Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


10. Louis




    I followed them into the kitchen, and by them I mean Perrie, Niall and Toby. We've been ignoring each other, well not un-purpose, just for the sake of our 'Secrete Relationship'.  Time to act again. I walked in the kitchen; just when they were laughing and doing some weird gestures? Perfect!

 "Oh Gosh its y-"

"They know about us." She whisper only for us to yell, and I swear I was about to pee on myself. I parted my lips to speak; but nothing came out. "They saw us when you decided to throw a little kiss at the fashion show." She retorted, licking the tip of the plastic knife. Would it be weird if I say that turned me on?. Enough of my sexual hormonal. Niall and Perrie began to laugh at my reaction. I was still processing how the hell, they saw it and the rest of them didn't? Toby walked in-front of me, wrapping her arms around my hips. "Don't worry babe, they promise to keep it a secrete---" She then turned her head to face Nialler and Perrie. "Right guys?" Inquires Toby, earning a nod from both blondes; again she turned her attention towards me. I smile finally process whats going on. I started to lean in, just when she was about to, Only to be stopped by a loud bang; causing us to jump apart. 

"Hello there idiots." Eleanor answers, walking past Toby, only to make sure to hit her shoulder. I looked at her with pleading eyes, to not eat the poor girl alive. Eleanor grabbed the carton orange juice, opening the tip, before drowning the juice down her throat.

"I hope you choke on that shit." Toby mumble, making all three of us snickered. Eleanor rolled her eyes, placing the now empty carton on the counter. Here it comes. We all stood there waiting for her to come with a comeback, but she looked at all of us, before her blank expression was replace with a evil smirk. She began to strut towards me, her hands grabbing the back of my neck, and her lips crashed mine. She was kissing me so hungrily, my eyes were shot open. Of course I did not kiss back, I just stood there as shock as everyone else. I looked to my right, Only to find Toby running out, tears falling from her eyes. Finally reprocessing, I pushed her off me.

"What the hell is wrong with you.?" I bellowed at Eleanor; who still had that stupid grin plastered upon her face.

'What? I can't kiss my own boy-friend now?" She huffed, storming out the door. I stood there still shocked. What in the hell just happen? One minute everything was fucking fine, and Now it all goes downhill. 

"Dude don't just stand there, go get her you bloody idiot." Niall shouts and I quickly recovered, taking a sharp turned, I sprinted out of the kitchen.

"Have you guys seen Toby anywhere?" I inquired the buys lads and ladies, who just look a bit shocked and angered. Maybe am just seeing things? "Hello." I inquire once again Until Zayn finally spoke up.

"She took off somewhere." He says coolly, and I looked at them in disbelief.

"And you did nothing to stop her?" 

"Why should we? She didn't exactly like us--" He begins to rant, causing my anger to boil.

"Well if you made and effort to get to know her, like Perrie and Niall did, maybe she wouldn't hate you."

"Why do you care Lou? I thought you hated her?" Relax Lou, just relax.

"Just because I said that doesn't mean, I don't care about her. We were once best-friend and it would never change---" I was fuming, my fist clenced so hard, that am even hurting my own hands. "And you, I thought she was your sister, best-friend as well, but you did nothing to stop her?" I bellowed at Stacey, who looked quite scared of me. I wouldn't blame her, right now I looked like a serial killer.

"Lou don't talk to her like that." Harry says defending his own girlfriend. His hands were tightly wrapped around her, whilst kissing her hair. He then got up, placing his palms on my shoulder. "Seriously Lou are you alright." I jabbed my shoulders away from him.

"Your all pathetic---" I growled, looking at all of them. Liam and Danielle haven't said a word, they were a bit flustered at the moment. Eleanor had an amused look pasted upon her face, Harry and Stacey were angry at my behavior and Niall and Perrie expression mirrored mine. 

"Come on Lou, she's got you wrapped around her finger; she's worthless and---" 

"Don't even finish that sentence, she's worth a-lot more than you could ever in a lifetime---" She was taken back at my sudden outburst to defend her. She awkwardly sat back down on her chair. "If you don't mind, am going to go find my best-friend and ask her to forgive me." 

   Last thing I said to all of them before running out the door. I can't believe they would say that about her, without even knowing her. Lets just hope I found her.

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