Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


25. Louis




   Awkwardness. That's what's happening with me and Toby. After that 'Fight' we had yesterday; she didn't even try to talk to me or anything. Even when we had a hang out day with our friends, she said nothing. The boys wonder why she wasn't talking an I explain what had happened. 

  Maybe I pushed her too much, I should have just let it go right? But then again what is wrong, if you're boyfriend is trying to find out what was wrong with you? She could have said something else, instead of lying about 'Girls stuff' I mean I would have probably believed her if she had said something else, but 'Girl stuff' Really that's something she doesn't talk about much. 

  I sigh, picking up her luggage before placing it in the bunk. She was already sitting in the front; looking out the window. I smile before walking to the car. Even though were clearly not on speaking term, I still get chills just by looking at her beauty. I closed the door, making her look at me before turning back to the window.

   Half an hour of driving, and long silence, we reached a red light. Since she wasn't going to say anything I turned the music on, and Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Philips blast through the speaker.

When life leaves you high and dry

I'll be at your door tonight

If you need help, if you need help

I'll shut down the city lights,

I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe

To make you well, to make you well 

  The music was suddenly cut off, making me shut my eyes open. Thank God we were almost home. "What was that about?" I inquire, looking from her back to the road.

" know what never mind." 

"Seriously Toby?..." I took a sharp turn and into my Mums house. She looked horrified by the way I had driven the car. "That's it? All i wanted to do was know why you're mad at me? Am trying to know because were in a relationship; were not suppose to hide anything from each other, why won't you fucking tell me?" I bellowed slapping my hands on the steering wheel. 

"Fine you want to know? Here it goes, my talk with Stacey was about YOU. I was debating with her about when you said 'I love you', but she made me realize that I was scared of getting hurt again, it's not like I don't Love you, I do, I am completely and utterly in love with you, I was scared that due to all the fame, when you start getting busy more and traveling you'll forget about me and a new girl will take my place. I mean come on you're Louis William Tomlinson, any girl would be Lucky to be with you, and I feel...I feel like I could never be enough for you." She bellowed wiping her now falling tears. 

  I was on the verge of crying as well, hearing her cry hurts alot, and that's something I hated. I hated making her cry. "You love me?" I whisper. It was the only words I could make out, seeing that am still trying to process her words.

"God yes, am in love with you, I've been in love with you, I was just being stubborn and blinded to see it..." She wiped her tears again, and all I wanted to was smash my lips with hers, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. "We should probably get inside, their already watching us..." She mumbles looking over to the house, where my sisters quickly shuffle out the window. I laugh quietly to myself; before turning my attention towards Toby, who was already got out of the car, and began walking towards the door.

"Toby..." I bellowed but she only kept walking, where my sisters opened the door and attacked her with bear hugs. I sigh before walking out the car and to the bunk. Taking both of our luggage out, walking to the door. "Hey mum..." I cheered, smiling lightly but not all the way to my eyes. She seen the look in my face, indicating her mother senses are kicking in. She pulled me into her embrace, practically suffocating me. 

  I walked closer inside the house, the smell of home made cooking filled my nose. Guess am eating big tonight, if only Niall was here, though he's already bothering Kenzie and Jay with his appetite anyways. I look over to my sisters who are currently chatting with Toby and she was smiling big, this time it reached her eyes. 

  "Hey Johannah..." Toby chirped, wrapping her arms around my mum. They were both rocking each other back and forth, and they were...crying? "Ugh! it's been so long..." She mumbled; wiping her tears.

"Yes sweetheart. Gosh look at you, so beautiful, I am so glad that Louis finally got to his senses, that you was the one for him..." My eyes widen. Oh thanks mum! Toby laughed, looking over at me and giving me a small smile. "Come with me darling, we have some catching up to do." My mum utters grabbing a hold of her hand. 

"We want to catch up with Toby too, Louis has been hogging her for too long..." Lottie utters groaning while at it. I love how they just completely forgot am standing right next to them.

"Oh thank you very much...You didn't even say hello to your own brother, seriously am offended." I utter clutching my heart. They giggle before attacking with hugs. I feel so loved. Toby and my mother laughed at us, before disappearing into the kitchen.

"So why is she sad?" Fizzy questions, eyebrows raised. 

"It's a grown up conversation..." I utter patting her head, she groaned swatting my hand away. I pouted and the twins giggled

"No seriously Lou, we saw what happen in the car, you look like you guys were fighting...Word of advice do not let her go, she's amazing and we can see that you both love each other....Now if you don't mind am going to go ask Toby if she can take me to the mall, mom won't let me and Lottie go, if we didn't have a grown up with us...Like really?" Fizzy utters flipping her hair over her shoulders. I laughed, before she dragged Lottie with her. "Oh mum..." She bellowed, adding a wink before walking away. 

  Wow never thought I would be needing advice from my sister; and let alone, that she has to be right? "Earth to Lou, hello..." The twins utter snapping their fingers in my face. 

"Oh wait what...sorry, what did you say?" I muttered, snapping out of my thoughts. They were giggling like crazy. "Stop laughing at me..." I pouted,but they only just busted into more laughter. "Oh you're still laughing, well you better run, the tickle monster is going to get you..." I smile deviously, wiggling my fingers. They immediately stopped laughing and began to ran. I laughed chasing them around. "Am going to get you..." I yelled after them.

"Not if you can catch us..." They utter together, High fiving each other. Twins. 

It's so good to be home.! 


Author's note:

 x This is a bit crappy, but I had alot to do, but I just want to thank you for commenting, Liking and Favoriting this story, it really means alot. Also check out my newest fanfic, am co-authoring with LexieHoran♥ . It's called Always and Forever, let me know what you think, and thank you for getting me to Sixty-four fans, you are all the best. Keep the comments coming, they really motivate me to continue.

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x Ellie 

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