, his hands wrapped around my body, my body laid upon his chest, whilst my hands over his. He was singing one of their songs to me, while we just enjoy this moment before our friends barged in, or before Jay wakes up. I had insisted on Kenzie leaving him here; I mean he was already sleeping why wake him up? I close my eyes listening to his angelic voice, his breath tickling my neck. I tilt my head back more, feeling his lips collide with my neck. A moan escaped my lips, grabbing a hold of our entwined hands. The feeling is so good, but I wasn't ready for that kind of physical action yet.

"You taste so good." He murmured; biting down my neck. He sucked my neck even more, moving his lip all the way to my jawline, then to my lips; then back up my neck. I moved my hand up to his face, well at least that's what I was touching. My back was laying on his chest, which makes it hard to touch his cheeks.

"Louis Tomlinson, are you giving me a hickey?" I screeched, as he suck on my neck more. I can feel his lips curled into a smile.Bloody bastard.

"You might want to hide that with make-up." I quickly got off his lap, running to the bathroom. There it was a purple bruise laid on the side of my neck. I groaned; feeling the hickey. "Now anyone who see's that will know am yours." He smirked, and I rolled my eyes. If anyone else sees this; their going to freak; how might suppose to explain it to them. I guess he saw the look on my face, since he came and wrapped his arms around my waist; while kissing my hair. "Just wear your head down, and they won't notice." I nodded my head, taking a glance in the mirror once more, before turning towards him. "Are you feeling better now?" I smile at him, before walking out the bathroom. "What do you want to do, before they come back and we go back to hating each other?" He inquires, with a sigh. He sits down, pulling me on his lap. Instantly I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I have no idea, but maybe we should just cuddle." I suggested and he let out a little laugh, before snuggling me up in his arms.

"I seriously can't wait to take you out tonight." He adds; caressing my back.

"You mean the one that I have to lie about, before meeting you at your car, then I can't wait either." I laugh, running my hands through his hair. He was about to speak when his phone rang.

x Were almost home, hopefully we come home with the house still in a perfect shape. See you soon mate.x -H

We both let out a little laugh. I got off his lap; giving him a quick kiss before running up the stairs and pretend to sleep. Hopefully soon enough we won't be able to hide our relationship like this anymore. Then again its too soon. 


                                                                                                          * * *

     I didn't think I would actually fell asleep, but the loud bang from my door made me wake up. I groaned, hiding my face with the pillow. The person began to jump up and down my bed; causing me to groan even more. I sigh before jumping up.

"Am awake." I yelled; causing them to fall. I let out a silent laugh. Finally adjusting my eyes, I see it was more than one person. 

"Finally you're awake---" Perrie groans, helping Niall up. I fell back onto the pillow. "Now care to explain something to us?" My head jotted back up, at the question. I watch as she closed the door, then locked it; before talking really low. "And before you deny it, we've been seeing the way you and Louis been acting lately together, and not to mention we saw the quick kiss he gave you at the fashion show." She explains and my eyes were about to bulge out of my head. Niall was laughing at my expression, while Perrie holds and intense glare. "Why didn't you tell us, you were secretly dating?" I began to choke on my own spit just hearing that, causing Niall to laugh even more.

"How did you figure that out?" I choked out; causing a smile to spread across her pretty little face.

"Well enemies don't kiss each other, while their friends were their, and they don't start to stay together in the same home, and the funny part when he pretended to go use the bathroom at the fashion show; and yes we followed you." She explains adding a little squeal. What the hell? How in the hell did they find that out.

"Please don't tell anyone." I begged; again they laughed at me.

"Were not like that Toby, were actually glad you guys are going out, me and Niall never thought you hated each other, though were still waiting for you to tell us how you guys know each other." 

"One day, I will. But you knew all this time and you couldn't tell me?" I inquire and they began to look around like a lost puppy. I slap both of their hands causing all of us to laugh.

"We were actually hoping you'll tell us." Niall laughs, while I roll my eyes.

"So give me details; how is your relationship going---" She begins to rant, and I look at Niall from behind her. He laugh at me, before dragging her out the door. "And oh his he treating you right---" And out the door she went. Thank God! I can't believe they know, well now i feel less guilty about not telling them, but am more worried about Stacey and Harry; considering their our Best-friends. I sigh once more before falling back down on my bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

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