Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


8. Louis






            The thing I hate about management, they have way too much control over our lives. Especially our love lives. I didn't exactly did anything to stop it either. The look on her face, when I told everyone else that, I was mostly looking at her, and by her facial expression she didn't look too happy. I wanted to run after her and cradle her, but since our secrete relationship; the boys will probably suspect something.

"Why would management do this?" I bellowed. throwing the nearest thing my hand could find; across the room.

   Everyone else were in the room now, listening to the conversation. Luckily Jayden is asleep cause I'll probably be scaring the shit out of the boy. I pound my fist on the wall, repeatedly; why can't they stay away from our personal life? I get that they have power over us, but Not my love life. I just wish everyone knew about us, but this is too complicated right now, for that to spill out.

"Calm down Lou, your going to wake Jay up." Liam whisper shout. Sighing, I went and sad down on the couch. Tapping my foot, while ruffling my hair. "Now when is she exactly suppose to be here?" I really didn't care when she was suppose to come, all am thinking about is Toby. As I was about to answer his question, the doorbell rung. We all look at each other, before looking back at the door. I decide to go get it, since no one else wouldn't get up. I breathe in, before flinging the door open.

"Nice to see you again." She smirk, pushing past me. She walked into the playroom, with me right behind her. As soon as we came in, all eyes were on her. They were giving her glares. Glares that could burn your soul, but she stood their; hands under the other; flipping her hair side to side.

"Who was at the do-" My head turn to face the voice. The voice which belongs to Toby. As soon as her eyes met Eleanor, she scrunched her nose; ready to attack her. "Oh God, its you." She says in disgust, walking all the way downstairs. Eleanor stepped closer to her, a light smirk played on her lips. 'Are they about to fight again? Cause I love me some girl fighting, if you know what I mean.' Conscience you are so not helping this situation. I focus my attention to Eleanor and Toby, getting ready to pull either one away, from killing each other. 

"Yeah bitch its me, and am here to stay---" She growled, and I can see in Toby's eyes, she was ready to kill her. Eleanor now turned her back to Toby, walking towards the rest of us. "And I suggest if you all want to keep being a band you will all be nice to me, or else you can say bye bye to One Direction." She laughs bitterly.

"Your one cruel bitch, did you know that?" Toby growl, from behind her. Eleanor laughs again, turning on her heels slowly.

"That's all you've got?" They stood there glaring at each other. Toby is probably killing her in her mind, while Eleanor is doing the same. We all looked at them; waiting for something to happen, but since nothing happened, someone broke the silence.

"Is everyone ready to leave?" Liam inquires, clasping his hands together, whilst getting off the couch. Everyone else mumbled a yeah.

"No, am not going." Toby and I said. Everyone else looked shocked.

"Both of you in the same roof; not happening." Harry says, shaking his head.

"Well am not going." Again we said it together, and all I wanted to do was laugh at that moment. They all argue with us, until we finally came to an agreement that we won't be killing each other. 'More like snogging each other' Conscience why do you chose to come at a bad time? Ugh! I watch as they all scurried out the door, looking at us carefully, before getting in the car. Am so thankful, they dragged Eleanor with them, or else it would have been awkward. I sigh, throwing myself on the couch next to Toby, only for her to be ignoring me. "Toby talk to me." I plead, but she only moved away from me, walking inside the kitchen. I sigh heavily; before walking in the direction she went. There she was, face buried in the freezer. I came behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist, she tried pushing me off, but i only hugged her tighter; kissing her hair. "Am sorry--" I've been saying that alot lately. She moved away from the fridge; moving me with her, a laugh escaping her lips. She placed the juice carton down on the counter, before turning to me; her hands snaking around my neck.

"It's not your fault, she's just a Sinical bitch, that's all." She explains, a frown making its way through her pretty little face. I cupped her cheeks, my other hand wrapped around her waist. "Though I still hate you for dating her in the first place." Now it was my time to frown. When I started to date, she was actually like me, the carefree and wild, but i guess she started to change, like she was tempted to being the way she is now. "Do you still love her?" That question startled me. Do i still love Eleanor? 

   She was a great person and we had good times, but were they all real? I mean she did say she has been cheating on me, but what did I do wrong to make her go and do that? Wasn't I doing all she wanted, didn't I care for her and Love her enough? I know Eleanor isn't like that, to just go around calling people names, or being Sinical; there must have been something or someone who made her like that, I just wished I knew. But do I still love her? A part of me still does, I mean I've moved on quickly; but if felt right moving on with Toby. The girl I've been in-love with since we were Thirteen. Is that the reason why I went with Eleanor to forget my feelings for her? Maybe I do have fault in the relationship Eleanor and I had. I turned my attention back to a waiting Toby, I sigh; before looking deeply in her eyes.

"I don't Know---I mean I loved her, I thought we had something special going on; but I guess maybe I was only dating her to hide away feelings I had for someone else." I say cautiously. Her expression turned from confusion to a deep frown. 

"Who was this someone." She inquires turning her back against me again. I sigh; turning her around, my left hand made its way under her chin.

"You." I didn't let her finish, my lips made its way to her strawberry lips.

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