Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


14. Louis




     "Simon I don't fucking care anymore, she ruined everything I've ever wanted, I want her gone, and You will tell the media about this, she's ruining my life, if you won't do anything don't expect me to come back." I angrily hung up the phone, slamming it down on the counter. Weeks and weeks I've past. I've tried everyday to have the fucking courage to call him, but I was afraid, afraid that he won't let me. But today I finally had the courage, I explained the whole situation, leading up to Stacey's pregnancy, he was more worried about our image, than anything else. After laying the card down, he said he was sorry and he will fix it, but about Eleanor, I was to date her a while longer. 

   He said I can date Toby secretly  but Eleanor must be my girl-friend for all publicity stunt, and I have the privilege of breaking up our relationship anytime. So today, he had decided cut our break short, and we are leaving today. Stacey is coming as well, cause Harry doesn't want to leave her all by herself; even if Toby is coming back. 

   We walked out of the car, fans screaming our names and others nearly on the verge of collapsing  Paul manage to get us a path way; which we walk past waving and fake smiling to our fans. Sometimes when I do that; I feel guilty, cause I feel like we shouldn't hide anything from our fans. I sigh, as Eleanor pulled my face towards hers. Her lip came in contact with mine, I was about to push her off, but then we were in-front of thousands of girls, and paparazzi. When she finally pulled away, when she saw I wasn't kissing back; she still had a light smirk plastered on her lips. Bitch! I thought. I jabbed her hands in mine, as we walk inside the airport. 

   We were waiting in for our jet to get here. It was running late, but we weren't only waiting for the jet, we are waiting for Toby. She did promise to come say good-bye to us. Perrie, Danielle and Niall haven't talk to any of us, just keep ignoring us all, and so are the rest of the guys, well apart from Harry and Stacey. I couldn't blame them, I've only made things complicated, hopefully when we get back to working, maybe things we'll get back to normal...Hopefully. 

    Half and Hour of bored games, and listening to Eleanor rant about...well to tell you the truth I wasn't listening. I seriously don't know how she changed, she use to be this fun, energetic and carefree child, but now she's like a demon in an angel's body. If that's even possible. Toby finally arrived, breathless may I add. It took her a while to get her breath, but when she did, she made eye contact with me, and gave me a sad smile. I returned it as well, until Eleanor grabbed my hand and giving her a fake smile. Toby returned it coldly as well, and I couldn't help but laugh, which also earned me weirdly looks from the boys.

  "Well...I guess this is good-bye..." She say emotionless; but I've known this girl for a long time, I know when she's about to cry, but hiding it by biting her lip, just like she is doing now. "Well okay then, bye." Was all she said, and began to walk away.

"So that's it? That's all you came all the way down here to say?" Niall's voice bellowed, a slight crack in his voice.

"I don't know what else to say here, they hate me for no fucking apparent reason, she's a bitch which I want to just slap the living shit out of, cause she ruined my fucking life...and Louis...I don't anymore, what are we?" Everyone stood quiet, no one spoke, we just stared at our feet. I tried to look up to meet her gaze, but I just couldn't bring myself to look at her hurt eyes. "See what I mean? Okay it was nice getting to know you all i guess...Going to miss you Niall and Perrie, I've grown fond of you and I promise to text call and maybe come down their Once in a while, and Stacey try not to have the baby yet, I want to meet my God son or daughter." She says hugging Niall, Perrie, Danielle and Stacey. She took a moment to stare at us, before turning around. 

  'Come on Lou, she's walking away, do something.' Thank you Conscience I really needed that motivational talk. 'Seriously go get her, and stop stalling you idiot.' Okay fine am going, but first do you want to hear a joke, why did the-- 'Go' fine...fine...

I ran after her, calling her name, Luckily she stopped; where no one could see us. Thank you Jesus. I grabbed her arm, turning her around to face me, before my lips collided with hers. She refused at first, but then she quickly kissed back, her legs wrapped my legs, as my hands snaked to her bum, picking her up. She played with my hair, while i fight to get her tongue. Eventually I won, and we pulled out breathless. 

"I couldn't bare to watch you go, without showing you how I feel." 

"I'm glad you didn't just let me go...But your leaving, so I don't what we stand Lou." She say breathlessly.

"Come with us to London..." I say excitedly, she shook her head, indicating 'No' "Come on, that way you don't have to waste money..."

"That's flattering Lou, but what we have is still complicated; I don't even know where we stand."

"You knew there were going to be obstacle's in our way, but I know we can work it out, If you just try, am trying...I even called Simon.."

"Yeah I know...Danielle and Perrie told me about it..." 'Oh' was all I could say. "Even through all that, I don't know...I still need to clear my mind."

"Come on T, I've waited, given you time to think yourself...Okay fine, at least take it into consideration." I spatted coldly, I waited for her to Nod, which she did, before I began to storm away.

"Lou, you can't be seriously mad about this can you? I mean you can't blame me, for not wanting to be hurt"

"I would never hurt you on purpose, How many times do I have to tell you, that I love you....I want to tell every fucking one about how much I love, how much I want to be with you; That your the one...I will spend all my life trying to make all those mistakes, that I've made, and for hurting you. Just please give me this chance to sort it all out, and we can be together...Please?" I was begging, tears were falling from our eyes, her hands made way to my eyes, wiping them away.

"I'm giving you a chance Lou, but I don't want to come now...Can you wait three more days; I've got to work something out with my modeling agency and I can't leave McKenzie and Jayden...Their a part of my family as well."

"They can come too, Just please come with me and be with me?"

"I don't know Lou...I'm just afraid of getting hurt." 

"Fine..." I spatted coldly. "Just know I love you." That was the last thing, I said to her, before leaving her; balling her eyes out. It hurts me too, I try to wipe all my tears away, but I just couldn't, cameras were flashing and paparazzi are darting questions at me.

    I made my way to the rest of the guys, causing them to jerk off their seat. "What happen?" Liam ask. Oh so now he wants to act all sincere.

"Nothing." I growled, walking past him; and Standing next to Paul.

"What's up little buddy?" He inquires, trying to cheer me up. I tried to crack a smile, but I just broke down. "It's alright Buddy, she'll come back soon enough...Just wait and see." He cooed. This is why I love this dude, he will try and cheer you up, no matter what you're going through. 

"Thanks mate....And I really hope you're right." I mumbled, as we ignored all the flashes.

"Am always right...You'll see."  He stated, and this time I did smile

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