Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


31. Niall



   It's been three whole weeks since Louis and Toby had their fight. A-lot has happened in those hectic three weeks. We went back to London, and right of the bat we started working on New songs and more photo-shoot. Yes if you're wondering Toby didn't come to spend New years and Christmas with us, which was very sad, but we understood why. I mean she took the role and she's been working real hard on making a hit, and plus she's still not ready to see him yet; and we understood why. 

   Louis hasn't been himself since she left. During the New years concert we had, he looked like he was on the verge of crying, and it broke my heart to see one of your best mate going through a tough time. Their love is unique and filled with passion and I always pray that Kenzie and I's relationship will be someday like them. It also doesn't help Louis forget the pain when Every-time we step out of the house or studio, the paparazzi constantly in their faces, making rumors which only makes it worse. Even our so called fans, somehow found her twitter and sending her hate. Of course we took matters in our hands, tweeting for them to stop the hate, Louis on the other hand wrote a fucking paragraph, but it was cute. Toby being Toby re-tweeted it and Thanked him, that was the only communication they had.

   Sylvia has been really Clingy to Louis lately, and it's disgusting, so Me being the Irish lad I am, I gathered the boys and the girls together, to plan something, and it makes it easier because were seeing Toby soon.

  "So ladies and Gentlemen, we are here on a miss-" That's when they busted out laughing, leaving me clueless.

"Sorry Ni-Niall we just can't take y-you serio-serious because of the way you're talking." Kenzie laughs even more clutching her stomach. Ugh! She was too cute, Thank God my family took a liking to her, and they can't wait to meet her again.

"Okay if you're all done laughing at me now, I would really like to continue..." They laugh harder and I stood there hands tucked under the under waiting for them to continue. "Done?" I inquire and they nodded with big smiles plastered on their face. "Okay so since Toby's movie premiere is tomorrow, how are we going to get this miserable love-birds together...again?" I clasp my hands looking around with hungry eyes. What I love being sneaky, it's part of my ethnicity. 

"I think we should just lock them in a room, they need to get back together. Their both depressed even if they tried to hide it, Jason her co-star-"

"The Gay one?" I inquire ignoring Perrie as she rolls her eyes, before speaking again.

"Yes leprechaun the gay one..." She sass, and I held my hands up in defense smiling widely. "Anyways he says that she hasn't left the house they share in Miami, well apart for filming and any other events that she is required to go to, and all she does is sob and eat Ben and Jerry's Ice cream." Perrie explains sadly, before leaning her head on Zayn's chest.

"Can't we just force them to go out, but make them accidentally bump into each other, because I want them to show up at the premiere together." Curly did have a point, but how are we suppose to do that, when we don't take off till tonight.

"But how though?" Stacey grumbles eating another pack of crackers. Jeez being pregnant does make you cranky and hungry.

"We could always call Jason to ask him where Toby and him usually go to when their bored?" Liam added.

"And then we could lie to Louis, but it has to be good lie and we can let him be suspicious though." Zayn utters; stroking Perri's hair who was smiling big at the idea. Another couple I am Jealous off. "Means no laughing Ni."

"Wait- What- Why Me? Ugh! Fine." I sighed while everyone giggles. Kenzie kisses my cheeks making me go deep crimson

"Who knows how to lie best in this group?" I inquire, since apparently I can't lie. All hands pointed to Harry who looked shocked. Please Harry you can get away with anything with them Curls of yours.

"So when we land in Miami tomorrow morning, First thing we do is call Jason again and tell him to somehow drag Toby to their favorite place, and Come up with some excuse to leave, and we tell Louis something like Management wants to talk to you at this location...Blah Blah, and they meet. Though I feel like their might be some yelling, but I can tell they going to get together. If they don't am going to go all ape on them niggahs." Kenzie utters, making us all silent before busting out laughing. This girl was too funny, she blushes; burying her face in between my shoulders and my neck, whilst my hands snaked around her waist.

  After good five minutes of laughing, we discuss more plans, while the girls give the Jason guy a call, and explain the whole plan to them. The boys and I were watching the movie choice the girls had chosen. 'Love Actually'. It's not a bad movie but I would rather watch action movies right now.

"So it's all set...Were getting them back together." Stacey Yells, coming inside the room with her pregnant self. Haha. We were all cheering and shouting when we hear a voice.

"Getting who back together?" Louis voice rang, making us all whip our head around. We all quickly shuffled, pretending to either watch the movie or look around like a lost puppy.

"No one..." Zayn utters casually, only we receiving weirdly looks from Louis. He walked towards his room, still looking at us like were crazy. Maybe we are and Maybe we are Not.

"Woah that was close." Liam utters wiping fake sweat. We all mumble an agreement, before focusing on the movie.

Tomorrow is an interesting day. 

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