Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


23. Louis




     Wow. The only word that can only describe her. She's just Stunning, nothing more to ask for.  I took her hands in mine, as we steeped out of the car. I pecked her cheeks, before giving her a light smile, which she returned. As we walk towards the restaurant, flashes and screaming fans crowded us; but Paul manage to get us a pathway. 

   The waiter lead us to the very back of the restaurant , which is what I arranged. I didn't want anyone bothering us, even if this is a classy restaurant. I pushed the chair out for her like a gentleman, before taking my own seat.

"Wow Lou you really went all out..." She inquires amused, before taking the menu from the waiter. 

"Well yeah I wanted to treat my Girl-friend very right, and for her to know how much she means to me." I say truthfully, instead of saying anything else, she grabbed me by the neck; smashing her lips with mine. Cameras were flashing from the outside window, but we could care less. Wasn't going to let them ruin my night.

"Thank you babe, I just want you to know you mean alot to me too." She replies as I finish telling the waiter my order. If I mean alot to her, why hasn't she said it yet? I know I shouldn't be thinking about that right now, but am just curious.

  Finally pushing that thought aside, our food were placed in front of us, and we began eating. I couldn't help but kept stealing kisses from her, her lips were so red, and it made it so attractive. Jeez I sound like love sick puppy, maybe Hazz was right after all... 

"So how was work today?" I utter, as we finally finished our food. Her smile brightens, which only made me smile. 

"It was really good, I made the cover of a Magazine; and I think my career is going places...I mean am getting people to notices me now alot."

"Oh really, am proud of you...But if you want I can always help you make it faster." I intercept. 

"No Lou, I want to do this on my own, Not because I am Louis William Tomlinson Girl-friend, please understand that!" I smiled at her concern.

"Don't worry I won't; I just thought as a good boy-friend I am, I should try to help...But I understand if you don't want me to interfere with your work." 

"Thank you for understanding..." She smiles, taking my hand in hers across the table. "Oh and I forgot to tell you, how dashing you look today...Kind of made me wet a little." She fakes pout, and Luckily I wasn't drinking or eating anything, cause I would of choke. She giggles shaking her head. "I was kidding...But you do look breath-taking." 

"Really? Maybe I should dress like this more often." 

"Nah, I like when you wear your stripes, they make you look sexy." She winks.

"Ahh I see, so only my clothes make me look sexy...I think am offended." I pouted, holding my hands on my chest.

"Nope...Even if Taylor Lautner was to come and ask me out on a date, I would still have chosen you. I'm not attracted to your look or clothes..." She giggles, making me smile. "I'm attracted to whats beneath all this, which is your heart." 

"You're so cheesy, but thank you, and just know I feel the same way." I kiss her fingers.

"I know you do." She ruffles with my hair.

   We talked for the next few hours before almost leaving. "Oh wait babe, I almost forgot..." I say pulling a box out of my pocket. A gasp escapes her lips.

"Is that what I think it is?" She inquires shocked. 

"No...At least not yet anyways...." I utter, before giving her the box. She opened it and another loud gasp escapes her lips. "I bought it so when were apart or something, you'll have that to remind you am always here with you."

"Lou I can't take this, it's too expensive..." She speaks in a whisper voice, she moved the box towards me, but I only grabbed the necklace before placing it around her neck. Her hand moved to her neck, feeling the chain. 

"You are going to take it and that's final...Oh and I have the other piece." I showed mine, and she connected them together. She smiles widely, before kissing me. Gosh I love kissing her, could do it all day if I had too. 

"Thank you so much..." She pecked my lips one more time. 

"Oh and another thing..." He added making her laugh.

"Another thing will you accompany me to my moms, for Christmas, which is in two weeks? And before you say 'No' do it for my birthday.." I pout, making it more believable.

"And why do you think I would have said 'No'?" 

"Oh I don't know..." 

"Well anyways I'll be happy to tell you, Yes, I want to go spend Christmas with your family."

"Oh Good, now I can finally go and tell my mom you're coming, she's been dying to meet you along with my sisters."

"Aww I feel so honored."

"Don't let it get to your head."

"Oh someone's mad..." She jokes, swinging our arms back and forth. "Can we take a walk for a while please?"

"Yeah sure babe, I kind of want to walk as well." 

"Wait so are the boys going home to their family for Christmas too?" 

"Yeah...Harry is taking Stacey to meet his family, so he can tell them the news properly face to face, Liam and Danielle are going, because his family already misses her, Zayn is finally taking her to meet his family properly, and Niall wants to McKenzie, he's thinking about asking her to be his girl-friend in-front of his family."

"Really? I've got to have a talk with her, she didn't even tell me, he ask her to go meet his family."

"Oh oops, don't tell Niall and Kenzie I told you, I thought you already knew."

"I won't...But I can't wait to meet you're sisters and Mom, it's been a long time since I last saw them...I was like what fifteen?" 

"Yeah, when everything went downhill, but am glad were starting over." I smile, as the flashes and screaming became louder.

"Me too, though I don't think they would remember me though." she whined, and I only laughed.

"Trust me they remember you." 

"How so?" 


"Because what Tomlinson?" She had eyebrow raise, and were in the middle of the street sidewalk.

"Because I use to talk about you, every time I come home from Tour or when we have a break." Her smile turns wider, making me blush. "Yeah yeah I know its really stupid."

"No its not, I think its cute, just like you." 

"Oh so now am cute?" I joked, as we began walking again.

"You know what I mean stupid."

"No no not really, you might need to explain it for me." She slaps my chest lightly, and I busted out laughing.

"Your so stupid sometimes..."

"Oh so now am Stupid?" I joked again, it's so easy to mess with her.

"Louis..." She whines dragging my name.

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