Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


21. Louis




"Wakey wakey baby." A feminine voice cooed, while they run their hands through my hair. 

"Five more minutes mum." I groaned, and the voice giggles. Actually it wasn't any voice, it was the angelic voice of my girl-friend. Too cheesy? I know. 

"Come on Lou-bear, you've got to wake up." She traces kisses from my collar bones all the way to my lips. I gradually accept her cherry blossom lip. She pulls away slowly, while I flutter my eyes slowly, a smile appearing upon my face.

   Things are still a bit awkward between us since I told her I loved her, but we were making it work. "Why are you up early?" I utter, crashing my head back on the pillow. She giggles more, pushing a strand of her hair back, giving me the perfect glimpse of her face.

"I have modeling today...Yes there's a head quarter not to far from here apparently, so I came up here to say Good-bye." She utters suddenly finding her nail more interesting. 

"Oh okay have fun." I utter awkwardly, she gives me a weak smile, before trying to kiss my lips once again, only to kiss my cheek. She looks at me sadly, and I gave her a light smile, and out the door she went. 

    Gosh sometimes Louis you can be so stupid. Why would you do that to her? She probably think am mad at her, but am not. I maybe hurt that she didn't say it back, but after thinking about it last night I understand why, but I don't why I did that to her all of a sudden. I sigh, before walking to the bathroom. Right now all I need is a cold shower.

                                                                                                         * * *  

  "Louis are you stupid? Why would you do that to her?" Liam practically yells at me. We were currently sitting in the play room; explaining what had happen between me and Toby from yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn't getting the reaction I was hoping to get. I sigh, tugging at my hair lightly. I sat up straighter, as the rest of the guys scowl at me. "You know she's been through alot this past months, not to mention you were the reason why...Heck were all the reason why she feels like she can't trust anymore." 

"Oh thank you Liam you totally helped..." I utter sarcastically, rolling my eyes; Only to earn a glare. "Don't you think I know that, it just it hurts when she just ignores me when I say it, I thought she felt the same way." I groaned slouching down further on the couch.

"Lou she's just not ready to say it yet, you have to give her time. I know it hurts but trust me when she first says it; you're going to be love sick puppy all day." Harry explains and we all chuckle. Leave it to him, to make the situation funny.

"Thanks boys, what will I do without you? " I sigh.

"Oh I don't know, you'll be lonely in your room playing doll with your sisters and..." Niall rambles, only to have Zayn clasped his hands over his mouth. I chuckle lightly; shaking my head.

"Ew you lick my hand." Zayn bellowed, wiping Niall's spit away onto his jeans.

"Well you shouldn't have covered my mouth..." Niall smirks, and they began to bicker back and forth between each other. I watch as Liam walks up to them and tries to calm them down.

"You should call her, and tell her you're sorry for your behavior today." Harry's voice echos behind me. I turned around to face the curly haired boy, who was eating a large chocolate candy bar. Wonder where he got that from? I open my mouth to speak ; only to be interrupted by Niall's scream. 

"Food." He bellows, attacking Harry.

"Niall, get off me, it's mine." 

Niall ignored his call for help and kept shouting "Food." I laughed hard, and watched as Zayn and Liam tried to pry Niall away from Harry, who was waving the candy bar away from Niall. I tiptoed around them and walk outside to the patio. I sigh before taking out my phone and dialing her number.

She finally picked up on the third ring. "Hello." The voice boom. Well a man's voice anyway. 

What the hell is going on?

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