Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


6. Louis




        "Louis, have you seen Toby." Stacey's voice called from behind the closed door. Shit.

"Uh no i haven't seen her." I stuttered, shaking Toby, to get her attention.

"What Lou-" I clapped my hands over her mouth.

"Stacey is looking for you." Her eyes widen. She began to shuffle around. "Quiet down will you." I complained, changing my T-shirt.

"Lou are you alright in there?" Her voice echoed again, as Toby and I tried to get ready.

"Yeah uh, am fine thanks." I assumed she left, because she didn't say anything.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Toby whisper shout, pulling her T-shirt over her head.

"You looked so peacefull, I didn't think it was a big deal." I mimicked, pacing around.

Shit, I've got to get to work early." She rummage through the room, grasping a paper and a pen in her hand. She began to write something, I watch her carefully. "Here pretend to find this in the kitchen, living room or something. It explains why i wasn't in my room and if you guys are still coming to my fashion show, then get there early." She explains, before opening the window.

"Toby, your forgetting something." She creased her forehead, looking around the room.

"I don't think I -" I cut her off, kissing her lips. She reacted immidiately, pushing her lips harder with mine. We both smile into the kiss. "Cheeky bastard." She whispered, smiling ear to ear.

"Remember this relationship has to stay between us, no one else has to know, at least not yet----We still have alot to catch up on." She frowned at first, but quickly placed a smile on her faces. "Ugh it's going to be hard, pretending to hate each other." I scrunched my nose, as she let out a little giggle.

"Well maybe for you, I've piratically been hating you my whole life, so i got this in the bag." She joked, wrapping her arms my neck, while my hands wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah yeah, just get going, we'll see you soon." She nodded slightly, before placing her lips upon mine again. I released her, and out the window she went.

      I can't help to think, are we moving too fast? I know she still hates me, but she's willing to forgive me. I just have to show her. This is going to be hard for me to hate her, when were secretly dating. This is so complicated.

                                                                                          * * *


    "Hey guys, I found a note on the floor--" I walked down the stairs; to be faced with the rest of the guys. "It says she's at her job, getting ready for the fashion show, and if we still want to come." I say, handing Stacey the note.

"Do you guys still want to go?" A chorused of 'Yes' went around, before we all descend somewhere.

"Hey Lou--" Harry voice echoed, causing me to turn around. "Look am sorry for the way I acted, it's just I wanted all of us to get along, so when me and Stacey go out; we'll know that you guys are in good hands. I just carried away because I haven't spend any time with her lately and its killing me Lou." He explains crashing onto my body.

"It's alright man! I get it, but I promise I'll try to be nice to Toby, for you mate." Only if you knew, that were already pass that.

"Thanks Man." He says, as we did our man hugs. I feel really weird not telling him anything, but then again he hid his relationship with Stacey over two months. And I should have known, all those times were when we have vacations, he's always going out of town, until finally the boys and I decide to spy on him. When he came home, we ask him were he was; of course he denied it, but we literally had to beat it out of him.

    I walk up the stairs, closing the door behind me. I chucked my shirt and Pants on the bed, before entering the bathroom. The cool fresh water runs down my body. Thoughts of Toby running through my mind. This is going to be really tough on us, hiding our relationship, am still surprised that she forgave me easily, well not exactly, well you know what I mean. She so beautiful, inside and out. Though she's changed a-lot; she looks like a bad-ass, a sexy one too. 

"Lou are you ready?" A voice boomed, from what I assume the closed door.

"Uh, not exactly; you're going to have to give me at least 20 minutes." I yelled back, turning off the water. I grabbed the towel, wrapping it around my body. I walked out of the bathroom, to come encounter with...

"I came at a Very good time." She slurred; moving closer towards me.

"What are you doing here?" I inquire the dark brown haired girl.

"Forgot my phone, and I need it; just in case Stacey calls me--" Her hands were now wrapped around my wet body. I looked at her up and down, she had a different outfit on now. She was wearing a see-through blue shirt, a short white shorts; black leather jacket, and blue high-tops, and her hair was simply in a pony-tail. God, she so beautiful. "But am glad I walked in, what a nice present aye?" She laughs her adorable laugh, making me smile. I've missed her voice.

"I've miss you--" Again she laughs, my wet hand snaked around her bare waist.

"You saw me, not long ago."

"That was thirty-minutes ago-" I whined, causing both of us to laugh, without hesitation I brought my lips to her red juicy lips. Immediately she kissed me back, running her hand through my wet hair. I smile through the kiss.

"I should really get going--" She starts, but I shook my head. I like how we are standing; I didn't want her to leave. "Lou come on, I have to leave, I can't be late--" She begins to move away from my grip, but I got a hold of her wrist, Her eyebrows rose up. "Lou-" She drags my name, and I smile. I love how easily she could get annoyed. 

"I don't want you to go" I whisper, kissing her neck.

"Lou, your still going to see me soon, am pretty sure you can wait a while." She argues, titling her head, to give me a perfect access to her neck.

"I know, I know--" I broke away from the crook of her neck, looking into her dark brown eyes. "Bye." I say, kissing the corner of her lips. She groaned at my teasing.

"Your impossible." She sighs; before ascending out the window once again. I smile to myself, before going to my closet; rummaging through the clothes.


                                                                                                      * * * 

     "Finally your done." Liam groans; standing up from his spot on the couch. Everyone else came from wherever they where, and into the playroom.

"Everyone ready?" Niall inquires, wiping his mouth with his shirt. Shaking my head, I nodded before we all, walk outside to the car.

As we all settled in and Zayn begins to drive, while Stacey gives him directions, the questions begin to roll in. "So Lou, what was that noise when I came to ask you if you seen Toby?" Suddenly I grew Nervous, all pair of eyes were on me, well except for Zayn who is carefully looking ahead of the road.

"I fell---" Really Lou, that's all you could think of? They all rose their eyebrows, causing me to gulp. "Because...Uh I couldn't get the blankets off my body, causing me to squirm around." I add, at first they all looked at me, like I had six heads, but then they burst out laughing. Oh, thank God, they bought that.

"Who knew you were so clumsy." Niall adds in between laughs. His laugh is so contagious causing me to laugh.

"Hey! I wasn't being clumsy, it's just the blankets decide not to leave my body." I argue, and again they busted into fits of laughter.

"Sure you it was, sure it was." Niall adds, still laughing his head off. I rolled my eyes, before looking at my phone.

1 Un-Read Message. 

I decide to open it, looking around the car first; before reading it. 

x Hey Lou are you guys here?, The show is starting soon; just get here already. Am missing you already ♥. Text me when your here. x

As if on cue. "Were here!" Niall and Perrie were the first to jump out of the car. I quickly text her; before getting out of the car, Liam standing next to me, whilst still looking at the picture of her contact. Beautiful.

"What are you looking at Mate." Liam ruffle voice, made me jump; almost making me drop my phone. 

"Oh, nothing." He raised his eyebrows; causing me to sigh.

"What's wrong Lou? You know you can talk to me, you've been acting strangely lately." I wish I can tell you, but I just can't disobey her trust. I don't even know if she trust me or not!

"I wish I could Li, but I can't." I sigh, walking in the large cat-work room thingy. There were alot of people here, some man and woman in business suit, and am guessing other fashion designers.

"Hey, you must be Toby's friends, she made sure to reserve you all a seat, so if you just follow me-" She begins to walk to the front of the runway. So i get to see her front row, this should be fun. "If you need anything I'll just be right there." She points to some side door. She started to walk away.

"Excuse me, but where is the bathroom?" I inquire, the redhead lady. She smiles.

"Are you sure it's the bathroom you need?" She inquires, wait what?

"How did y-"

"Toby told me, well she didn't exactly come out and said it---I already knew it had to be about a boy, by the way she was smiling, when she walked in this morning." She explains, as she led me to the back-stage where she was. "And don't worry, your secrete is safe with me. And don't be mad at her on anything, but she told me about your previous past, No your not moving too fast, I think its quite adorable, that your protecting her, get to the friendship you use to have, before you actual made it real for the world to see, but there are consequences; but I can already tell you'll do anything to protect her." She smiles at me, as we make another right turn.

"She must really trust you, to tell you all of this." I told her, rubbing the back of my neck.

"You'll say, am all they got, since---" She didn't even finished the sentence, Cause as soon as Toby saw me, she flung her arms around me.

"Will leave you two alone." The lady says, ushering the make-up crew out of the dressing room. 

"Hey babe." That word made her smile wider, causing a smile to form upon my lips as well.

"I miss you." She says, her head buried at the crook of my neck. I laugh at her adorableness. 

"I miss you too--" I reply. I pulled away from our embrace, looking at her; from head to toe. "You look, so--" I couldn't find the right words, so I just licked my bottom lips. Thinking of dirty ways, to do to her, but I can't do that, cause I want it to be perfect for both of us, but that doesn't mean I can't think dirty thoughts right?

"Thanks--" She says in a form of a question. She was about to speak again, when she was caught off by the lady.

"Toby, you've have to be on the cat-work in 2 minutes." She says, before walking out again. My head turned back to Toby.

"I guess this is it, I'll see you later." She grabbed a lip gloss, applying to her lips again. I smiled up at her, nodding my head slowly.

"Come give daddy a kiss-" I teased, she laughed at me, before wrapping her arms tightly around my neck. I place my lips upon her lips, feeling the spark like the first time we kiss.

"Your so weird." She chuckles, rushing to meet with the Lady, she waved once more before she disappeared. 

      "That was a long time Lou, where you doing a number two?" Harry teased, causing people to laugh, even the people behind us.

"And why is there lip gloss smeared on your lips." Are you fucking kidding me, why do they notice all this little things.

"I got attacked by a fan; apparently she's a daughter of one of the stylist." Okay that was a really good lie. High-five to myself.

They laugh at my fake misery; Until the lights went off, indicating the show is about to start.

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