Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


2. Louis




            We were currently in Stacey and Toby's house. Ugh! Memories of me and her flowed into my head. I can't seem to get her out of my head now! I hate my friend for doing that to her, and then leave her after. My train of thoughts were suddenly interrupt when two people walk in laughing, causing all heads to turn.

"Shawn." Stacey suddenly squealed; lunging her arms around him; he squeezed her waist a little. Harry looked Jealous, I smiled at him, to ease him down. "Shawn meet Harry, My boy-friend-" He immediately sent daggers at Harry as he shakes his arms firmly.

"Break her heart and I'll break your neck." He growls; earning a nervous chuckle from Harry. I mean the dude was huge, but not so much. You know what am i saying right?

"Wouldn't dream of it." He says, looking down at her, before placing a kiss on her cheek. I'm proud of Harry, he finally had a girl who can take all his blowouts, she was in-love with him and he was in-love with her, Just wish it was the same for me and Eleanor.

"And these are his friend, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Louis, Danielle and Eleanor..." She introduce us, we all greeted him; even though I was sensing his hard gaze on me.

"Well it's nice meeting you, but we must get going." Stacey groaned, stomping her feet like a little kid who didn't get the last Popsicle.

"You guys just got here, and I want Toby to stay and actually get to know them, without being rude.." She whines, Toby rolls her eyes. Our eyes met, but she quickly broke it, I frowned.

Shawn begins to laugh. "Already? A new record, but you know damn sure she can't control it, if someone makes get's on her nerves." He was still laughing, his hands now made way to both Stacey and Toby's shoulder. It's true, she'll be nice to you, if she doesn't sense a bad vibe from you or your just plain rude, like what Eleanor did! I mean Eleanor is been acting kind of strange lately and so and her Danielle.

"I know, but she could have tried." She whines again.

"Sorry, but I can't control my actions and you know it." She argues, before splitting away from his large hands and into what i assume was the Kitchen.

         Soon everyone develop conversations with Shawn, I was to busy focusing on Toby and my feelings towards hers; everyone was so into the conversation, that they probably wouldn't notice if I'm gone or not, So i made my way inside the Kitchen.

"Hey." I mumbled, she looked at me; before focusing back on her sandwich. For a Model, she eats alot; maybe reasons why she likes Niall alot. I wouldn't blame her, you couldn't stay mad at the Irish Leprechaun, even if you wanted to. I step closer to her, but she stepped back a few steps. "Look I know it's going to take alot for you to forgive me, but can you at-least try and make it up to you."  She scoffed; finally meeting my gaze, but she was angry. Not good!

"You want me to forgive you?" She inquires, pointing the knife towards me. Oh Lord I begged of you, let me survive this in peace.

"Not exactly, but let me try...I know it's not going to pay for all the times and things I've done, but I'm certain that am willing to spend the rest of my life repaying it...." I argue, I wasn't lying. I'll do anything it takes to get her back, back into my life.

"Mhmm." Was all that left her lips. I took the time to studied her. She's changed alot, she's more sexy, the way she wore her snap-back backwards, the little nose pierce, and her flowing long brown curls, let's just say she was totally swagged out, Like Zayn.

I Stepped closer towards her, this time she didn't budge. "Please T, let me show you am sorry I am..." I was holding onto her hand; but she jabbed them back a minute later. Ugh! Another thing i hate about her, she's difficult.

"You expect me to give you a chance after all what you did? That's not how it works Tomlinson, and you don't deserve to call me that, at-least not anymore." She mumble's the last part. I sigh; before regaining confidence again. "I'm glad, this is probably the last time we see each other." A small chuckled escaped my lips, she looked up at me; the little cute confusion face pasted upon her perfect face. "Why are you smiling?" I ignored her comment, and started to walk away, but she; stopped me in-front of the kitchen door. "Louis fucking Tomlinson, why are you smiling?" She growls.

"Oh, maybe because were staying here for a while before we get our own apartment." I say coolly; her eyes widen, making me laugh even harder.

"Stacey." She screamed, walking inside the playroom. "Why in the fucking hell are they staying in our damn apartment?" She was completely furious, but I was still laughing.

"Why did you tell her Lou?" Stacey grumbled back, and i just shrugged.

"She was going to find out, sooner or later; so i choose sooner, your welcome." I teased; Shawn was full on laughing.

"No way in hell am staying in here with them..." She fling her hands up in the hair, she then looked behind Stacey to Shawn. "Shawn am going to stay with you." Please tell me she's joking.

"I wish little sis, but Ryan's Cousin Tate is coming over..." He says off handed; she sighed loudly. "Remember Tate, the one you was crushing on?" He teased, making her cheeks flush in embarrassment. The fuck? Crushing. Tate. Those words, stabbed me like a knife.

"I use too, faggot." She slapped his arms; chuckling away! Oh thank the heavens, she doesn't like him anymore. ' Why you excited, you have a girl-friend. Eleanor remember? ' My brain reminded me. I don't even know if were still dating, she's been distance and she's always hanging out with some guy.

"So that means your stuck with us." Stacey sang, earning the middle finger from Toby.

"Well I've got to get going, see you later you two hooligans." Shawn says, rubbing their head, as a groan escaped their lips.

"See you later asshole." They teased before he walked out. Everyone was now quiet.

"So what do you want to do?" Niall spoke; clasping his hands.

"I don't know about you people, but am going to go devour my sandwich." That seem to make Niall jumped.

"Can I come with you?" This boy can eat a whole big mac, and he still wouldn't be full. Toby chuckles before waving her hands to come on.

"Can i come too?" Perrie finally spoke. She was shy, around new people like Zayn, but her and Toby will get along good, I can already tell. I mean she doesn't get along as well with Dani and El for some reason but she never complains; no matter how hard she was dying too.

"Uh, yeah sure..." Perrie gets off Zayn's laugh and into the kitchen they went.

"So..." Harry began, I knew was coming at me. Harry and I's mind work alike pretty much. "Lou would you care to explain how you two know each other?" Told you! I rolled my eyes; adjusting my sitting position. El's hands tighten around my waist.

"I'll rather not talk about it..." I mumble, hoping he would leave it at that, and he did; but El had to budge in.

"Why not baby? I don't think she cares if we all knew she did something stupid." She adds; chuckling as well as Dani. What has gotten into them?

"I said I'll rather not..." I raised my voice a little making her jump. I ruffled my hair; thinking.


This is going to be one heck of months.

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