Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


3. Toby




     "So what's with you and Lou?" Perrie suddenly piped up, stuffing ingredients onto the bread.

"Its not my place to say, when he's ready to tell you, he will" Dear God please, please tell me she leaves at that.

"Oh okay.." I can tell she's shy, she looks harmless, yeah were going to be real close, I can already tell."So what is it like being a model for a skateboard model? I've always wanted to do something like that; but am too chicken." She sighs playfully; earning a laugh from me and Niall.

"Its better if I show you rather than to tell you..." They both stare at me like I was crazy. "We'll come on, were going on a adventure." I explain; they still looked confused, is it true that most blondes are stupid? I mean don't they get the hint.

"Were going where?" Do they not understand? Should I speak another language or what?

"Your going to experience the life of being a skateboard model, now get your asses up, were leaving now. " They stood there, with the same expression, ugh. I walk up to them, pushing them all out the door. They try to protest; but I kept shuffling them out.

"Uh where are you guys going?" The brown haired boy, I believe his name is Liam called; stopping us in our tracks.

"Out." All three of us say, before running out the door, laughing. Mhmm! Never thought someone besides Ryan, Shawn and Stacey can make me laugh like that.


                                                                                                * * *

    "Niall you stupid idiot, your suppose to pose with the skateboard, not play with it." I yelled at the blonde, he was spinning the skateboard in his hands, instead of posing.

"Oh sorry." He replies shyly, Perrie and I just laugh.

"Layla, can we get a group picture; so I can Frame it?" I ask my manager, who was currently shuffling with her pen. I can't remember the last time she's ever had fun, I love her to death; but she's a pain in the ass, when it comes to work. She nodded her head. I kneel my right foot on the floor, the skateboard held behind my neck with my hands. Niall had difficulty, because he was suppose to be standing on the skateboard and pop his collar, but he was kind of falling, so the told him to hold the skateboard between his waist, legs spread wide and one hand ruffle his hair. Perrie had both of our style of posing, instead of kneeling, she stood up, legs spread out and the skateboard around her neck.

*Click* The camera goes. To be honest, this was alot of fun, and i hope I can do this again.

"Toby, tomorrow is your fashion show, for the new collection, so you have to be here early and your welcome to bring as many people as you like, After all; your our favorite client." Layla cheers, and I groan. One thing for sure am not a morning person, but that's the beauty of work right?

"Oh my god, Yay! we get to see you strut down the runway." Perrie cheers, as I drag her and Niall out the building.

"Yeah, yeah yeah, so don't embarrass me." I teased; getting in the car, driving off.

"Now that just makes me want to embarrass you even more." Niall jokes, and I slap his arms lightly; a laugh escaping his lip.


                                                                                                 * * *

     "Were back." I sang, walking into the living room. They all look like they haven't moved at all.

"Where did you guys really went?" Harry shoots; and again all three of us looked at each other, before laughing.

"We went to her job, and we took pictures...Look Zaynie." She chirps; handing Zayn the photo's. He examined the pictures, a smile creating on his lips. "What do you guys think?" She ask, handing the rest of them Mine and Niall's copies.

"That's....Beautiful." Louis whisper, all heads shot to his direction, which only made the situation more funny in my situation, but i held it in. He suddenly cleared his throat. "Uh I mean, you all look great." Nice safe dumb-ass, I rolled my eyes, everyone else gave him weird looks, before turning their attention back to the photo's.

"Well thank you guys for a wonderful day, but I need to sleep, I have to get to the studio early in the morning got a show." I explained awkwardly.

"Oh yeah, do you guys want to go, because her manager said she could invite alot of people..." Really Niall? I Kicked him in his butt, as we all received weird looks.

"Okay sure, we'll go." Louis answered again. Are you fucking kidding me? I huffed up the stairs, I can never get a break can I?

       I put the picture, into the empty portrait, hiding it with the picture of me and Louis when we was Fifteen. Yeah just because I didn't want to see him ever again, doesn't mean I can't keep it, that was one of the best days of my life; every-time I look at it, I want to cry, just like now.

*Knock, Knock*

     My bedroom door open, only to reveal him. Seriously when will i catch a fucking break?


"We already went through this..." I mumble; sitting on my bed.

"Yeah, I know; but like I said, am not giving up on you...Us." I rolled my eyes, a chuckle escape my lips as I did.

"You've giving up on us a long time ago, what's going to change if i do decide to forgive you?" That's a question that's been running through my mind, I've been known too hold on to something, when its easy to just forgive and forget. Of course i hold onto it, when someone you love or care about, hurt you; you can't easily just forget it can you?

"I know it's going to take you a long time to forgive me, but we at least try to become friends and then.."

"And then what Louis?" I cut him off.

"Would you cut the bad girl act for a minute..." He was raising his voice now, which something I haven't seen from him in a while. "Thank you! I'm not saying everything will be exactly how it was before, but can we walk our way to that? I mean if you was my best-friend; you'll forgive me."

"Oh so now your using the 'Best-friend' Card on me? No Louis if you was my best-friend; you would have never hurt me like that." I whisper yelled, the tears were forming in my eyes.

"Did you think I wanted to hurt you on purpose? No! that was never my intention; I was scared of loosing someone as amazing as you, so i did what i thought was best for you."

"What was best for me? You don't have the choice to choose what's best for me, I do; My life. Not. Yours...You left when i needed you the most, I sat there crying my eyes out, days upon days; but you were in London, with your girl-friend and four new best-friend, I was completely erase from your memory, and now you fucking showed up here for forgiveness? Do you think I'll easy give into that, even if i wanted too?" My voice was raising with rage, and my words hit him like a rock.

"I'm sorry alright, am sorry for the pain I cost you..." His voice suddenly got quiet, but i still could here the words he was saying. "I will never forget the girl am In-love with." He's what now? Just when i opened my mouth to protest, he walked out the door, just when the tears sprint down my face.

Me Toby Harrison cry? What has he done to me?

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