Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


7. Toby




       The nerves started to kick in, which made me wonder. Is it because he's here that my hands are that sweaty? I sigh, as Layla, pushes me on the cat-work. I place the Skate-board on the floor, stepping my foot on it, before rolling on it down the cat-work, stopping as the camera flashes. From the corner of my eye, I can see the rest of them clapping and cheering, whilst Louis is smiling at me. Took all my power, not to actually run and Kiss him.

    This morning I had to ask Layla; if she thought we were moving fast; after she question the reason I was smiling. It was impossible to hide secretes from her, that's why Stacey and I come to her for advice. Anyways, she thought what were doing is Okay, but it comes with consequence, I agreed, but she thought it was also adorable that he's protecting from all the drama, until am ready to actually take it all in. I do wonder how our friends are going to take it, when they found out we've been dating behind their back; especially Niall and Perrie. I've grown fond of them, lately and am already worried that they going to think I betrayed them. I told Layla about this, and she says they'll understand why we did it, if they were true friends, they'll accept our relationship.

    I walked back to backstage, quickly into the dressing room; changing into another outfit. What I love about this job is, I can be girly, just without the dresses. It's not like i don't like dresses, I just chose not to wear them, because like I said earlier am more of a Tom-boy. Layla ruffles my hair, handing me a really dinosaur skateboard. We both laughed; before I was shoved back on the cat-work. I held the skateboard above my head, walking and posing as the flashes come from different angle. I smiled a little. We models aren't suppose to smile alot, which at first was hard for me, but I've grow to love my job. I pause, moving side to side, my other hand place inside my pocket. After a minute of doing that, I turned around, in a sexy way; walking back. I heard a whistle, making me blush. I didn't have to look, to know it came from Louis.

     The show was great, especially when me and Shawn posed, he was showing his guns, while spinning the skateboard. I have no idea how he did that, but it was pretty cool. The other models were really good too, I think Niall might be crushing on one specifically. I've got a mission upon my hands. The show finally ended, and Layla left us models as she started to go talk with some fashion designer and other business people.

"You guys were great." Shawn says excitedly, giving us all high-five. We laughed, as we all cheered. 

   We celebrated for another minute, before the rest of the models descend somewhere, leaving Shawn and I. We were in a deep conversation when a voice snap our heads to the direction. I might have snapped it way too fast, cause now my head hurts. I smile walking up to Perrie and Niall, who I piratically jumped.

"You did amazing." Perrie compliments, I did a little bow. Laughing as I did. The rest of them compliment me, even Danielle. She was really nice, it's just since she was hanging out with Louis Ex, she was drawn into her ways. She didn't seem bad at her, she was harmless; but she apologize for her behavior, she didn't exactly apologize to me, she told Stacey, who told me, which also reminds me, I've got to talk to her. After pulling out of Danielle's hug, I was left with Louis. Talk about Awkward.  

"You did amazing." He compliments, and my cheeks were a shade of red. Everyone else was busy paying attention to Shawn to even notice us. He smiles at me, slipping his hands quickly around my waist. I wanted to pull away, but I just couldn't bring myself to that. He looked at his friends, who look like they were in a deep conversation with Shawn. I was about to talk, when I felt his lips with mine. Instantly I kissed back. We broke the kiss quickly, looking over at our friends, who were still oblivious to the fact that me and Him just kiss. I slapped him on the arm, causing him to chuckle. 

"We could have gotten caught you know." I stated, and he laughed more. I rolled my eyes, tucking my hands under the other.

"Am sorry." He whisper, his breath tickling the crook of my neck. I gave him a small smile, finally joining the rest of them. Apparently they've been bothering Shawn about the Cat-work, asking him a bunch of question. Usually he would look annoyed when people ask him too much question, but he looked excited to answer each and every-one of their question. I smiled, watching as they all look interested, Stacey connecting her hands with Harry's. Her eyes met mine, and she gave me a warm smile; which i gladly returned. She was so in-love with him. The way she talks about him, the way they look at each other, with pure Love and admiration. I like Harry, as a brother kind of way though, but I have nothing about him, apart from he's the youngest of the band and he's in-love with my baby sister. That should be enough for me right? No, because I'm the oldest and I'm the one who has to protect her. 

"Hey Toby." A female voice, cause me to snap out of my thoughts. I turned my head to face McKenzie. The girl Niall had been starring at when she was walking down the cat-work earlier. I smile at her, as she wrapped her arms around me. She's like another little sister to me, well am only one year older, but still. She lives with her little brother, who is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen. Her parents are dead as well, and she has no other sibling or family members. 

"Hey Kenzie, where's is--" Before I could finish...

"Boo" The little boy screamed, making me laugh. I picked him up, tickling him, while he laughs.

"Where you trying to scare me Jayden?" I ask the laughing five year old.

"Maybe." he chuckles; whilst we laugh.

"So are you going home now?" I inquire a little disappointed. "I mean you can come with us, that's if your sister wants you to come." 

"Please." He drags the 'e'; making both of us laugh. She nods her head, while the little boy claps his hand. We walked back to the rest of the guys, introducing them to McKenzie and Jayden. They were all bonding with them really quick.

  Soon enough were chatting in the room, everyone getting to know McKenzie and Shawn better, whilst Perrie, Zayn and Niall play with Jayden. Jayden took a liking to Niall really quick, which isn't usual. They were all recently playing tag, Jay was hiding in the cabinet, while Perrie and Zayn hide in a closet. I laughed, as I watch Niall tripped over a chair; almost landing on his butt. I sigh before, focusing my attention back to Shawn and Kenzie.

  My phone, made a sound; causing me to take it out. I smile to myself when I saw it was from him. 

x Hey you alright, you look a little down. x  L

x Yeah am fine, just wished we had time to talk, without being secretive or acting like we hate each other. x T

x Me and you both, but it won't be too long, and soon we'll be able to talk without hiding. x L

x Yeah i guess; I'll guess I'll just have to wait---A while to kiss you, touch you.x T  I teased.

x Your kind of making my boners rise here, all those words are kind of creating images in my head x L  I laugh to myself.

x Then i guess it's working then.x T 

x Who can play this game too..You have no idea how much, I want to suck you, and finger you and,well you get the picture.x L

That fucking bastard, is making me wet. I bit my lips, my hands hovering the type key. When i don't respond, he text ed again.

x Am I making you wet yet? x I looked up at him, to meet his gaze a little. He smirk at me, and I slightly nodded. Even though were only joking, I still can't help picture doing it with him.

   I was about to text him, but then his phone started to ring. He excused himself, walking into the little room. I sigh, pretending to look like am listening to the conversation. Minutes and Minutes passed, and Louis finally came out, looking pale.

"Mate are you alright?" Liam inquires, looking at him with a worried expression.

He breathed in, before he spoke again. "El is coming back, because management want us to be together for publicity." He rushes, and all hope has vanished from me. I looked at him, and he looked at me with a sad expression. I looked away from him, looking at the rest of them. Who looked angry at the fact of her name, even Danielle. I casually got myself off the chair, and upstairs to my room I went. Why? was all that's going through my mind. 

    I thought and thought about this whole situation, eventually crying myself to sleep. This just got harder for me, than ever.

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