Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


4. Louis




           I can't believe i just told her 'I love her'.

'Well it's NOT like you don't'  . I know i do, but i didn't want her to know just yet. I definitely just made things worse with her. Ugh! Louis why are you so bloody stupid?. I sigh walking back down to lounge room, El immediately wrapping her arms around me.

"Babe are you okay?" She stroked my hair, while the other wrapped around my waist. I use to love when she did that, but now its just annoying.

"Mhm" I hummed, looking forward.

"Babe look at me-" She turned my head towards her, and all I'm seeing his Toby! 'Jeez mate you got it bad' "What's wrong, you've been acting strange since you met her." Obviously! I knew her and we had a past together.

"Nothing-" I sigh, getting up once again. "I'm going to go upstairs, I need sleep." Harry and Zayn rose their eyebrows up, watching me walk up the stairs.

     I crashed onto the bed, thoughts and memories flow into my head. Do i seriously still feel the same about her? I mean the first time when me and the boys were put together as a group; I talked about her non-stop and when everything started to become chaotic, I forgot about her; but i don't think I stopped loving her.

"Lou, why won't you tell me what's wrong?" I shot my eyes open, to find El, standing in-front of me, hands tucked under the other.

"Nothing is wrong El, alright." I sigh, covering my face with the pillow. Soon enough the pillow was yanked away from me. "What the hell?" I bellowed, but she just stood there; without any expression shone upon her face.

"Don't what the hell me, you bloody idiot..." Did she seriously just called me that? "Ever since you two seen each other, you've been acting differently, what's going on Lou? and don't even say nothing is going on." She was yelling, her voice echoing through the house.

"What's going on?" Zayn inquires, looking between us; everyone else right behind him. Even Toby! Are you fucking kidding me?

"Nothing." I answered; crashing my head back on the bed.

"It sure didn't sound like nothing, why are you guys fighting?" Now it was Stacey's turn to question me.

"Ever seen he met her again, he's been moody, and am asking him why, but he's being stubborn." El whined, using her hands to gesture.

"Me? What the fuck do i have to do with this?" Your not really helping Toby. You know exactly what's going on, but i give you props for your acting skills.

"Oh i don't know, that's why am asking you-" El flew her hands in the air. "He's been disappearing, every-time you walk in the room, what is going on with you both? That's all i want to know."

"There's nothing going on, do you not understand that bitch or do i have to speak in Spanish, cause I will." I let out a throaty chuckle, hearing Niall laugh a little as well.

"I can hear you pretty well you fucking dumb-ass; actually I can't cause your accent it so strong, makes you sound like your choking." That was an awful comeback, but that seems to set Toby off.

"That's it, I'm going to fuck you up, you stupid bitch." Toby shouted, lunging her arms, her fist colliding with El's cheeks. I sat up straighter, picking up El, who was now on the floor. The boys were holding back Toby, Stacey wrapped around Harry's chest; tears pricking from her eyes. "Fucking talk about me like that again, and you will not be seeing daylight." She exclaimed, jabbing her hands away from Liam and Zayn's embrace; who both look shocked at her strength.

"Are you alright El?" Dani ask, as i set her on the bed. El was still holding her cheeks, it was swollen.

"I'll go get an ice pack." I say awkwardly. I walked out of my room, only to be pulled in another room. "What the fuck Harry!" I exclaimed, watching as the curly haired boy; pace back and forth.

"What has gotten into you? El right, you've been acting strange ever seen you saw Toby, what's with her that's making you addicted to her?" He looked deeply into my eyes, holding an intense gaze. I sighed, sitting on the nearest chair.

"Remember back in x-factor, when I would talk about my best-friend-" I pause, he nodded his head for me to go on. "Well  that best-friend is Toby." I use my finger to air quote the word best-friend. His intense gaze, became hardened.

"What the hell Lou, that's why you've been acting like that? You could have told me you know; I thought I was your best-friend." He bellowed, walking out the door, the loud bang from the door made me cringed.

       Haven't even been here for two days and I've already cause so many drama. Lord help me, let me survive this whole time here in peace. I've got El mad at me, Toby is probably pissed at me, she's not going to want to speak to me at all, that's for sure, Harry is already made it clear he's mad, and I don't about the rest of them, but the only people who will probably talk to me is Niall & Perrie. Unless they were told not to talk to me.

'This is a long night'

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