Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


1. Toby




          "Stacey why can't  I just stay at home and sleep?" I plead my best-friend, as she drags me inside her studio.

"No, you promise me; and plus your finally going to meet my boy-friend." Ugh! Curse me for promising her something! She drags me farther into the studio; groans escapes my lips.

"Can i just meet him back home later, please." Again I begged; as we were both standing face to face inside the studio.

"Please Toby, you promise me, and I want my best-friend to be there to witness two important things that's going to happen..." She ramble's. Oh yeah! Today was is the day her talk show get's a high rating. Well she already had a high rating, but according to Stacey it's going to be higher than ever; because there are five famous boys who are suppose to be there. I'm into music, but not that kind; so I know Nothing about Pop music. The other thing is her Boy-friend, who I've never met, so he better be treating her right as she claim he is doing. "So please in the name of God, stay?" She begs, stomping her feet to the ground, with a little pout across her lips. Ah! she looks like a squirrel doing that, it's so cute.

"Fine, only because you look too cute." I teased, kissing her cheeks. She opened her mouth to speak, but she was dragged away into hair and make-up. I sigh, before plotting my self on the nearest chair, playing Temple Run on my phone.

          "Hello beautiful..." A thick British voice beamed. I sigh before looking up slowly. My gaze met a curly haired boy, with green eyes, a little smile playing on his lips.

"Do I know you?" I inquire bluntly; he had a slight smug across his lips, placing himself on the seat next to me.

"No, but I think you might soon..." He winked, my eyebrows rose up in confusion; but he just smiles wider.

"What do you me-" My sentence was interrupt; from a scream.

"Harry." Stacey squeal, lunging her arms around the curly haired boy. The fuck is going on?

"So..." I interrupt. They were standing there; looking at each other. Well okay then!

"Oh, sorry. Harry this is Toby, Toby this is my Boy-friend." She smiles widely, when she mention his name. My little baby is in-love. He opened his hands out for a hug, but instead I held my hand out, we awkwardly shook hands.

"Sorry am not much of a huger." He nods. Silence over fell us; before he spoke again.

"Well do you guys want to meet the rest of the lads and Girls?" He inquires, Stacey eyes shot up.

"The girls are here? Omg yes..." She didn't even ask me if I want to or not; she just drags him away, leaving me behind. What a great friend? I snorted, before walking away with them.

"Stacey." They beamed, hugging and squealing like maniacs. Ugh! I hated girls like that, am not much of a girly girl; am more of a tomboy! A skater. Stacey is a talk-show host and am a A model for a skater company. Luckily for me, they don't wear dresses. Thank the Jesus.

      A while of talking, and me being invisible to them, Stacey finally notice me. "Oh guys I want you to meet, my best-friend/ sister from another mister Toby." I Jabbed my head up lightly; as they took my appearances. The kid with the brown hair and Toms; looked familiar but i could care less at this point.

"She looks like a freak..." The petite brown hair whisper to the other petite hair girl with the brown curls. Nah bitch that ain't how it works, either tell me face to face or don't.

"I can hear you, you know..." I say coolly; my hands tucked under the other. I was kinda standing in a gangster way, but that's just me, I mean I was born in a getho neighborhood and I wouldn't change a thing.

"It's the truth ain't it?" she grumbles. She's asking for it; my fist were bottle up into a ball.

"And why should I change to please you? Mhmm" The smirk she had was now replace with a frown. I Smile, One point for me.

"No one asked you to, but you can use alot of make-up to hide that thing you call a face." The rest of them were snickering, even Stacey, Wow what a friend? Nice comeback, but I've dealt with alot worse than you.

"So you want me to look like you? As in look like a clown? I've got natural beauty; all you've got on is loads of make-up hiding your true colors; but you're not fooling me." Now that's what you call a comeback.

"Burned." The blonde kid chants, making sizzling sound, Earning a smack from the boy with the quiff styled hair. I cracked a smile. She then look from me, to everyone and to the familiar boy.

"Lou." She whined; crashing her body to his. Lou? Why does that name ring a bell? Mhmm, maybe am just loosing my mind!

"Don't talk to my girl-friend like that, you don't have the right ." He sent daggers at me, but with a hint of nervousness and regret.

"I don't have the right?-" I chuckle; throwing my head back slightly. "I'm pretty sure she doesn't have the right to speak to me like that, because I'll fuck a bitch up real quick." There eyes widen, except for Stacey, she knew that I don't like people who don't know me talk to me like that.! This is the quirk of being born in a ghetto side of town. Since my parents died, I moved here to London, to be with my aunt, who later died of cancer. Stacey is her daughter and were closer than anything, but now she's around people like them, especially these girls, she acts differently.

"Toby!" Stacey growls; I look at her, shrugging my shoulders. She sighed "Well I should go start the show..." She trails off; kissing Harry's cheeks. Boy, if he doesn't treat her right, he would not be doing anything for a while!

"After this, you want to come and hangout with us, Toby can come too." He says; looking at me. I shook my head.

"I think I'll pass..." I grumble, before turning to walk away, but a hand only stopped me. I've barely know them for an hour, and their already making physical contact. 'Relax Toby, Relax'

"Oh no your not, I know for a fact that you're just going to go to the bar, or go with Ryan and Shawn to the Skate rink to Skateboard, please for me just come and get to know them? Do it for your favorite person..." She pouts again. She's doing that on purpose!

"Noway in hell am I going to go with them, after what happen..." I argue back. They were all watching us, her face suddenly turned. She had that blackmailing face, Oh god! She's not.

"If you don't come, am going to tell them your secret..." Her voice was pure evil. I squinted my eyes, ignoring the little snickering from them.

"You wouldn't..." I growled; she rolled her eyes.

"You damn well I would..." I wasn't afraid of her and she knows it, but i didn't want my secrete getting out. Tf?

"Fine, but if i beat living shit out of someone, don't say i didn't warn you..." She rolled her eyes, before hugging me and walking off, leaving me with the group of people. I'm guessing their the people she was talking about, making her ratings go high, but i see nothing special about them. Eh!

                                                                                                                * * *

             We were all now sitting in a fancy restaurant. I guess they were big stars if they could afford this. I sat next to the blonde kid. He was real funny, and adorable but more of a brother kind a way. He told me his name earlier, but I like Blonde better.

"So what do you do Toby?" The quiff styled boy inquires; wrapping his hands around the blonde girl's waist tighter.

"I model for a skateboard company..." I answer shyly, playing with the tip of the glass cup.

"Really? That's cool, you've got it all- The beautiful face, the toughness and the body." The blonde once commented, a slight blush was pasted upon my cheeks.

"Thanks..." I reply. Someone sucked their teeth, a little squeal escaped her lip. I didn't have to look up to know that the sound came from the same girl who I had the little argument with earlier, was the one who sucked her teeth. "Do you have a problem?" I inquire; my left eyebrow raised.

"The fact that you think what Niall said was true..." She continues to laugh. Stacey eyes met mine, she was pleading with her eyes for me not to do anything. I sigh; my phone started to ring, blaring out Trouble-Maker by Olly Murs. Just to clarify, I did not put that song as my ringtone, Stacey did!, But to be honest it's a catchy good-feeling song, I mean it's Olly Murs for crying out loud.

"Hello" I said into the phone, not bothering to read the caller I.D

"Hey Toby, where the hell are you? Chase and his crew are back, they want another challenge and we need you here NOW." He shouts through the phone. Even though we model for a skateboard company, we still consider doing things like challenges and having fun with it. His voice, made a couple of them jump, but i was use to him yelling like that.

"Fine, hold him up, until i get there; alright am on my way." I hanged off the phone, before he could yell someone. Shawn was like our older brother, a very protective one too may i add.One time he beat up a guy just for hugging me. Crazy right?

"Wait your leaving, I mean we just got here and you're leaving already?" Stacey and Blonde spoke up.

"I believe, you just heard me say that, and you know how Shawn is." I answer; getting off the seat. Stacey sigh.

"I think Shawn would understand the reason you can't come, you still haven't gotten a chance to know the rest of them properly." She whines. I shoved my hands inside my jacket.

"If i may recall, you said I have to come and get to know them, and I did, not to come and play Mrs. Nice ..." She shot her eyebrows up, and I sigh once again. "That one.." I point to the quiff styled hair.

"Zayn." She says, I rolled my eyes, like I care.

"Yeah him, and His girl am assuming, their shy and mysterious, Niall or Blondie is the only one I might actually like the best, he's funny and adorable,your Boy-Friend is head over heels for you, and a little flirt, even without knowing him very well, I could tell." She chuckles at my statement. I then point my fingers at the boy with less hair than the rest of them, and the petite curly brown haired girl. "They are two people who look like their in-love, just on a rocky boat, and finally the bitch and her Mitch; i think those nicknames describe it all..." I took a long breath, before exhaling. The boy did look familiar and it's stressing me out, He reminds me of Him. They sent daggers at me,and I smile sweetly at them. But of course he had to change his expression to the same look he had before. "Now if you don't mind, I've got a challenge waiting for me, see you all whenever I guess." I sigh once more, before descending to walk out.

"You really don't remember me do you?"  I stopped dead in my track. "It's me Louis, Louis Tomlinson, your best-friend since we were thirteen." He questions, and I sigh. All those years, I spent it getting rid of him, and he comes back now? I knew he looked familiar  but I didn't want to believe it was him. "Toby say something." He pleads and all my hatred towards him, come rushing back. I'm assuming they were all watching us by now; it was dead silent, apart from the noise coming from the rest of the people in the Restaurant.

"What do you want me to say? Sorry?" I inquire coldly. He looked hurt, angry, and sad; but am pretty sure what am feeling is way worse. He stayed quiet. I huffed before sprinting down the road, I hopped on my skateboard, the wind blowing my hair.


 This is just a fucking great day ain't it?

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